Spinach cubes!

Honestly, as you read this, you’re going to say to yourself “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE?!” (as I did when I found the idea).

I run into that unfortunate problem where I LOVE produce but I can’t keep up with it…I buy so much and then it ends up spoiling too quickly! Darn. One of my biggest culprits is spinach. I love adding spinach to my post-workout Perfect Fit protein smoothies because otherwise, I really don’t get enough greens in the morning.

SO, while browsing Pinterest, I found this awesome post from this cool blog The Roudy Stroudy and was immediately excited! SPINACH ICE CUBES! Why didn’t I think of that before?! (Told you you’d say it)

They are super easy to make!

spinach cubes katekatebear

  • Fill your blender/food processor with spinach
  • Add a bit of water to blend well together (I used about 1/4 C and probably could have used a little more)
  • Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze!

spinach cubes katekatebear

When you’re ready to use spinach, pop them out and use a few in your blender for a smoothie! PERFECT!




  1. says

    I JUST did the same thing yesterday with herbs! Basil, cilantro and parsley. I can never seem to use them up before they go bad. A quick trip to the blender and into an ice cube tray they went. I think I might have to try it with spinach now too!

  2. says

    I know, right?! I HATE it when it goes bad! Now I’m trying to figure out what other things I can do to save things…let me know if you find anything!!

  3. says

    oooh herbs! GREAT idea! I’ll have to do that soon! Last year I ended up with so much basil, I made about a gallon of pesto haha