Under Armour Ambassador!

It’s official. I’m an Under Armour blog Ambassador! Woo hoo!

katekatebear under armour ambassador

As most of you know, I live here in Baltimore and I’m so close to Under Armour’s HQ, so you may have seen some posts referencing UA before…now I have the opportunity to bring you even more! You can expect to see fun information about new product launches, special events reviews of my favorite gear and more!

I am thrilled to be representing such an amazing company as a local and especially as a female athlete. Their mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation. UA Women has worked to empower female athletes everywhere through their What’s Beautiful and I Will What I Want campaigns. I feel empowered to pass on their message that it is beautiful to be strong!

UAwomen Lindsay vonn inspiration

Through their Give Back campaigns, they support some amazing causes. UA Power in Pink supports the many women who use fitness/exercise to stay healthy, and serves as a platform to help raise awareness about breast health. UA Win is their commitment to empowering athletes of the next generation by providing youth access to sports. And UA Freedom supports the heroes who support and protect us.

Right now, UA Women just announced a special challenge for Valentine’s Day! It’s super easy: Join on the Under Armour Record app and post a selfie to your profile using #VDAY and #IWILLWHATIWANT, telling everyone what you love about yourself. You’ll be entered to win a sweet UA swag bag! Can’t wait to see your posts!

under armour women VDAY challenge

PLUS, now that Under Armour has connected with MapMyFitness, Ednomondo AND MyFitnessPal, you can be part of the largest fitness & health community group! I use MapMyFitness and UA Record regularly to share my workouts and get inspired by other amazing fit friends!

Anyway, I’m so excited to be officially part of the UA Women team and I’m looking forward to all the good things coming! Stay tuned for more!


Shop Small in Baltimore

shop small logo | sunshine & the bear This weekend, November 29, marks the 5th annual Small Business Saturday! This is one of my favorite concepts because it really helps take a break after the terrifying Black Friday and focuses on supporting our local businesses!

We have tons of great spots in Charm City to shop small, find a truly unique treasure and really support our local economy! Check out some of my favorite Baltimore stores:

Trohv: Trohv is one of my favorite shops in the area! It has home goods and furniture, unique gifts, amazing handmade cards, jewelry and much more! Plus, they are right on the Avenue in Hampden – perfect part of a stroll!

Charm City Run: Great one stop shop for all your running and fitness needs! They have a great variety of sneakers, and knowledgeable staff to help you pick the rights ones.

charm city run small business saturday | sunshine & the bear

fells point surf shop baltimore | sunshine & the bear Fells Point Surf Shop: Surfs up, even when your miles from waves! Love this shop, where you can get all the flip flops, great sunglasses and beach brand apparel you need. Also, they just got in a motorized skateboard that is on my Xmas list! Haha

Pandora’s Box: Lovely little accessories shop! They always have fabulous, affordable jewelry, scarves and hostess gifts!

Sound Garden: Vinyl, new/used CDs, new/used DVDs, posted for your basement…they’ve got it all. Such a great hangout where you can really get lost and find some great jams.

Also, while some people can have physical stores, I can’t forget some of my favorite online peoples!

katekatebear and littleasiansweatshop | sunshine & the bear Little Asian Sweatshop: Ok technically she’s in DC, but you have to check out her shop for some adorable hair pieces and pouches! I try to see her every year at Baltimore Comic Con, but she has tons of stuff online in her Etsy store – The Maryland Flag Hair Flower is one of my faves!

The Broken Plate: Juliet truly makes beautiful works of art out of seemingly regular plates! I have two pieces from her and they are truly one of a kind. Each piece is made careful for you – definitely worth checking out for you or a loved one!

Amy Weldon: Do you need the hand-painted hat? Yes. The answer is yes. I work with Amy at the Aquarium but on the side, she makes amazing creations like hand painted hats (like you see on me below) and Toms shoes and more! So awesome.

maryland hat by amy weldon | sunshine & the bear

I hope you get the chance to step out this Saturday (and often!) to support your local businesses. Get to know some of the owners, support your area AND get some cool stuff in the meantime! haha

What are your favorite local small businesses?! 







A Walk Among the Sunflowers

What a weekend…

I was SO excited that we had some time to head up to a sunflower farm in our area! It was incredible to see the acres and acres of gorgeous yellow…

katekatebear sunflower field

We went up with some friends AND our dogs and had a grand ol’ time taking photos!

At one point, I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude…and I had to stop and do some yoga poses. I’m a big dork, I know. But I had to share. There’s something about seeing fields and fields of these beautiful things, small bees buzzing around you, people and families taking photos all around…It made my problems and fears feel so minuscule in comparison. We’re all part of this big, beautiful place TOGETHER. It was nice to take a moment and get some perspective. :)

That’s part of why I wear my Tiny Devotions mala beads all the time – to constantly remind myself of the positive energy around (and inside) me. I rock the surfer beads so I feel close to the ocean no matter where I am – so this weekend I had the best of both land and sea…a positive ocean of sunflowers!

katekatebear tiny devotions sunflower field

Where have you gotten lost lately? 

find a beautiful place quote

Star Spangled Baltimore

It was an incredible weekend to be in Baltimore!! Our little Charm City hosted the Star Spangled Spectacular and there were tall ships, Blue Angels, fireworks and fun!

This event is celebrating the 200th anniversary of our Star Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key outside of Fort McHenry. If you’re interested in the history, you can check out more Star Spangled Banner history here OR for the cliff notes, you can just watch Drunk History-Baltimore haha.

Anyway, there has been nation-wide attention on our city and it’s rich history and it’s been great to be right in the middle of it. Think about it – everyone loves where they live (or else you probably wouldn’t have moved there…hopefully), but sometimes you get down on it and forget. It’s nice to have a moment like this to get re-energized and re-romanticized with our city.

Check out some of my photos from this weekend’s party here:

Loved riding around and seeing the different things happening around town!
(and yes, those are star spangled pants Tom is wearing…NOT pajamas. Courtesy of Betabrand haha) 

katekatebear thefrontrowe baltimore


[Inspiration] Running throwback

As I was running this morning and my legs were feeling heavy and my MapMyRun was telling me what mile I had just completed and I looked up at the rising sun…I had a thought. Remember when I couldn’t even run a mile?

It feels like so long ago and yet just yesterday. I’ve been an athlete all my life. From a young age I’ve been running around for sports but I’ve never really liked it per say…haha I played lacrosse in college and it not only kept me in shape but introduced me to some of the greatest ladies ever! BUT I still always hated our running drills and prep. I dreaded running “the loop” around campus. Flash forward to 2011 when I randomly found a workout posted by two adorable gals from Tone It Up. I’d been out of college for a few years now and had gotten out of shape. I definitely wasn’t running. Anyway, through Tone It Up and the TIU community, I started getting back into fitness. I hit the gym and even the streets…

I honestly NEVER believed my lacrosse buddies or friends or even my boyfriend at the time when they told me that it got easier…HOW? How could this get easier?! I hate it. My legs aren’t strong enough. I can barely catch my breath…and then, it hit me. Something changed. I decided to go for a run for my “30 minutes of cardio” Tone It Up workout and somewhere along the run, I just stopped hating it. I hit a stride and just kept going. When I got home I wasn’t dead. And I realized there really is a breaking point! (In a very realistic way, I’d say it was when I could run about 3 miles comfortably haha)

running inspirational quote

This morning was just lovely…waterfront views, sweat and stress melting off, miles under my belt. I didn’t think twice about it all.

katekatebear running baltimore

I don’t recognize my own accomplishments enough (none of us do…) and in this throwback Thursday moment, I felt proud. Don’t get me wrong…I am NOT the fastest one on the pavement and I do NOT win races and I still do NOT love running. But I get up and go. And keep going. Even if I have to stop for a breather or water (or a picture of the sunset), I keep going. I still finish whenever I start and try to push myself to do my best every time I go…

all the same miles running quote

So get out there. You want to know why? Because you can. YOU GOT THIS! :)

dont give up running quote