Bike Par-tay!

Last night we had so much fun joining the monthly Baltimore Bike Party! This cool new-ish Baltimore thing is really cool for those who want to get out and about, for those who love to dress up (I’m a sucker for themes haha), and for people who just like to bike!

From what I’ve heard, the party used to be much smaller than it is now. Last night there were a ton of people! We started in a park and headed about 10 miles around town, then ended downtown at The Gathering (where all our local food trucks set up for a fun food party). Waterfront Partnership always puts on a fun party – it was a perfect place for the bikers to end!

Totally fun thing (and different!) thing to do on a Friday night! I think these kinda of things are popping up all over.
Have you ever tried one?!

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baltimore bike party katekatebear thefrontrowe

baltimore bike party

baltimore bike party