oh hey

katekatebearHi, I’m Kate!

As an adopted daughter of Baltimore, I’ve fully embraced the Charm City way of life…Steamed crabs. Sunday brunch. Bohs and O’s. Ravens football. (Although I must say, I grew up spending my weekends down the shore, so there is no need to show me how to pick a crab!)

I’ve always been an athlete. In my hometown, kids were born wearing a uniform and, as soon as you could walk, you were playing a sport. Being a Northeasterner, I fell in love with lacrosse at an early age and I went on to become president of the women’s club team at University of Miami (Go Canes!).

After graduating, and leaving the country that is Miami, Florida, I found myself moving to a little harbor town called Baltimore and I’ve been in love with the city ever since. I dabbled in hitting the gym in my new apartment building but it just wasn’t the same as two-a-day lacrosse practices. Then, I found Tone It Up and my life changed forever. Through the amazing support and love from the TIU team, I lost approximately 15lbs, gained more self confidence and I feel healthier than ever. As a Tone It Up Ambassador, I work to share inspiration and insight with the TIU team and those just looking to find out more about living a healthy, happy life!

BMOREtoned logoI’ve made some amazing, inspirational close friends along the way, too! I, along with two beautiful people from my local group of healthy minded women, started BMOREtoned! Years ago, when we first started working out together, it was a simple way to organize our local workouts, but this group turned into something much bigger! We’re become best friends. We want to spread the love. So, we created BMOREtoned.com – a place where our local community can come to for all things healthy, fit and fun! Hope you’ll check us out! 

I’ve recently been named an Under Armour Ambassador! It’s been great getting to know the UA brand and all that they are doing to inspire female (and all) athletes! I’ve also recently become a Burn This Ambassador, supporting the incredible app that helps users from all over the world share and receive inspiration through their fitness journey!

I currently teach Surfset at Beachfit in Baltimore and I love it! Surfset is a fun, innovative workout that not only helps you get toned, but helps you have a good time. Because let’s be honest, fitness is better when it’s fun! And yes, it’s the workout you saw on Shark Tank. :)

As if that wasn’t enough, I also currently work as the Media Relations Manager for the National Aquarium, which has tons of perks like working with dolphins, naming baby sloths and figuring out how many species of catfish we have for National Catfish Day (yes, there is a National Catfish Day). All in all, my days are pretty packed; Morning run/workout, a day full of explaining the eating patterns of freshwater crocodiles, then back for healthy cooking at night (not to mention caring for my crazy puppy and kitten who wreak havoc on my life I love and my darling, comic book-connoisseur husband, Tom). Oh, and I love croissants and pie. Don’t ask me why that needed to be said…it just did.

Hope you enjoy my posts!