kevala photoshoot

I’m so excited to share some fun pics from a fun photo shoot I did a few weeks ago with kevala!

kevala wear maryland

kevala details Kevala is a new brand I’ve found that makes super soft, eco-friendly workout tops with inspiring affirmations and messages. They also give back with every purchase – They support nonprofits in every state, DC, Canada AND Mexico!

Anyway, the kevala team got together a group of local fit friends at Mount Vernon Fitness for the shoot. (You’ll notice good friend Jessie in some of these pics!) MV Fitness is a beautiful boutique gym located in a converted historic mansion here in Baltimore. Think hardwood floors, chandelier over the spin room, original marble… it’s gorgeous! A talented local photographer, Kiati Plooks, helped us with the shoot and took some amazing photos!! Check them out below!

kevala gratitude katekatebear

kevala wear maryland

OH! And right now you can get 41% OFF any Kevala purchase!

Visit and apply promo code: 41LOVE. And remember, each purchase will include an automatic donation (already included in price) to non-profits in all fifty states, Canada, D.C. and Mexico! Sale ends February 10th!

Under Armour Armour Bra sportsbra review

So I was super excited to try out the new Under Armour Armour Bra because I think I’ve used the same kind of sports bra since I started playing sports. haha it’s true. I have a ton of simple Champion sports bras (mostly from Target but I recently also found them for less at TJMaxx if you’re looking!) but no UA bras…hence my excitement to try it out. 

When I was offered to try it out by the UA Twitter team, I got a little confused when they asked me for my bra size (aka not just a S/M/L size)…But then I realized that this new bra is made for a specific size! Makes sense. Very cool. 

I started liking this sports bra before I even tried it on…Why? I’m a SUCKER for great packaging. 

The bra’s info says it is made specifically for you and designed specifically for athletes. It’s sized for your exact fit of your band and cup, has power sling for fine-tuned cradling support and shape, super-stretch straps for no more digging, mesh venting for cool comfort, ultra-soft gel back closure for comfort, seam free edges for anti-chafing and much more. And although they don’t mention it on the tags, it’s pretty cute too. 

I really thoroughly enjoy Under Armour because it seems they really do a lot of testing (or they at least let their consumers know about it). It’s very cool to actually hear from their senior creative director and about the process of working with Dr. Joanna Scurr (watch video here).  

I love the shape of the back. I’m not used to sports bras with clasps which threw me off, but it has a cover with seamlessness so to be honest once it was on, I didn’t even feel it. 

I used it for a strength training workout first with my BMOREtoned workout crew. We did the Tone It Up Sculpting Workout from SELF Magazine (awesome btw!) and it worked really well. It didn’t feel much different from my other sports bras but it was good. 

I washed, dried and took it out for a test run the next day. I definitely felt the difference this time! When I first started running, I didn’t even think about it. Then when I got to about 4 miles, I realized I didn’t notice it because it was doing it’s job! Supportive and comfortable. 

So all in all I give a big thumbs up for the new Under Armour Armour Bra! It’s a great style and shape and is actually very comfortable and supportive. 

The only thing that might cause a hesitation of me purchasing another one would be the price point – $57.99. BUT, it most likely won’t stop me. It’s a great sports bra and, considering how important it is to have that support and comfort during working out…and considering how much I actually workout, it’s totally worth it. 

I’m planning to wear it this weekend in my first half marathon!! I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out! (if I survive…haha