Under Armour Ambassador!

It’s official. I’m an Under Armour blog Ambassador! Woo hoo!

katekatebear under armour ambassador

As most of you know, I live here in Baltimore and I’m so close to Under Armour’s HQ, so you may have seen some posts referencing UA before…now I have the opportunity to bring you even more! You can expect to see fun information about new product launches, special events reviews of my favorite gear and more!

I am thrilled to be representing such an amazing company as a local and especially as a female athlete. Their mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation. UA Women has worked to empower female athletes everywhere through their What’s Beautiful and I Will What I Want campaigns. I feel empowered to pass on their message that it is beautiful to be strong!

UAwomen Lindsay vonn inspiration

Through their Give Back campaigns, they support some amazing causes. UA Power in Pink supports the many women who use fitness/exercise to stay healthy, and serves as a platform to help raise awareness about breast health. UA Win is their commitment to empowering athletes of the next generation by providing youth access to sports. And UA Freedom supports the heroes who support and protect us.

Right now, UA Women just announced a special challenge for Valentine’s Day! It’s super easy: Join on the Under Armour Record app and post a selfie to your profile using #VDAY and #IWILLWHATIWANT, telling everyone what you love about yourself. You’ll be entered to win a sweet UA swag bag! Can’t wait to see your posts!

under armour women VDAY challenge

PLUS, now that Under Armour has connected with MapMyFitness, Ednomondo AND MyFitnessPal, you can be part of the largest fitness & health community group! I use MapMyFitness and UA Record regularly to share my workouts and get inspired by other amazing fit friends!

Anyway, I’m so excited to be officially part of the UA Women team and I’m looking forward to all the good things coming! Stay tuned for more!


I Will What I Want – Gisele

Let me start this out by saying I have nothing against Gisele. She is a beautiful woman and, while I’m sure genetics helped, I’m sure she works hard for that body. However, when Under Armour first announced Gisele Bündchen as a new spokesperson for their I WILL WHAT I WANT (IWWIW) campaign, I was a bit turned off.

Like many past campaigns I’ve seen (e.g. Oakley Perform Beautifully, Fila Real Women, etc.), the IWWIW felt like a more down-to-earth idea. They came out strong with Misty Copeland – sharing her story of success through adversity. “You don’t have the right body”...how many times have you heard/felt that? 

This is how Under Armour describes this movement:
It’s a reminder that you don’t need permission, advice, or affirmation when you have WILL. It’s a celebration of who you are. As an athlete. As a woman. As everything in between and beyond. It’s a reminder that the best things in life aren’t given. They’re earned. And there’s one reason you are where you are today. That reason is you.

Killer. (nod to all great inspirational copy writers!) It’s all true. And incredibly relatable, inspiring and awesome.

Then came Gisele. Unfortunately, she just comes off as cut from a different cloth. I don’t know her personally, of course but it FEELS like she didn’t earn it. It FEELS like she has it all and doesn’t have to work hard. She’s a Brazilian supermodel for crying out loud, not to mention she’s married to probably the most popular NFL player in the nation. Power couple! Again, don’t get me wrong…I know everyone has struggles. But it just felt off.

Today, this video came out:

I almost had no words (almost)…

Thank you, Under Armour IWWIW, for reminding me to shut up and give people a chance. In judging Gisele as a supermodel, unfit to be part of this campaign, I was in-fact becoming one of those naysayers…becoming someone who said “you don’t have the right body.”

Kudos, Under Armour, for coming through with your campaign. Everyone has haters. Everyone has to overcome things. The last thing we need is more haters on people who are trying to inspire others…no matter who they are.
I’m looking forward to giving Gisele a chance. I hope she pulls through and inspires us all.

I’m so curious how my fitness friends are reacting to this…How do you feel about Gisele being chosen as a new rep for IWWIW? 

Preview of the new Under Armour gym

As you may know, I workout a lot. Understatement of the year…

Anyway, one of the many awesome gyms I work out at is the Under Armour Combine Training Center here at the UA headquarters in Baltimore. I work hard with my trainer, Rick Logan, and a motley crew of gym rats with boxing, kettlebells, stairs, TRX, etc. etc.

Until now, it’s been an great studio…but UA wanted to upgrade so, over the past few months, they’ve been building a new gym area! During training yesterday, we got to take a peek into the new space! (And it’s awesome)

new under armour gym

The new space provides you with a ton of room and has some cool new features like monkey bars and what they’re calling “the pit.” I can only imagine what Rick has in store for us with training in that area….

new under armour gym "the pit"

The other cool thing is that the front (back?) of the gym is right on the water and the outdoor UA training field. They’ve installed windowed garage-style doors, so in the warmer months we’ll be able to open up to have tons of fresh air and scenery!

teamrick workout at under armour headquarters

I’d be remiss if I just talked about the gym and not the amazing trainers that go with it…specifically, Rick. I’ve actually trained with Rick at another gym and followed him here. I honestly think we’ve been working together for almost two years now! He’s incredibly talented and inspirational. He pushes us hard, but can still have fun.
Sometimes too much. haha What a goober :) 

rick logan under armour trainer

But seriously, he’s awesome. Give him a call if you’re interested!!

rick logan under armour trainer



Weekly workouts 7.15 – 7.21

Hi hi lovelies! Hope you had an amazing week! Unlike last week, I was actually dedicated to making time for workouts – even if it was a little one. Here’s how it panned out…


Monday I signed up for CXWORX but didn’t realize until I got to the gym that there was a substitute teacher – my girl Jami (aka FitJams) Woo Woo ! I got there a little early and did 15 minutes on the elliptical then did some awesome core (and tush) work with Jami. Seriously, there’s a new butt track and it KILLS! (in a good way)

cxworx with fitjams



We had a date to have crabs with Tom’s parents (an ESSENTIAL summer thing to do in Maryland – ask me about it some other time) so I made sure to get in my workout early. I split up my focus on arms and legs with Tone It Up Karena’s arms workout and a new leg workout PB Fingers posted!

PB fingers legs workout


BOOT CAMP! I finally made it back over to Canton for the early afternoon boot camp class. It was only weird because I was there alone (aka without Molly)…this is my sad face. haha

bootcamp katekatebear

It really is such an amazing class and the perfect workout for me. I ride my bike there from work then get some more cardio as I ride home! This week I met up with some friends in Canton for dinner then rode close to 4 miles back.

katekatebear road cycling


Work…no workout. Simple as that.


TeamRick was back in action…well, at least I was. Since Molly and Annie have abandoned me to be all by myself with Rick, I’ve picked up a few other gals for Friday morning workouts. This week, Rick had us do this crazy workout of 50’s – we did every workout as many times as we could, then moved on. We eventually did every rep, but we did it at our own pace. For example, I can do 25 rows at a time, but I had to break up the pushups into 10-15 each…

That’s me in the polka dots doing the squat walks…(NOT the best angle, Rick haha)


We had a busy day/morning planned so I got up early to make sure I got in a workout. I spent another lovely morning with Karena from TIU doing Sleek & Slender Abs!

Then, after a delicious brunch with my old college roommates, we hopped in the car to head to my family’s place up in Surf City, NJ!


The pup and I started early this morning and got up for a run on the island. It was BEAUTIFUL! We ran on the street and up on the beach…so awesome! I wish I could do that every day!

Long beach island sunrise

katekatebear long beach island run

I’ve already told my work buddy that I’d meet her at CWORX tomorrow and TIU has posted the weekly workout schedule, so I’m planning out the week! Here we go, friends!

Have an amazing week everyone! xoxo

Weekly Workouts 6.24 – 6.30

This week started out slow, but ended with some great workouts!


I was completely ready to go to bootcamp on Monday, but then I got this intense, horrible stomach pain! Ugh! I was riling around on the couch all night trying to feel better. Hence, no workout…


Tuesday was a long day, but Tom saved me in suggesting we take a long bike ride before dinner.

katekatebear thefrontrowe bike ride

We rode a little over 5.5 miles down towards Fort McHenry and got to watch a beautiful sunset.

baltimore sunset


Wednesday morning felt like I got into my old routine – got to the gym early for a HIIT run then enjoyed 30 minutes of CXWORX!

katekatebear 20min HIIT cardio


I finally got in a good run this day! Molly & I got up early to hit the pavement like old times…slash for the last time. BOO HISS. Molly actually just moved this week to her new spot in Annapolis… :( 

katekatebear run baltimore


Speaking of last times with Molly…Friday we had another awesome workout with the founding members of TeamRick!


Molly, of course, got in some sassy modeling while she was there. haha


Friday night was AMAZING. As you may have seen, Friday night was also my first interaction with SURFSET! We had an awesome trial session with the team. I could immediately feel it in my core!

katekatebear surfset fitness


Saturday, we spent the morning and most of the day walking around Harbor East for the Fit+ event! We enjoyed another SURFSET session – this time for much longer and with a greater variety of moves.

surfset fitness harbor east baltimore

I can really feel it in all over today!


Today was a busy day. We were running errands, Tom was building our bike garage, I was (attempting) to bake homemade croissants…

I didn’t get in a lot, but I did get in a good two mile bike ride to get eggs (for croissants)! Note to self, I need a basket…carrying eggs on a bike is difficult. HAHA!

So, we’re coming up on another big week – Let’s get in some great workouts! Alarm is already set for CXWORX tomorrow!

Have an amazing week everyone! xoxo