Weekly Workouts 6.24 – 6.30

Weekly Workouts 6.24 – 6.30

This week started out slow, but ended with some great workouts!


I was completely ready to go to bootcamp on Monday, but then I got this intense, horrible stomach pain! Ugh! I was riling around on the couch all night trying to feel better. Hence, no workout…


Tuesday was a long day, but Tom saved me in suggesting we take a long bike ride before dinner.

katekatebear thefrontrowe bike ride

We rode a little over 5.5 miles down towards Fort McHenry and got to watch a beautiful sunset.

baltimore sunset


Wednesday morning felt like I got into my old routine – got to the gym early for a HIIT run then enjoyed 30 minutes of CXWORX!

katekatebear 20min HIIT cardio


I finally got in a good run this day! Molly & I got up early to hit the pavement like old times…slash for the last time. BOO HISS. Molly actually just moved this week to her new spot in Annapolis… 🙁 

katekatebear run baltimore


Speaking of last times with Molly…Friday we had another awesome workout with the founding members of TeamRick!


Molly, of course, got in some sassy modeling while she was there. haha


Friday night was AMAZING. As you may have seen, Friday night was also my first interaction with SURFSET! We had an awesome trial session with the team. I could immediately feel it in my core!

katekatebear surfset fitness


Saturday, we spent the morning and most of the day walking around Harbor East for the Fit+ event! We enjoyed another SURFSET session – this time for much longer and with a greater variety of moves.

surfset fitness harbor east baltimore

I can really feel it in all over today!


Today was a busy day. We were running errands, Tom was building our bike garage, I was (attempting) to bake homemade croissants…

I didn’t get in a lot, but I did get in a good two mile bike ride to get eggs (for croissants)! Note to self, I need a basket…carrying eggs on a bike is difficult. HAHA!

So, we’re coming up on another big week – Let’s get in some great workouts! Alarm is already set for CXWORX tomorrow!

Have an amazing week everyone! xoxo