[Obsessed] Birchbox faves

So you’ve heard how much I love my Birchbox membership – an amazing way to try out new beauty items!

I tend to enjoy most things that the BB team sends, but there are obviously a few favorites :)

Recently, these two have been the my GO TO pieces…

birchbox favorites katekatebear
Benefit Benetint stain:
I’ve seriously obsessed with this. It’s a light stain that gives you a long lasting pink/red tint. I use it for my lips to give just a LITTLE color :)

Beauty Protector oil: 
Again, this is lightweight (apparently that’s a theme of things I enjoy – just enough and not crazy heavy!). It’s a great hair oil for any hair type. It protects against UV rays and other damage. It keeps hair smooth all day but doesn’t make my hair greasy or anything.

Definitely some good new finds!

What are your favorite beauty products? 

2 Responses to “[Obsessed] Birchbox faves”

  1. I just picked up a tub of Say Yes to Carrots Body Butter which is doing wonders to help my skin combat the (hopefully) last of this cold weather. It goes on easily and absorbs well so you don’t feel oily.

    AND, since we were talking about it at work yesterday, the company never tests on animals. Gold star!

    • katekatebear says:

      Oooh yea? I always see the carrots items and I’ve never really known how they work! Great to hear some feedback! :)

      And, of course, gold star for NO animal testing!! :)

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