[Inspiration] BurnThis App

Inspiration. I need it. I crave it. Seriously, how else do we get out of bed in the morning when it’s cold outside and it’s time to work?!

Recently, I found a new source for awesome inspiration in the form of the BurnThis app! The app is a constant stream of workout and healthy lifestyle motivation…everything from quotes and meal ideas to progression photos and workout ideas!

BurnThis motivation app | sunshine & the bear

Much like my all time favorite people, the Tone It Up team, this app hosts a wide range of people who come together as a “FitFam” – from all over the country and the world! People post ideas for workouts and meals, supportive and inspirational quotes, and much more! It’s become a new addiction for me because, let’s face it, sometimes I need a little nudge to help me stay on track, and I really enjoy sharing/inspiring others! KARMA. Right? :) BurnThisAmbassador

As I BurnThis FitFam Ambassador, I’ll be bringing you tons of awesome inspirational content on the app, here on the blog and over on BMOREtoned!

Meet me on BurnThis & get inspired!!

Motivation Monday: My favorite mantra

tie your shoes pack a good lunch inspirational quote Some days are harder than others. You snooze too many times and miss your morning workout. The dog threw up and you slip in it. You’re late for work and spill your lunch in the bowels of your purse. And that’s all before 9am…

On those days (yes, I’ve had that exact day…), I try to take a moment and regroup with this mantra:

“Tie your shoes. Pack a good lunch. And remember that we’re all in this together.”

I don’t remember where I found this saying. I think it was in a random magazine article. Wherever it was, it immediately struck a chord with me.

I work hard and sometimes (ok…often) I work too hard, forgetting about my own well-being, all the while getting frustrated over everything. I don’t know what age it happens exactly, but somewhere along the line we lose our childhood confidence and start letting the demons in – telling us we’re not good enough, we’re not skinny enough, we’re not trying hard enough…We spend so much time cutting ourselves down, we can’t lift ourselves up.

What this mantra says to me is simple, “take care of yourself” and “remember that you’re not alone in this.” We can all do better to lift ourselves (and each other up) when we’re down or struggling. I hope this quote helps lift you up, helps you take a moment to give yourself a break and helps you remember that you’re not alone. :)

We’re always looking for more inspiration! What are your favorite inspirational quotes and mantras? 

(Originally shared on BMOREtoned.com