National Dog Day


Not sure how this came about or if it’s really an official day or what…but tons of people are posting about it so, I’m going to just go ahead with it. :) 

Our dog, Mahoney, is a rescue from BARCS and we’ve been blessed to have her silliness around us for the past few years. I can’t even remember these times when she was so small…

mahoney puppy

mahoney puppy dog

She’s had her good/adorable days…

Mahoney dog sleeping

mahoney dog starry eyed

katekatebear mahoney

And her frustrating moments…

dog destroyed toy mahoney

dog eaten sofa

dog shaming mahoney

But through it all, she’s been the bestest dogger ever! (and yes, those ears have always been insane haha)

katekatebear thefrontrowe mahoney

Do you have a dog? Share your story here! I’d love to see a pic! :) 


Baltimore Print Studio

This weekend, we spent an amazing day at a class hosted by the good people of the Baltimore Print Studios!

I took print classes in college but it’s a pretty intense process with some big pieces needed, so it had kind of fallen off my radar. Then, Tom found this awesome gem right here in town!

baltimore print studios

The studio hosts workshops every month, which are great for beginners to those who just need to run through the motions again. Kind of like riding a bike, but with film emulsion and screens.

At the workshop we went to, they had all the materials for you and walked you through the entire process, showing you the steps then letting you do it yourself!

thefrontrowe baltimore print studio

dodo screen print

flamingo screen print

One of the best parts was that the owners had a dog that hung out around the studio! She (Eleanor) walked around a little when we first arrived, then just kind of hung out. I wish Mahoney would do that. Let her hear a hose (to clean off the screens) and she would never calm down! haha

baltimore print studio dog

We printed a few different things – some single color, some double, some blended. It was brilliant.

Seriously, it was such a great time! It’s amazing how much you forget that you like something when you aren’t able to do it for so long. They do hourly rentals, so Tom and I are going to plan some project and go print stuff! Anyone want to join??




The pictures are IN and we could not be happier! I can honestly say Pete Redel is one of the most talented people I have ever met…EVER! I mean look at these incredible photos…

pete redel photography - bmorerowe wedding - four seasons baltimore

pete redel photography - bmorerowe wedding - katekatebear thefrontrowe

pete redel photography - bmorerowe wedding - wit and wisdom four seasons baltimore

pete redel photography - bmorerowe wedding - katekatebear

I knew I wanted him as our photographer, but seeing our photos just solidified our great decision!

Not only did we get beautiful photos, but we got a TON of photos! Pete ended up with more than 1,700 images to give us at the end of the day! I could barely narrow them down enough to post to a few to the blog! Hope you enjoy some of my favorites below.

And, as I’ve said, call Pete if you ever need some stunning photos. He always delivers. :)

[Wedding] We’re married!

I’m so excited to report that I am now a MRS!

katekatebear thefrontrowe wedding


We had a beautiful day this past Saturday with friends and family right here in the beautiful Baltimore harbor at the Four Seasons. As I said, our photographer Pete Redel is super skilled…he gave us a little tease with this pic from the weekend but he’s still working on the rest. I can’t wait to share more!

Stay tuned! :)

[Wedding] Engagement photos

As you can imagine (with the wedding TOMORROW eeeek!), I’ve been pretty crazy – hence, not a lot of time for blogging.

BUT, because they are so fabulous, I wanted to make sure I shared some of our amazing engagement photos – done by the wonderfully talented, Pete Redel! I’ve known Pete for a long time – and a few times I’ve jokingly said to him “you’re going to shoot my wedding”…and here we are, 5 or so years later. And he is! And I couldn’t be happier! He’s so incredibly skilled – he can even make goofy Tom and me look good! :)

Here’s just a few of my favorites:

Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!

If you are EVER looking for a photographer, definitely give Pete a look! He doesn’t only do engagements/weddings but he also does amazing family photos, graduation/senior portraits, events, etc. Check him out!