My new coworker

Get ready, Kristen Bell…you’re going to lose it over this new cutie. ♡

Working at the National Aquarium has its perks sometimes…including this week when I got to meet our newest addition! Felize is our new baby sloth!

baby sloth national aquarium

Felize was just born this Monday and is happily clinging to his momma Ivy. Luckily, I got to bring some local media up to see them today!


baby sloth national aquarium

Ok that’s all. ♡

Oscars highlights

So it was another star studded event tonight with the Oscars…another day, another award show right? This one is special, however, because it’s the one award show that Tom will actually watch with me! haha

As always, I love love love the behind the scenes photos that celebrities now post :)

paul rudd melissa mccarthy oscars behind the scenes 2013

As per usual, I loved (and hated) the red carpet looks. These were my favorites:

But my winner for the night may be surprising to you (it was to me) – Stacy Keibler. Get it Baltimore girl! I loved her whole look – the dress, the hair, the accessories (aka George Clooney). But I must say Reese and Charlize were tied for a close second.

stacy keibler oscars 2013

The actual awards went mostly to who I thought they would (although I do think Alan Arkin was snubbed). I was so happy Paperman won best animal short! If you haven’t seen it, check it out! It’s only a few minutes. So adorable!

Anne Hathaway…1) I love you girl, 2) I’m sorry but I very much disliked your dress, 3) keep working it!!!

princess diaries oscar winner 2013

Adele’s performance of Skyfall was amazing!

Did anyone else notice that terrible kick-off music? JAWS, really? It just seemed so mean. haha

jaws oscars 2013


Unfortunately, I had to wake up early this morning to be AT WORK at 5:15am, so I went to bed early. Apparently I missed Jennifer Lawrence falling up the stairs and some fun singing. Darn! It’s ok…I got to hang out with snakes. :)

National Aquarium FOX45 Baltimore

So what were your favorite Oscar moments?