Week of thanks: Tone It Up family

To continue my little week of thanks, I want to take a day to recognize how grateful I am for my Tone It Up family. And yes, I say family, because they really are family to me! Even though I haven’t met all THOUSANDS of them…they mean so much to me and have really become my extended fit family! :)

It all started back in 2011, when I first found the TIU team. I was working for an agency and one of my clients was a fitness brand. In the process of looking for content to share with them, I found an ab workout from these two spunky, beautiful women, Katrina and Karena, and was instantly hooked…

I joined the TIU team personally and even got some of my office co-workers to join in the fun. There were office ‘plank breaks’ where we’d go into the hallway and do planks…no joke. haha My TIU family grew locally and we became lovingly calling ourselves BMOREtoned…where BMOREtoned was born! We grown to be a very close knit group over the years, and I can honestly say I’ve found some of my best friends forever through TIU! I was lucky enough to end up winning the first TIU Bikini Series and got the opportunity to fly to California for an incredible few days with Katrina & Karena…

It’s been a whirlwind since then and it has been incredible to watch the team grow along the way. Over the years, I’ve joined as K&K have launched their very own Perfect Fit Protein (which has expanded…) and gear (which has expanded…) and so much more! I’ve been attended three TIU weddings (including my own!). I’ve seen more than a few TIU babies born. This summer, I got to attend the first ever Tone It Up retreat! Every day I meet (virtually) more and more new TIU girls and get more and more inspired!

For all of this I am eternally grateful. It has been (and continues to be) an amazing journey! Thank you, to K&K, to the amazing TIU team, to my incredible family who literally helps me every day. I love you all so much!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds… ♡

Want to learn more about the Tone It Up team? I absolutely, definitely advise you to check out the Tone It Up site! They have blog posts, tips, recipes and so much more available right there for you! 

Pop Physique Butt School + Free Class

Wow…what a week for fitness in Baltimore! After our amazing visit with Rev for #SpinSweatSip, our local fitness gals got to visit a cool studio in our area called Pop Physique!

pop physique

Pop Physique is a cool studio in town that offers an incredible barre workout (one that has rendered me basically useless today haha). They call themselves “butt school” and they’re not kidding…

A group of Baltimore area Tone It Up team members joined Pop Physique for a special class for the TIU team! The Pop class is efficient, fun, fat burning and intense…believe me. Seriously, while I consider myself fairly strong, this workout knocked me on my…butt. haha

pop physique baltimore


When you go into the Pop studio, you put on your grip sock which the owner, Kim, mentioned you “need for the four minute planks.” OH GOOD. haha The studio offered us all some really cute socks too!

pop physique socks

pop physique baltimore socks

We had two amazing instructors for our class to show us the various different tracks and series moves. The class combines strength workout and stretch. We used light weights, the ballet barre and balls to work legs, arms, core and, of course, butts.

pop physique baltimore TIUteam

After our class, we barely moved off the mats enjoyed a some mingling with wine and healthy treats in the adorable lounge area at the studio!

pop physique baltimore TIUteam BMOREtoned

pop physique baltimore TIUteam BMOREtoned

We had such a good time! Thanks so much to Pop Physique for hosting us TIU Baltimore gals! I can’t wait to come back! And thanks so much to @TIUSami for organizing this special class for us!

If you’re interested in checking it out, DO IT! Check out the studio and drop my name – They’ll give you a FREE FIRST CLASS! 

pop physique baltimore TIUteam BMOREtoned


[Inspiration] 100 by Vday

It’s been a crazy few weeks with lots of amazing challenges from our awesome Tone It Up trainers during the second annual Love Your Body series!

tone it up love your body series

As I’m sure you know, I love all that K&K do from TIU – new weekly workouts, fresh healthy recipes, inspirational stories, etc. One of my favorite things is when they do their challenges…these really unite the TIU team and motivate everyone!

I love the Love Your Body series because they added a running challenge component. I’m not sure if I’ve said it before (I’ve said it a million times) but I’m not a born runner. These challenges really get me going though! During this series, the challenge was 100 miles by Valentine’s Day! Starting January 1, we had 45 days to get in those miles…Thankfully, it didn’t have to all be running. :)

All in all, I got to 126.25 miles!


I’m so inspired by all the amazing women from the team who dude the challenge too!

Did you participate? How many miles did you get?!

Please vote for me!


FRIENDS! Please vote for me! Just email “I vote for Kate Bear!” to SuccessStory@toneitup.com :)

I know we don’t know each other that well but if you feel like doing a random act of kindness today, please do this one….

Over the past few months I’ve been working with two trainers (Karena & Katrina of Tone It Up) and they have literally changed my life. I feel better and happier. I’ve lost excess weight and diet guilt. It’s great.

Anyway, I’m up to win a chance to meet them in California!

VOTING IS RIDICULOUSLY EASY! Just email “I vote for Kate Bear!” to SuccessStory@toneitup.com and POOF! Done! Random act of kindness passed! Possibly a girl’s dream come true!

please please please & thank you :)


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