Tone It Up Retreat!

Tone It Up Retreat!

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words.” ♥

Inspiring. Just….inspiring. That might be the only singular word that might be able to sum up the Tone It Up retreat weekend! This moment really captures it…

TIUretreat team moment

Last weekend, 300 incredible women came together in Newport Beach, California for the first ever Tone It Up Retreat! Every moment was unbelievably fun – filled with workouts, delicious healthy food, dancing & so many new friends! Karena and Katrina (and the TIU and Oakley families) had everything figured out – down to every little detail!

We started Thursday at check-in, where we received our special retreat “IDs” – which were adorable wrap bracelets with a special engraving and a band!

tone it up retreat bracelets

PLUS, we also each got a STUFFED swag bag – full of all kinds of goodies from our great sponsors like Oakley Women, Coola Suncare, Asics, Core Water, Jouer, Perfect Fit, Flash Tats (& of course Tone it Up!)! I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all the amazing sponsors of this event! Past the swag (which is awesome), I’m sure events like this wouldn’t be possible without your support and I truly hope you know how much it means to all of us that they do!

tone it up retreat swag bag

When we first got in, I also got to meet my roommate Amy! I’ve “known” Amy for years now – we’re part of a fun “TIU since the beginning” group that has chatted with each other through social media forever it feels like! I was so so happy & lucky to be rooming with her!


After check-in, it was a nonstop! Our trainers had plans for us every day with different workouts, a pop-up shop, meals & parties (with exciting special guests)! Everyone had a slightly different schedule but check out some of the things I did…

THURSDAY: Welcome dinner

Most of the guests were just arriving on Thursday, so the retreat schedule was light, allowing for check-in and a bit of pool lounging. After all of that, we got dolled up and ready for the welcome evening! Hosted right at the Hyatt, we all surrounded the pool for drinks and healthy eats! And photos of course 🙂

tone it up retreat 2014 pool party

FRIDAY: Workout, surf, bike & beach dinner

Friday started bright and early with a pre-workout breakfast with some tasty foods, including one of my favorite drinks Suja Juice! Cheers.

tone it up retreat breakfast suja juice

The crew then headed down to the beach for our TIU bootycall workout! Of course, before we worked out, we had to warm up with a little TIU booty shaking. When K&K arrived, we got right into it and did an awesome toning HIIT workout and cooled down with some yoga stretching.

tone it up retreat booty call workout

We ended with a beautiful moment, as pictured at the top of this post, where our trainers read us a beautiful poem they wrote just for us. As our trainers have said, connecting with each other is a huge part of our TIU lifestyle. We are a team and we believe that together, everyone achieves more! Like I said…”inspiring” was the theme of the weekend. ♥

After the workout, we split up into our different scheduled activities – for me, that was surfing! I’ve surfed a bunch before and it’s honestly one of my favorite things to do. I COULD NOT WAIT to get in the water! TIU partnered with Endless Sun Surf School so even those who had never gotten on a board could get some hang time! I was so happy to catch a few…and rode a couple green walls 🙂

tone it up retreat surfing

katekatebear surfing tone it up retreat

After riding the waves in, we took a break on the beach for some tasty healthy lunch and sun worshiping. Things I’d love to enjoy every day if it were possible… 

When we got back from the beach, it was time to get on the bikes. With friends from a newer women’s line of cycling called Liv, we learned a little more about the different bikes they had then took a ride out around the area. There’s a beautiful pedestrial path past the hotel, which gave us around 6 miles of ride!

tone it up retreat newport beach bike ride

tone it up retreat newport beach bike ride

As if that wasn’t the most intense day, we then prepared for an evening of epic proportions…a beach party! We hopped on buses to take us to a “mystery location” for the festivities…we pulled up to a cliff and walked to the edge to see the most beautiful setup we’d ever seen. I mean honestly, if I could redo my wedding, this would be what I’d want…

tone it up retreat beach party

THEN, when that wasn’t enough, K&K brought out their special musical guests…Brian (Kat’s adorable husband) and Kelley James! They both rocked our socks off into the night with some beautiful and awesome jams! If you haven’t checked out Kelley James, do it. Do it now. 🙂

SATURDAY: 5K run, volleyball, SUP & gala party

After dreams of rad waves and sunsets, we woke up early for our TIU Team 5K run! We were surprised by even more swag – a new TIU shirt! With our matching gear, we had another delicious breakfast and got ready to run!

tone it up retreat 5K asics

The course took us around the bay area and we finished with a champagne shower (you read that correctly)! Also, K&K got us these amazing medals! Such an incredible moment for all of us!

tone it up retreat champagne shower

tone it up retreat 5K medals

Next up for me was volleyball. Volleyball is not my sport. haha I have a ton of power, but no finesse….but it was a blast! We had some amazing, professional instructors Megan and Ty!

After that, we got on another board I love – the stand up paddle board! We were joined by the talented Noelle from Board Rider Adventures for a little instruction and paddling!

katekatebear SUP tone it up retreat

I’ve been out a bunch of times with my local SUP friend Jessie through FloYo (paddleboard yoga), so I started doing some yoga on the board. Eventually a bunch of gals were doing it with me! We even start doing headstands! 🙂

After falling in a few times (headstands are hard, ok? haha), we got ready for the evening’s gala party! There was delicious food and dancing! (LOTS of dancing…) There were also more special musical guests including the one and only Nick Cannon! It was great to have everyone there to party with! We really had a BLAST!

And then we somehow ended up in the hotel fountain…WHOOPS. hahaha Don’t ask 😉 

tone it up retreat gala fountain party


As you can imagine, Sunday, we needed some recovery. And yoga was right there to help us with that! Lacey Calvert, another incredibly talented Oakley ambassador, led us in power yoga. Such a beautiful practice. I’m sure it helped that it was a gorgeous day in (basically) paradise!

tone it up retreat katekatebear yoga

And that was the end…we stuck around a little longer to say thank yous and goodbyes to the TIU team. We even got to see a few friends who didn’t make it to the full retreat! 🙂

tone it up katekatebear katrina karena

I honestly and truly thank my lucky stars that I found Katrina and Karena and my TIU family. They are an unbelievable source of love, support, inspiration and happiness for me. This team is huge – it’s been a long time since it was just workouts and recipe. It’s a movement. It’s support. It’s love. I hope and wish that you get to experience something like that!

If you’re still looking for it, feel free to come join me on the TIU team!! ♥

tone it up retreat 2014

THANK YOU again to all the amazing companies who helped make this weekend possible! Here’s some link love just for you:  

Tone it Up
Oakley Women
Hyatt Newport Beach
Perfect Fit Protein
Coola Suncare
Core Water
Flash Tats
Liv Cycling
Endless Sun Surf School
Suja Juice
Noelle Kozak (SUP)
Lacey Calvert (yoga)
Ty Loomis (volleyball)
Megan Pura (volleyball)