Kicking off the 2015 Bikini Series!

This year will be my FIFTH Tone It Up Bikini Series…wow. Just letting that sink in for a second. 

It’s been such an incredible journey to get to this place. From doing planks and lunges in our work hallway, to traveling to hang with K&K as their first Bikini Series winner, to getting married with some of my favorite girls by my side, to spending an amazing weekend in the California sunshine at the TIU Retreat, to starting our own local adventure right here in Charm City with BMOREtoned

katekatebear tone it up then and now

This week kicks off an amazing eight Tone It Up Bikini Series program. I’ve tried to get myself as prepared as I can be…hitting the farmers market/grocery for healthy eats, stocking the fridge with prepped meals, lining up my journal/datebook and much more. I’m naturally inspired to join the series – I love the workouts, the new recipes and, of course, feeling healthier/more confident! BUT nothing could have inspired me more than the amazing women I met on Sunday at our BMOREtoned meetup! What an incredible morning – we worked out, we tried amazing treats, we shopped local and we made new friends! Such an inspiration!

BMOREtoned TIUmeetup

Today, we’ve been challenged to write out our intentions and goals. First, I’m really hoping to spread the inspiration of fitness through BMOREtoned. I’m hoping to take on more classes – I teach Surfset now but I’m hoping start teaching Body Barre too! I want to stick to the meal plan too – the last time I really concentrated on eating well I honestly never felt better! I want to focus on being present in my everyday life. Lastly, I want to incorporate more yoga into my regular week!

katekatebear tone it up goals

If you’re not a TIU member, I definitely recommend checking them out! Karena and Katrina are two of the most amazing women I’ve ever met AND they’re not the only people you get when you join the team – you get all of us! All of us teammates who are here to support and love and struggle sometimes along with you! :)

HERE WE GO! Best of luck to everyone who’s participating in the plan! 

Blog refresh!

It’s been a long time coming…

My sweet, patient husband helped me set up good ol’ Sunshine & the Bear a while ago and it’s been great, but I’ve been wanting to update my look and feel for a while. While helping a friend update her website (coming soon!!), we came across this awesome designer on Etsy and BOOM…the blog got a facelift!

I’m also going to hopefully start doing some more fun things, including interviews with some of my favorite inspirational people, featured recipes from my kitchen & others, bringing back more workouts, etc. I’m sure there will also be more photos of our cute, sleepy dog. :)

Can’t wait to share more with you guys! xoxo

Thanks to Kate & the 17th Avenue Designs team for such an awesome theme!

I Will What I Want – Gisele

Let me start this out by saying I have nothing against Gisele. She is a beautiful woman and, while I’m sure genetics helped, I’m sure she works hard for that body. However, when Under Armour first announced Gisele Bündchen as a new spokesperson for their I WILL WHAT I WANT (IWWIW) campaign, I was a bit turned off.

Like many past campaigns I’ve seen (e.g. Oakley Perform Beautifully, Fila Real Women, etc.), the IWWIW felt like a more down-to-earth idea. They came out strong with Misty Copeland – sharing her story of success through adversity. “You don’t have the right body” many times have you heard/felt that? 

This is how Under Armour describes this movement:
It’s a reminder that you don’t need permission, advice, or affirmation when you have WILL. It’s a celebration of who you are. As an athlete. As a woman. As everything in between and beyond. It’s a reminder that the best things in life aren’t given. They’re earned. And there’s one reason you are where you are today. That reason is you.

Killer. (nod to all great inspirational copy writers!) It’s all true. And incredibly relatable, inspiring and awesome.

Then came Gisele. Unfortunately, she just comes off as cut from a different cloth. I don’t know her personally, of course but it FEELS like she didn’t earn it. It FEELS like she has it all and doesn’t have to work hard. She’s a Brazilian supermodel for crying out loud, not to mention she’s married to probably the most popular NFL player in the nation. Power couple! Again, don’t get me wrong…I know everyone has struggles. But it just felt off.

Today, this video came out:

I almost had no words (almost)…

Thank you, Under Armour IWWIW, for reminding me to shut up and give people a chance. In judging Gisele as a supermodel, unfit to be part of this campaign, I was in-fact becoming one of those naysayers…becoming someone who said “you don’t have the right body.”

Kudos, Under Armour, for coming through with your campaign. Everyone has haters. Everyone has to overcome things. The last thing we need is more haters on people who are trying to inspire others…no matter who they are.
I’m looking forward to giving Gisele a chance. I hope she pulls through and inspires us all.

I’m so curious how my fitness friends are reacting to this…How do you feel about Gisele being chosen as a new rep for IWWIW? 

[Inspiration] Running throwback

As I was running this morning and my legs were feeling heavy and my MapMyRun was telling me what mile I had just completed and I looked up at the rising sun…I had a thought. Remember when I couldn’t even run a mile?

It feels like so long ago and yet just yesterday. I’ve been an athlete all my life. From a young age I’ve been running around for sports but I’ve never really liked it per say…haha I played lacrosse in college and it not only kept me in shape but introduced me to some of the greatest ladies ever! BUT I still always hated our running drills and prep. I dreaded running “the loop” around campus. Flash forward to 2011 when I randomly found a workout posted by two adorable gals from Tone It Up. I’d been out of college for a few years now and had gotten out of shape. I definitely wasn’t running. Anyway, through Tone It Up and the TIU community, I started getting back into fitness. I hit the gym and even the streets…

I honestly NEVER believed my lacrosse buddies or friends or even my boyfriend at the time when they told me that it got easier…HOW? How could this get easier?! I hate it. My legs aren’t strong enough. I can barely catch my breath…and then, it hit me. Something changed. I decided to go for a run for my “30 minutes of cardio” Tone It Up workout and somewhere along the run, I just stopped hating it. I hit a stride and just kept going. When I got home I wasn’t dead. And I realized there really is a breaking point! (In a very realistic way, I’d say it was when I could run about 3 miles comfortably haha)

running inspirational quote

This morning was just lovely…waterfront views, sweat and stress melting off, miles under my belt. I didn’t think twice about it all.

katekatebear running baltimore

I don’t recognize my own accomplishments enough (none of us do…) and in this throwback Thursday moment, I felt proud. Don’t get me wrong…I am NOT the fastest one on the pavement and I do NOT win races and I still do NOT love running. But I get up and go. And keep going. Even if I have to stop for a breather or water (or a picture of the sunset), I keep going. I still finish whenever I start and try to push myself to do my best every time I go…

all the same miles running quote

So get out there. You want to know why? Because you can. YOU GOT THIS! :)

dont give up running quote


National Dog Day


Not sure how this came about or if it’s really an official day or what…but tons of people are posting about it so, I’m going to just go ahead with it. :) 

Our dog, Mahoney, is a rescue from BARCS and we’ve been blessed to have her silliness around us for the past few years. I can’t even remember these times when she was so small…

mahoney puppy

mahoney puppy dog

She’s had her good/adorable days…

Mahoney dog sleeping

mahoney dog starry eyed

katekatebear mahoney

And her frustrating moments…

dog destroyed toy mahoney

dog eaten sofa

dog shaming mahoney

But through it all, she’s been the bestest dogger ever! (and yes, those ears have always been insane haha)

katekatebear thefrontrowe mahoney

Do you have a dog? Share your story here! I’d love to see a pic! :)