Friday Favorites 7.5

What. A. Week. Am I right?

From moving 500 lb turtles to hosting marathon days of media at work, I’m tuckered out! BUT, as always, there are those things that get me through the week…


My old roomies from college are together (mostly) this week and it’s been so fantastic to hang out with them. Real friends for life…then & now :)

katekatebear roomies then

We’ve grown up so much…(but not that much haha)

katekatebear roomies now


You didn’t think I could let you forget about SURFSET did you? Nope. It’s my new favorite thing ever. I’ve already started saving up for a board and my certification!!

katekatebear surfset fitness

Mobile charger

I am ALWAYS on the go. And ALWAYS on my phone. So, as you can imagine, my battery dies fairly quickly. I recently got this new gadget that I’m now obsessed with – the Powerrocks Magicstick. You can charge from ANYWHERE. It’s amazing. You should get one.




New Chobani flavors

I’m OBSESSED with the new key lime and coconut flavors from Chobani! Don’t forget to enter my contest to WIN A CASE for yourself!

new chobani flavors WTFlavor



WTFlavor with Chobani + Giveaway!

It’s been a busy few weeks so, when I got the message during a meeting “Are you expecting a box of yogurt?…like a big box? Also, can I have some?”, I was incredibly excited!

The good people at Chobani sent me a super secret surprise. They are seriously so fun…check out the fun message that was on the box:

chobani #WTFlavor

Open the box up and look…SECRET CHOBANI FLAVORS!

chobani classified #WTFlavor

chobani classified #WTFlavor

chobani classified #WTFlavor

I LOVE the packages and fun way they classified the containers – totally cute!

So I tried my first one…the guess was…mixed berry. It tasted like when I make a smoothie with that frozen berry blend (blackberries, raspberries and strawberries). SO tasty! Tom tried the next one and his guess was orange.

chobani yogurt

And then I had to get sneaky…I am allergic to mango (random, I know), so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just housing something that was going to make my throat close up. They CHO team thankfully put the actual labels under the secret labels so I could check them out.


new chobani flavors WTFlavor

We were close! The new flavors I got to try were: coconut, key lime, blackberry and orange vanilla!
(Hopefully they don’t get mad at me for announcing the new flavors! haha But seriously, I’m just so excited!)

I used the orange zest for my protein smoothie this morning – delicious! Here’s the quick recipe:

Orange & Banana Protein Shake! 

Blend & enjoy!

Ok, so I know you’re wondering how you get you’re saying to yourself, “Shut up already! Just tell me where/how I can win some!”

You want to win some of the new Chobani flavors?! AWESOME! It’s super easy and there’s a few ways to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can’t wait to hear from you! 

new chobani flavors WTFlavor

Chobani has kindly sent their new flavors my way, without compensation. Thanks, CHO! All opinions expressed are my own original thoughts.

nothing but good chobani

[Recipe] Perfect Green Smoothie

As you know, I start every Friday pretty early by working out with my trainer & workout buddies in TeamRick (woo woo). Today (as with every Friday) Rick was tough on us – getting us to work with new moves that work our big muscle groups and some that we don’t often use! One of the moves we finished with was a multi-layered pushup. We went from floor to bosu, bosu to bench and back down – all varying where we had our hands and, therefore, what different muscles we worked! Awesome!

katekatebear pushups teamrick

Anyway, following the workout, I needed to make sure my muscles recover and my body gets the fuel it needs for the full day ahead. SOOOOO I created this fun smoothie & I had to share it!

katekatebear perfect green smoothie Perfect Green Smoothie

Cooking needs: Blender, mixer or food processor (I use my immersion blender & it works great!)

  • 1 packet (or scoop) Perfect Fit Protein
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 C spinach
  • 1/3 C non-fat almond milk
  • 1/3 C greek yogurt (It works perfectly with a 3.5oz Chobani Bite!)

Stir until all ingredients are well blended and enjoy!

Friday Favorites 2.8.13

Well here we are at the end of another ridiculous week. Who else thinks time needs to calm it down and stop flying by? Here are the things I had to slow down and enjoy…enjoy!

Brian Williams

“Quiet please, Joel, an adult is talking.”

But seriously, I love The Soup. And B Wills for doing this amazing segment haha

brian williams on the soup

Doggie day-care deal 

We seriously love Baltimore’s Downtown Dog Resort. We bring Mahoney twice a week so she can play with the other dogs and have a day outside of our tiny row house. They have a fun staff and activities for the pups PLUS they even post daily videos of the dogs so you can see how your pet is doing!

They had a GREAT DEAL going this week from Groupon for 3 nights of overnight boarding for only $45. Honestly, they are a great place and we love taking Mahoney there and this is well worth it for that time that we’ll need to go out of town, or have time for a vacation, or whatever. :)


So I thought I couldn’t love Chobani any more than I already do…and then I was proven wrong. Haha I received a (VERY) fun box in the mail this week – a box full of their new flavors, banana and pear! OMG They are delicious!

They even gave me this amazing spoon! (Kudos, Cho. PERFECT gift!)

chobani spoon

Check out this cool Yogurt Story post from them. Definitely interesting!

I’m going to try to make a fun recipe this weekend with them and I definitely want to share with you! Stay tuned…

2 for 1 bottles of wine

Got your attention, didn’t I? Unfortunately, this is another one that’s only for my Baltimore friends. Ole Federal Hill Liquors on the corner of Light and Ostend here in Baltimore is offering a sale on certain wines that are 2 for 1 ($9.99 total). Even though they aren’t the fanciest of wines, it’s a great deal. Go stock up!

olde federal hill liquors

Animals bulldozing kids

I wanted to end on a high note for everyone. Enjoy & happy Friday!

dog knocks over baby

dogs run over baby


Baltimore’s new Harris Teeter store!

How excited am I for the new Harris Teeter in Baltimore? Exorbitantly

Tonight, the new two-story, 61,000 square-foot store had a preview “Taste of Teeter” event for the neighborhood. My fellow Tone It Up team member, Molly, and I are lucky enough to live within jogging distance and ran to the event – always trying to get in a little fitness! Of course, we weren’t thinking and showed up sweaty and gross to this event where I’m pretty sure ALL of Baltimore was in attendance. Gross. Sorry we’re not sorry. 

After arriving and meeting our other friend Sarah, we wiped off the sweat, walked in and…well…we were immediately overwhelmed. “I’m like a kid in a candy store”, “It’s just….so beautiful”, “I never want to leave”, “It’s like grocery store heaven”…were all heard multiple times. 

And how could you not say that when you walk in and see this amazing beautiful produce…


During the Taste of Teeter, the staff was placed around the store showcasing some of their products (e.g. tapenade, blueberry fro yo, etc.) and recipes created by their products (e.g. butternut squash fluff, turkey slaw, etc.). PLUS most of the things they had created had accompanying recipes you could take home. I’m a sucker for recipes. :) 

We explored the entire store and found some of our favorites including Chobani, KIND Bars, Puffins, and more! 

No seriously…we were excited :) 

So what else was cool? They have beautiful refrigerator doors. Yes, you heard me. I’m calling their refrigerator doors beautiful. It’s amazing how much something we take for granted can make such a difference. Go check them out and tell me you’d prefer something else. 

There’s also a 4-story parking garage. Anyone who lives in the city, especially in this neighborhood, has had at least one 45min+ battle with the holy terror some refer to as finding a parking spot. Because the shopping center is in such a small area, I was worried it was going to get packed and leak parking into the neighborhood. BUT then I found out they have this handy dandy parking garage. Nice job. 

The store opens tomorrow, December 7 at 8am. I wish I could go but I might hold off for a few days until I can avoid the new-store crowds. Regular hours will be 6am to 12midnight EVERY DAY. I love it. 

All in all, it’s pretty much my favorite new thing.