[Workout] Four easy Bosu moves

As most of us experience, morning alarms aren’t always effective…aka sometimes the snooze button is just a little too tempting. While I try not to make sleeping in a regular practice, sometimes it happens. On those days, I hate missing my full morning workout BUT I’ve come up with a few quick toning moves to do when I can’t fit in a full session – I call them “better than nothing” workouts :)

Earlier this week, I created a quick four-move better than nothing workout. It was easy to do these few moves before jumping in the shower and getting ready for work!

This week’s workout: Four Easy Bosu Ball moves
Muscles worked: Full body!
Courtesy of: @katekatebear (aka me)
Needs: Bosu ball

katekatebear bosu ball workout

Side plank dips: 
Start with your body turned to one side and your feet one of top of the other on the top of the bosu ball. Lift yourself up into a side plank on your forearm. In this position, lift your core up and lower it down. Then switch sides!
For variation, you can put your top foot in front of the other on the ball OR put your top foot on the ball and your other knee down on the ground. 

Uneven elevated push-ups: 
Start in a push-up position with one hand on the center of the ball and one hand on the ground. Perform 10 push-ups, then switch arms on top of the ball.
For variation, you can place your knees on the ground.

Plank rocks (forward/back): 
Place both feet in the center on top of the ball. Bring yourself up into a plank with your feet balancing on the ball, then start by rocking yourself forward (keeping your feet/toes on the ball) and then back (bending/pushing your heels backward).

Elevated reverse lunges: 
Standing up in front of the bosu, step back (carefully!) in the center of the bosu behind you. Stay in this position, and perform 10 lunges – making sure to keep your front knee over your ankle. Switch to the other side.

Again, it takes more time to explain these workout moves than it does to actually do them :) It’s a quick way to get in a workout for all your muscle groups!

You’ll never regret a workout! 

[Workout] TIU abs

Today started out early for me at work (as it does many days) so I missed my morning workout (which, let’s be honest, also happens a lot on Mondays...). Luckily, I checked out this week’s Tone It Up calendar – they always have something planned out in case I don’t feel particularly creative.

After a long day at work, I extended my bike ride home to get in some cardio then I checked out what routines the gals had on tap for me…And what do I find? A new Tone It Up ab workout playlist! LOVE it! All the convenience of the workouts, but all in one place!

First of all, I’m so loving the new TIU website…I mean, how cute is it?

new tone it up website

With the new design and pages, they have a lot more functionality and places to put these great playlists of workouts you can string all together.

Today’s workout: TIU Ab Playlist
Muscles worked: Core
Courtesy of: Tone It Up
Needs: Light hand weights (I used 8lbs) *
*If you want to up your game a little bit and/or if you have access to other workout gear, I also used a weight ball and my bosu ball! 

The TIU ab playlist page listed 3 full workouts and a ab move from the DVD: 

Itty Bitty Bikini is one of my all time favorite workouts from TIU – short, sweet and works those tummy trouble spots!
*I added a little more to this workout by elevating my feet on the bosu ball during the side plank dips. 

Sleek & Slender Abs is a great workout! Seriously, Karena’s abs are insane. haha
*It works with either, but for this one, I used my weight ball for the crunch up & place move AND in the regular crunches to add a little oomph!

Love Your Abs routine is another good one – I love the tummy tuck move that goes side, center, side!

This Beach Babe ab move totally threw me for a loop the first time haha I definitely fell over but you’ll totally get the hang of it after the first couple!

It’s great to have a list of workouts that all work together to do a few times to concentrate on one area OR add on to another workout/cardio to emphasize a little bit!

As always, remember, you’ll never regret a workout!