[Workout] Tripod Plank

Hi all! Sooo…my bad. Life got in the way this week and I didn’t get to our lovely Workout Wednesday post until today. So, let’s just call it “Workout-Wednesday-but-Kate-had-an-all-day-meeting-and-didn’t-plan-well-so-it’s-on-Thursday”! haha

This week at CXWORX, our instructor introduced a couple new tracks, including a new hover/plank track! BURN BABY BURN! During this track, there’s always some sort of excruciatingly painful version of a plank. This week they took it to a new level and I thought my abs were going to rip off! And now, I will pass that ab ripping knowledge on to you…

This week’s workout: Tripod Plank
Muscles worked: Arms, core, glutes
Courtesy of: CXWORX
Needs: None! Just your body weight!

Begin in a standard plank or hover position. I’ve done this move in both and really it works both ways. Sometimes when I’m in the full plank on my hands too long, it starts hurting my wrists so I understand! 

Release one hand and stretch it forward in front of you. Make sure to keep your body steady, your butt down and try not to swivel your hips! 

Hold for 30 seconds and then switch arms.

one hand plank

If you want to push yourself even harder (of course you do), take your extended arm and pull it to your head and salute. After the salute, push your arm back out and rest it on your lower back. ALL WHILE keeping good form in your plank!

If you’re having trouble, there’s always the option to perform the exercise on your knees! Don’t feel bad dropping down – it still burns there! 

Add this great quick move to any workout you do this week for a quick added core burn! ENJOY! And remember, you’ll never regret a workout!