PLANKSgiving Challenge

My Tone It Up Retreat roomie & awesome friend Amy challenged me to a PLANKSgiving November Challenge!

Looks like a lot of core and strength work…but I’M IN!

planksgiving november challenge | sunshine & the bear

Here’s what it looks like today through the end of the week….

  • Thursday November 6 
    • 15 second side plank
    • 15 plank jacks
    • 15 planks with donkey kicks
    • 15 second plank punches
  • Friday November 7
    • 20 second elbow plank
    • 20 plank walks
    • 20 second two point plank
    • 20 second plank with leg raise
  • Saturday November 8
    • 20 second side plank
    • 20 plank jacks
    • 20 planks with donkey kicks
    • 20 second plank punches
  • Sunday November 9
    • 25 second elbow plank
    • 25 plank walks
    • 25 second two point plank
    • 25 second plank with leg raise

Who’s with me?

[Workout] Better Than Nothing Workout!

Ever have a day where you just aren’t feeling a full workout? We ALL do.

I try to get in a few workout moves every day (I’ve been know to do leg lifts while drying my hair haha). Especially on days when I know I’m not going to get a full workout in, this makes me feel a little better.

Recently, I saw someone post on Pinterest that they do 10 pushups before EVERY shower. Get a little sweaty right before you clean up…makes total sense!

To expand on that, I pulled together a few quick, fun moves for a Better Than Nothing (BTN) Workout that I’m going to try to do before every shower!

katekatebear better than nothing workout

I’d love if you’d join me! Tell me what moves you’d like to add in or switch out! Tweet me @katekatebear and tag #BTN