[Inspiration] BurnThis App

Inspiration. I need it. I crave it. Seriously, how else do we get out of bed in the morning when it’s cold outside and it’s time to work?!

Recently, I found a new source for awesome inspiration in the form of the BurnThis app! The app is a constant stream of workout and healthy lifestyle motivation…everything from quotes and meal ideas to progression photos and workout ideas!

BurnThis motivation app | sunshine & the bear

Much like my all time favorite people, the Tone It Up team, this app hosts a wide range of people who come together as a “FitFam” – from all over the country and the world! People post ideas for workouts and meals, supportive and inspirational quotes, and much more! It’s become a new addiction for me because, let’s face it, sometimes I need a little nudge to help me stay on track, and I really enjoy sharing/inspiring others! KARMA. Right? :) BurnThisAmbassador

As I BurnThis FitFam Ambassador, I’ll be bringing you tons of awesome inspirational content on the app, here on the blog and over on BMOREtoned!

Meet me on BurnThis & get inspired!!

Friday Favorites 5.3

its gonna be may meme


May is my FAVORITE month! Not only because it’s my birth month – woo woo Geminis! – but because it’s really when we start to see spring here on the east coast! I love all the green and flowers that start showing up! Hopefully the weather starts warming up too.

This is also the season for new movies and new spring/summer outfits. All things I like. So let’s get to it…here’s what I’m loving this week to kick off May.


Iron Man 3

Suit up and go see this movie. ♥

So we saw Iron Man 3 last night at the pre-opening day showing and it was fantastic. I’m no movie reviewer (honestly, I like MOST movies haha), but I must comment on this one. It was awesome!


Gwyneth Paltrow = amazing. She is a rockstar both in real life and in this movie. I’ve been waiting for her to get in a suit for ever and they finally let her do it. Without giving too much away, she seriously kicks some tail and it’s great!

gwyneth paltrow iron man 3

RDJ, well, is RDJ. And that’s always awesome.

iron man 3 couch

I was hesitant because it’s the first Iron Man movie that Jon Favreau did not direct…BUT, I was impressed by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang writer/director Shane Black. I LOVE that movie too, so I should have had more faith. If you haven’t seen that, go see that one too. Plus, I saw this great quote from Favreau who said he was like “a proud grandfather who doesn’t have to change the diapers but gets to play with the baby.” Hysterical.

It’s got everything you want: love, heartbreak, action, Iron Man, Gwyneth kicking tail, Gwyneth in a sports bra (for the mens), RDJ being sassy, Don Cheadle running around in a polo and jeans, etc. All in all, just go see it already. :)


Message from Katrina, Tone It Up

This note from my trainer, Katrina from Tone It Up, almost made me tear up. I seriously love this TIU team so so so much. Karena & Katrina have been so incredibly important in my life and so has this TIU team. I don’t know where I’d be without you ladies. ♥

katrina hodgson tone it up oakley unstoppable

“A special note for all of you tonight~ This is a picture from the ‘Unstoppable Campaign’ with Oakley. Karena and I are so honored to be part of such an inspiring message! ‘Unstoppable’ is all about strength, perseverance & reaching goals you never thought you could. I’m a firm believer that with everything that life has to offer; the hard times and the blessings, we can all make it through together by taking the time to understand each other’s struggles & supporting one another to let nothing stop us from living our best life. Last week at our meet up, we heard so many different stories that made our eyes well up. Each of you has a different background & story. You never know what someone is going through unless you open up your heart & listen in return. That’s what this team is about. We all stand on a common ground- trials, tribulations, and fears and we all have unexpected things come up in life. So we want to remind you to be unstoppable. Move forward with your head high, with an open mind and lead every day with your heart. Today, open up to someone and see where it takes you. It’s so powerful.www.community.toneitup.com This campaign means so much to me, beyond words can explain.”


Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey photobombed this woman in Boston this week…He just ran up behind her and yelled “PHOTOBOMB!” and then ran away. haha Awesome. They are back in Baltimore filming House of Cards version deux. I just hope I get some Kevin photobombs action. That’s all I’m saying :)

kevin spacey photo bomb

Goal setting

So as you saw me post, Tone It Up just kicked off their third annual Bikini Series! Woo hoo!

One of the first challenges is to set goals/intentions for yourself. The series is going to run for 8 weeks (we can do anything for 8 weeks!). I’ve set my sights on some pretty specific and some pretty broad goals – everything from checking in daily with the team to staying positive to getting back to my old running schedule!

Also, as I’ve found in past TIU challenges (and in life in general), more goals come up – big ones, mini ones and everything in between. So I’ll be ready for those too!

katekatebear TIU bikini series goals

I’ve set my goals (and I’m sure I’ll set more)! What are yours? 


2013 Tone It Up Bikini Series is here! ♥

If you do one thing today, sign up for the new 2013 Tone It Up Bikini Series

TIU bikini series 2013

I CAN NOT believe it’s their 3rd annual series…seriously it feels like just yesterday that I was discovering the Itty Bitty Bikini workout and Perfect Fit Protein was just a dream… :)

As you may or may not know, I have a little bit of history with Tone It Up (and the Bikini Series)…

katekatebear Tone It Up transformation

And I continue with Katrina & Karena as my trainers to this day, because they are amazing. They inspire me to be my best, not just when it comes to getting in shape, but in life! I can honestly say they help me be a happier, healthier person.


(You won’t regret it, I promise!)

You’ll see awesome benefits IMMEDIATELY! As soon as you sign up, you’ll get the Bikini Series Starter Pack – which has recipes, workouts, inspiration, tips & more!

Tone it up bikini series starter pack

Get ready, beach babes. Here we go! ♥