Pin It Party

So I recently spotted this awesome idea for a Pin It Party on Lindsay’s Lean Green Bean blog! Basically, she’s created a hub for bloggers to share their awesome pinnable posts.


I LOVE Pinterest…so this was crazy fun for me! Not only to look through my posts for pinnable items, but also to look at all the posts that have been posted so far! Check out my Pinterest page & let’s be pin buddies!

So here are five of my past posts that I’d love to see on Pinterest! 

katekatebear summer sauce

This is one of my FAVORITE recipes! It’s simple and fresh (and delicious). It’s a simple Summer Sauce my mom invented (maybe) for me because I’m not a big fan of mushy tomatoes. Perfect for a light summer pasta dish!


katekatebear total body workout

For this Full Body Workout, I pulled together some of my favorite moves that multi-task, working different parts of your body in one move! It’s quick and easy and works you all over!


katekatebear 15 min ab circuit

I love to workout and always feel great after I do…problem is I never have time…SO I pulled together some of my favorite ab moves for this quick 15 minute ab circuit – it can be used on its own or to tack on to something you already did!


katekatebear perfect green smoothie

Green smoothies have always kind of intrigued me, but I never really knew what to put in them. BUT, after some testing, I created this simple, tasty yet beneficial green smoothie! Great for after a workout or just whenever!


katekatebear 20min HIIT cardio

All you hear these days is about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)…why? Because it WORKS! With that in mind, I pulled together a quick 20 minute HIIT Circuit to follow on the treadmill or running outside!


So those are my five posts, but through this fun exercise, I’ve found SO MANY other great posts!

Coconut Flour Cinnamon Rolls (um…YUM!)

30 ways to squeeze fitness into your day (always looking for new ideas!)

Lower body buster workout

21 yoga poses 

Seriously, so many awesome bloggers creating such great posts! Can’t wait to see/share more!

Do you use Pinterest? What for? What are some of your FAVORITE pins? 

What I’m pinning now

As I’m sure a lot of you are, I’m a big (obsessive) pinner…sorry I’m not sorry. Anyway, I’ve been going crazy over a few things lately:

I want to be involved in this:

woody tom hanks

I want to have this immediately haha:

totes ma goats bag

I want to eat this right now:

tropical banana bread

I want to hang this up:

beach vs rat race

I should have bought this for Tom’s birthday:

weiss watch

And I’d like to immediately sit and rest here:

paradise beach


What are you pinning these days? 

Spinach cubes!

Honestly, as you read this, you’re going to say to yourself “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE?!” (as I did when I found the idea).

I run into that unfortunate problem where I LOVE produce but I can’t keep up with it…I buy so much and then it ends up spoiling too quickly! Darn. One of my biggest culprits is spinach. I love adding spinach to my post-workout Perfect Fit protein smoothies because otherwise, I really don’t get enough greens in the morning.

SO, while browsing Pinterest, I found this awesome post from this cool blog The Roudy Stroudy and was immediately excited! SPINACH ICE CUBES! Why didn’t I think of that before?! (Told you you’d say it)

They are super easy to make!

spinach cubes katekatebear

  • Fill your blender/food processor with spinach
  • Add a bit of water to blend well together (I used about 1/4 C and probably could have used a little more)
  • Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze!

spinach cubes katekatebear

When you’re ready to use spinach, pop them out and use a few in your blender for a smoothie! PERFECT!