Love your life in 2015!

Happy New Year!

Let’s take a moment…right now, we have a great opportunity to reflect and look forward! It’s a new chapter in your book – you know all the things coming will somehow build on what’s already happened but you also get to start fresh and experience all new things!

dont live the same life quote

With a new year comes the tradition of resolutions. I’ve learned through trial and error that the important thing when it comes to resolutions (and goals in general) is to fight the urge to make them lofty and unattainable. Goals are wonderful…but only if they are smart, motivating and attainable! Don’t get me wrong, I also would like to add Chris Evans to my list, if that was plausible…

You need direction, focus and motivation to change. And let’s not forget that change is rarely the flip of a switch…it comes with WORK. You need to stick with it! I read a quote that always stuck with me – “The road to success is always under construction.” In other words, even with a goal in mind you’re bound to hit a few road blocks or detours. If you can work toward expecting it, you can be prepared to make another move.

This year, I’m setting new goals for the season, which I’m going to try to revisit in the spring. Check them out below:

  • tone it up love your body quote | sunshine & the bear Find & love: I want to find my version of happiness with myself and ACCEPT IT. There’s is so much pressure to keep up with the proverbial Joneses! We’re always pressured to be skinnier, wealthier, more popular, etc. etc. But are those measures of “happiness” mine? I know the things that make ME happy and I know what I love. I just need to focus on finding and appreciating those things. :)
    Which is another reason I’m so glad the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge is coming back – If you know me, you know I enjoy basically every TIU challenge…but I really love this one because it’s not just about working out and eating well, it’s really about making a happy and healthy lifestyle that helps you love yourself!
  • Disconnect: This might be for 5 minutes or it might be for the whole day…I’ve become so tied to my phone, my computer, the TV, etc. We’re checking emails at dinner, scrolling Twitter on the couch…every moment is something. I want to step away from it all and try harder to be present! I want to tune in. Clear out the chaos. And return to that peaceful place again and again.
  • katekatebear letsgetflexy yoga Home yoga routine: I’ve learned to love yoga but I can’t always make it to a class. I want to start regularly practicing at home, if even for a few minutes. Yoga helps me focus, stress less and sleep better!
  • Eat at the table: It seems like a simple thing, but we almost never eat at our kitchen table. We pile books, bags, groceries, packages…everything on our table, except our food! In doing so, we end up eating in front of the TV. I want to get away from that this year!
  • Moderate: So many people are resolving to eat healthier to lose weight (2012 survey estimated that the number of American adults who are dieting jumps from 34 million during the holidays to 50 million in the first two weeks of January!), to undo indulgences, or to simply feel healthier/happier…but I’ve found that never comes from a stark diet change. No need to go cold turkey. The key is moderation.

My wish for your this year is try new things and get out there to do the things that motivate you! Take a break from hating/judging yourself. Meet new people. See new places. Try new things (even if they’re scary). Seek inspiration. Explore the world around you.

Cheers & all the best to you in 2015! ♡


2012: Look how far we’ve come

So back on December 31 of last year I posted my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. And, like many, I’m positive I didn’t complete ALL of them…That being said, I didn’t do terribly. So, because it’s that time of year again, I wanted to do a little check-in and update on where I’ve been through the year and where I plan to go in 2013!

Ok let’s start with the ones I DID do:

Blog more.
Done. You’re looking at it, son.

Maryland Double Run the Maryland Double.
DONE! Woo hoo! This was HUGE for me. Not only was it my first half marathon…it was my first TWO half marathons…in the same year! Big step for me and my hatred of running. Felt great! :)

Eat better.
I didn’t do fantastic with this ALL year, but I’m definitely working towards it on a more regular basis.

Write more thank you cards.
Done. Again, such an easy thing to do to show your appreciation.

Set aside at least 10 minutes to check in with my Tone It Up community every day.
I try to do this! 10 minutes may have been setting the bar a little high, but I think I try for 2-5 for this. Check in with the girls on the team, tell everyone what workout I did or healthy recipe I made…trying!

Save money. Again, trying… :)

And now for the ones that DID NOT happen (whoops):

Try one new group fitness class every month and attend at least one meeting of it each week for that month.
I tried a few but I couldn’t keep up! Molly & I started training with a trainer and it just didn’t happen. I’m hoping to get into more classes this year! Especially because I realized this year that I can go to 3 months at the MAC gyms with my Merritt membership through a partner pass! WIN!


Text/talk/call my best friends at least a few times a week.
As much as I wish this were true, I fell short. I love you girls. I’m sorry work has made me insane and I don’t call as much as I should. I’ll do better I promise!

Make at least one recipe out of every cookbook I own.
I just have SO MANY cookbooks! I’ll get there…I will!

Read at least one book every month.
I read a few…just not that many. I’m thinking maybe a Kindle will help me…Any thoughts?

Ok, so what’s the plan for 2013:

Here’s hoping that these are achievable…

love more, worry less

Worry less. 
Yea yea yea…I know that’s a lofty one. But hey, realizing it needs to be done is the first step, right? “I’ve got to let it go and enjoy the show…”

Blog more – yes, even more!
I’m hoping to bring back Workout of the Week and maybe add in a Recipe of the Week, a page or day for link love, and much more!

Run the Maryland Double AGAIN!
I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I’m really thinking I should do it again. Run while you can, right?

Pull together my recipes! 
So I’ve been saying this for like three years now, but one of my goals is to pull all my favorite recipes together in a little cookbook. There are a few companies (I really like Blurb) that help you make your own books with your own pictures and everything. I’ve been slowly taking photos of the food as I make it, but it just hasn’t ever come together. This year, IT’S HAPPENING.

Make at least one recipe out of every cookbook I own. 
This WILL happen. Especially because I just bought myself a new cookbook (yes, it’s as amazing as it looks) and realized I really don’t have room for it. SO I need to do a little purge. I think this will help me really weed through the books I have that are pretty versus the ones I have that I’ll actually use.

Use the Merritt/MAC pass 
I love my gym, Merritt, but MAC does have some cool classes I’d like to try out. I have to get this pass and USE IT.

Text/talk/call my best friends at least a few times a week.
This is so worth the effort. Get ready to get annoyed with many messages and calls, ladies. Yes, even as you have your baby Alli! :)

Eat clean (as always) 
Yes, we constantly say this BUT shouldn’t it always be a goal to eat well? I think so.

Ok so that’s enough for now, right? What are YOUR 2013 goals?

New Year’s Resolutions!

So it’s getting to be that time again…new year’s resolutions time! I’ve never really been one to make hard and fast goals. I typically just make general goals…to eat better, not go out to dinner as much, take a break when I get stressed, you know…things of that nature. This year, I’m going a different route. I’m making a few of these lofty goals, but I’m also making a few hard, measurable ones. We’ll see how this works out… :) 

So here we go…welcome to kate’s 2012 resolutions list (cue the fireworks & laser light show) 

  1. Try one new group fitness class every month and attend at least one meeting of it each week for that month.
    I’ve tried most of the classes at my gym once but the ones I haven’t immediately liked, I’ve only gone that one time. Making a commitment to try each class for at least a month gives me a better view of it. One try could throw me off – could be a bad day, off day for the instructor, etc. If I hate it, then I’ll at least know I really gave it a shot. If I love it, well…there’s a new class to add to my regimen :)  

  2. Eat better.
    Again, this is one of those lofty ones. But it’s important to put out there. Less sugars and salts (I have more of a problem with the latter). More water. Clean and green, like Karena and Katrina always say. :)   
  3. Write more thank you cards.
    The written thank you is such a lost art. Someone sent me a thank you last year and I was floored. Simple, easy and downright nice. I really think someone needs to bring it back. 

  4. Text/talk/call my best friends at least a few times a week.
    Yes, sometimes we get busy and don’t get a chance. It’s not like our friendship really suffers but at the same time, they are important to me. I want to make the effort to catch up, even if just briefly. :)
    (and yes, this photo is from my superhero themed birthday party. and yes, we consider ourselves adults. and no, if you’re not in this photo, it doesn’t mean you’re getting out of this one…cough. cough. alli. etc. 
  5. Set aside at least 10 minutes to check in with my Tone It Up community every day. 
    My TIU trainers and the women on this team are such a huge part of my life, but with a demanding job, then a change in jobs, a new kitten, remodeling a house, etc. I’ve started to fall short with my checkins and support. These people have been there for me through the thick and thin since I’ve known them and it’s time I step back up to the plate and do more of the same for them. :)

  6. Make at least one recipe out of every cookbook I own. 
    I. Love. Cookbooks. Like, a lot. I love the recipes in them. I love the look of them. I love the food photography in them. I love them. You get it. So, as you can imagine, I have a good amount of them. I’ve never counted but I have at least 2 1/2 shelves worth from our last apartment. Anyway, some of them I just have…I’ve never actually made any of the recipes in them! So I figure, why not use them for what they’re actually for. Tom is going to love this one. 
  7. Read at least one book every month. 
    With both my job and Tom’s jobs being online focused, I’ve come to do way too much staring at a computer screen. I love books when I actually read them, I just need to force myself to do so. I’ll be starting with the awesomely adorable Simon Pegg’s Nerd Do Well. :)
  8. Save money.  
    Yea so I’ve never really been good at this one. But it’s time to man up and stop buying unnecessary cookbooks (see resolution #6 haha) to forget about how much money goes towards taxes and bills. Yes, maybe one absolutely a-MAH-zing cookbook here and there, but this year there will be a lot more “transfer to savings” going on.
  9. Run the Maryland Double.
    The Maryland Double consists of two half-marathons: the Frederick Half Marathon and the Baltimore Half Marathon. As many of you know, I’m new to running. I run pretty regularly now (although the winter has got me in a slump because I hate treadmills) and I think 2012 should be the year I run my first half marathon. But why stop there (aka my best friend Emma is doing it, so I was peer-pressured into it); if I’m doing one, why not do both! So let the training begin… 
  10. Blog more.  
    I enjoy doing this here blogging stuff. 


So there you have it. Funny. When I started out, I didn’t realize there would be 10 but I figure that’s as good a number as any. So here I come 2012…get ready.