[Recipe] Bison Quinoa Pasta

I love it when a plan comes together. And/or when all the things in my pantry make a edible dinner. haha

Tonight’s dinner was bison with veggies and quinoa pasta – perfect, quick lean protein and gluten free dish to fill our tummies on a cooler fall night.

bison quinoa pasta Bison & Quinoa Pasta
From the kitchen of: Kate  

  • 2 C quinoa pasta
  • 1 package ground bison
  • 3 green onions (chopped)
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 1 T Old Bay seasoning
  • S&P


  1. Warm a medium sized pan on medium. Heat a medium sized pot with 3 C of water on high until boiling.
  2. In the pan, add the bison, onion and old bay. Cook until bison is brown throughout.
  3. Line a bowl with paper towels and pour the bison mix in the bowl. Blot off any excess liquid.
  4. Add the diced tomatoes to the pan and cook on medium for approx. 2 minutes.
  5. Add the bison mix to the tomatoes and mix together.
  6. When the water in the pot is boiling, add the quinoa pasta and cook until soft.
  7. Drain pasta and season with S&P, and Old Bay if you like!
  8. Add pasta to your personal bowl, then the bison mix & enjoy!


Foodie Pen Pals: Terra

Another month of Foodie Pen Pals, another month of treats…love it!

This month I was paired up with Terra from The Missionary Academic and she just sent me a fun, full box…

foodie pen pals

And I IMMEDIATELY dug in...like actually, as soon as I opened it. 

katekatebear foodie pen pals

Thanks so much to Terra for packing such a delicious care package – I’m newly obsessed with the Justin’s almond butter pouches! And I can’t wait to try the green tea!

As you’ve seen me post about before, Foodie Pen Pals project was created by Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean blog – a cool way to partner up with new people each month to try new foods and more!

foodie pen pals the lean green bean blog


Want to sign up for Foodie Pen Pals? Check out the Lean Green Bean Blog to find out more info!

[New fave] Felici Cafe

Living in the city has its benefits – most of all, being within walking distance of some amazing restaurants.We have a new spot in our neighborhood that I’m particularly excited about – Felici Cafe!

The new spot opened recently and it’s a great – featuring fresh ingredients and healthy options!

felici cafe baltimore

felici cafe baltimore

It’s located right on Light Street in Federal Hill right downtown (for residents who’ve been here for a little while, it’s where Trattoria Annamaria used to be).

My favorite menu section is their fresh pressed juices. That’s right, Baltimoreans…there’s a JUICE BAR right here in town!

felici cafe baltimore juice

As you can imagine, it’s very exciting to have this here in a sea of un-healthier options. Felici doesn’t just have green juice by the way – they also have some tasty sandwiches and salads!

I’d love to hear if you have a favorite place in town! Any healthy hole-in-the-wall recommendations? :) 

I’m also SO pumped that they started making fresh juices in the morning then bottling them to pick up on the go!


Weekly menu plan

We all know planning is the typically the easiest way to make sure things go…well…to plan. Obviously, I did not plan that sentence out properly. haha 

Anyway…in this new year, Tom and I are striving to be better at meal planning. We always start out strong during the week and by Wednesday/Thursday, we just want pizza…

Taking a page from my Tone It Up trainers & my TIU nutrition plan, we did our big grocery store haul today to get ready for the week ahead. We needed to stock up on some basics, but I took a few menu ideas with me so I made sure I didn’t wander too far (down the frozen pizza aisle...).

So we have the food. Now we just have to make healthy meals with it…seems easy, right? Wrong. Tom and I both typically work incredibly long days and we’re beat when we get home. If I didn’t workout in the morning, I add on more time pre-dinner for that and all of a sudden it’s 8:00 or 9:00 pm and neither of us want to make a decision about what to eat…let alone who’s going to make it.

I’m taking a tip from the awesome blogger Raluca, of What Would Gwyneth Do, and making a weekly menu plan. It’s such a great idea, not only to keep us accountable, but to keep us creative. We get to make up the menu today and see it play out over the week!

So here we go…keep in mind I tend to eat 5-6 mini meals per day (like mid-morning yogurt and almonds or afternoon veggies and hummus). Below I’m just trying to keep track lunch/dinner…

Lunch: Kale powerhouse salad with slice of broccoli quiche
Dinner: Baked crab cakes with green beans

Lunch: Lemon chicken with green beans
Dinner: Shrimp with green peppers and quinoa

Lunch: Chicken sausage  wheat wrap with brussel sprouts and quinoa
Dinner: Salmon with polenta and spinach

Lunch: Soup with brussel sprouts
Dinner: Quinoa turkey meatballs with carrots and sweet potato

Lunch: Quinoa turkey meatball wrap with kale
Dinner: Grilled chicken with broccoli

Lunch: Loaded sweet potato (like mega loaded haha)
Dinner: Fish tacos

Lunch: Turkey chipolte chili 
Dinner: Out for dinner (planning a special afternoon with my bridesmaids, so we’ll figure this one out later :))


And there you have it. Now, let’s see if we can stick to the plan…

What helps you eat healthy during a busy week? Do you have simple go-to recipes? Make a menu plan? I’d love to hear your tips! 



Wow, it’s already June?! Where does the time go…

Anyway, it’s a new month. A clean slate. Here’s hoping everyone has an amazing month!

I read a quote recently in It’s All Good, a (cook)book by Gwyenth Paltrow and Julia Turshen. Both women have some incredible words to pass on (and apparently they love food and wine as much as I do…who knew?!) but something Julia said really stuck with me…She said,  “I decided my body wasn’t an apartment I was renting, it was the house I would always live in.” Powerful thought, right?

your body isn't an apartment quote

Well, that’s my kick off inspiration for the month. Cheers to a great month, loves!