[Inspiration] Tone It Up poem

As you probably know, I’ve been a Tone It Up girl for a while. Ok, a LONG, long time. It’s been a crazy, amazing journey over these four years…I’ve gotten to know Katrina and Karena, expanded my “family” to include thousands and thousands of women who have joined the TIU Team and, of course, learned and grown to love myself!

TIUretreat team moment Tone It Up isn’t just about getting fit and working out. It’s not just about adding more kale and healthy foods to your diet. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about finding the things you love about yourself, the things that make you happy and the things that help you push happiness and positivity out into the world…

At the TIU Retreat this past year, the ladies asked us to close our eyes and hold hands. In the sand, 300 inspiring women held hands and closed their eyes as K&K read a poem aloud. We all cried and smiled and were grateful for each other. Yep. It was beautiful. Thing is, the ladies made us promise to not tell anyone – they had grand plans for this poem. I’ve had to keep the secret…until now!

I’m so thrilled to share these words. They are moving, inspiring and lovely. ♡

tone it up poem | sunshine & the bear

Ok, they didn’t say the 28 days part, but the rest! 

This is now words that will be in the girls’ new BOOK – Fit, Fierce & Fabulous! The book will be a 28 Day program that encompasses the Tone It Up lifestyle. The program incorporates new workouts, TIU knockout nutrition tips, as well as daily mental and spiritual challenges to transform your mind and body. K&K will share our heart-felt stories of how fitness helped them overcome life’s obstacles to live their lives to the fullest.

I’m so so proud of the ladies! It’s going to be great.

You can preorder the book here! :)


Tone It Up Retreat!

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words.” ♥

Inspiring. Just….inspiring. That might be the only singular word that might be able to sum up the Tone It Up retreat weekend! This moment really captures it…

TIUretreat team moment

Last weekend, 300 incredible women came together in Newport Beach, California for the first ever Tone It Up Retreat! Every moment was unbelievably fun – filled with workouts, delicious healthy food, dancing & so many new friends! Karena and Katrina (and the TIU and Oakley families) had everything figured out – down to every little detail!

We started Thursday at check-in, where we received our special retreat “IDs” – which were adorable wrap bracelets with a special engraving and a band!

tone it up retreat bracelets

PLUS, we also each got a STUFFED swag bag – full of all kinds of goodies from our great sponsors like Oakley Women, Coola Suncare, Asics, Core Water, Jouer, Perfect Fit, Flash Tats (& of course Tone it Up!)! I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all the amazing sponsors of this event! Past the swag (which is awesome), I’m sure events like this wouldn’t be possible without your support and I truly hope you know how much it means to all of us that they do!

tone it up retreat swag bag

When we first got in, I also got to meet my roommate Amy! I’ve “known” Amy for years now – we’re part of a fun “TIU since the beginning” group that has chatted with each other through social media forever it feels like! I was so so happy & lucky to be rooming with her!


After check-in, it was a nonstop! Our trainers had plans for us every day with different workouts, a pop-up shop, meals & parties (with exciting special guests)! Everyone had a slightly different schedule but check out some of the things I did…

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[Five Things Friday] Vacationing

IT’S FRIDAY! We made it…(barely)
I’m jumping on the “5 things Friday” train like all my cool blogger friends :) This week I have some fun, vacation-related things to share…

Oh man…you know I’m pumped about this. The long-awaited Tone It Up retreat in California just went on sale (and sold out within the afternoon)! As you know, I have some major expenses already planned out for this year (ahem…just a wedding or whatever), so I had to do some saving for this, but it’s going to be SO worth it! I can’t wait to meet more of my fellow, inspiring TIU teammates. It’s going to be an amazing vacation & inspiration sesh!!

tone it up retreat

Life changing, am I right?? Recently, on our trip to Disney World, my sister in law busted these sunscreen wipes out and I was instantly enamored. How did I not know about these things before now? There’s always so much goop and stickiness with regular sunscreen…these are just genius.

I feel like I never get to read anymore… As soon as I start to read in/before bed, I instantly fall asleep. And honestly, that’s usually the only time I have set aside to pick up a book when I’m not at work, the gym, making meals, etc. I LOVE traveling because it almost always gives me the opportunity to read (more)! I’m currently deep into The Happiness Project and, even though I’m only about half way through, I absolutely recommend it to anyone/everyone….

the happiness project book

Disney filled their parks with photographer at fun, scenic spots to help capture your adventures. Sounds reasonable enough – you see that often, right? Then, you’d have to pay for the photos at the end somewhere. NOT with the Memory Maker package! Basically this package allows you to take as many photos with those photographers as you want and they are all yours to download and keep for one sum price. It’s a great idea for people like me who always take the photos, but are rarely in them. Or for those who don’t have a nice camera. Or for those who just don’t want to carry around another thing…very cool idea! We had such a great time during our recent Disney visit!

memory maker disney

So, of course before the big wedding…there’s the bachelorette. WOO WOO
My lovely 6 bridesmaids and I will soon be heading down to the lovely Miami area for a few days of sun & relaxation…can’t wait!

south beach

What are you up to this year? Any fun vacations planned? Any amazing travel tips you want to share? 



Tone It Up retreat is FINALLY happening!


I feel like we’ve been talking about this FOREVER! But seriously, since I became a Tone It Up gal more than 2 years ago (holy crumbs, it’s been that long?!), we’ve been talking about how amazing it would be if Katrina and Karena hosted a getaway. Sure, they do it for some private groups and companies, but we wanted a big fun retreat.

Be careful what you wish for…it’s now happening!

TIU retreat

For those of you who are new to TIU, I have to let you know that these are two of the most fun, genuinely amazing people I’ve ever met! They were so incredibly fun to hangout and workout with when Emma & I went to California!

toneitup katekatebear emmahayden


For the past few years (and of course before that before I found them), they have consistently surprised me as they one-up themselves with interesting workouts, delicious recipes and fun fun fun stuff for us TIU members!

tone it up karena katrina

I will absolutely be going to the retreat next year! Hope to see some of you there too!!

Will you be joining me at the Tone It Up Retreat next September?