Kicking off the 2015 Bikini Series!

Kicking off the 2015 Bikini Series!

This year will be my FIFTH Tone It Up Bikini Series…wow. Just letting that sink in for a second. 

It’s been such an incredible journey to get to this place. From doing planks and lunges in our work hallway, to traveling to hang with K&K as their first Bikini Series winner, to getting married with some of my favorite girls by my side, to spending an amazing weekend in the California sunshine at the TIU Retreat, to starting our own local adventure right here in Charm City with BMOREtoned

katekatebear tone it up then and now

This week kicks off an amazing eight Tone It Up Bikini Series program. I’ve tried to get myself as prepared as I can be…hitting the farmers market/grocery for healthy eats, stocking the fridge with prepped meals, lining up my journal/datebook and much more. I’m naturally inspired to join the series – I love the workouts, the new recipes and, of course, feeling healthier/more confident! BUT nothing could have inspired me more than the amazing women I met on Sunday at our BMOREtoned meetup! What an incredible morning – we worked out, we tried amazing treats, we shopped local and we made new friends! Such an inspiration!

BMOREtoned TIUmeetup

Today, we’ve been challenged to write out our intentions and goals. First, I’m really hoping to spread the inspiration of fitness through BMOREtoned. I’m hoping to take on more classes – I teach Surfset now but I’m hoping start teaching Body Barre too! I want to stick to the meal plan too – the last time I really concentrated on eating well I honestly never felt better! I want to focus on being present in my everyday life. Lastly, I want to incorporate more yoga into my regular week!

katekatebear tone it up goals

If you’re not a TIU member, I definitely recommend checking them out! Karena and Katrina are two of the most amazing women I’ve ever met AND they’re not the only people you get when you join the team – you get all of us! All of us teammates who are here to support and love and struggle sometimes along with you! :)

HERE WE GO! Best of luck to everyone who’s participating in the plan! 

4 thoughts on “Kicking off the 2015 Bikini Series!”

  • I’m so excited for the bikini series this year! I’ve been doing it since the beginning, but I’ve just never been able to stick to it for some reason. I’m hoping to hit it head on this year. :) I love your goals! I think being present is something I definitely need to work on as well. I hope your bikini series goes fabulously!

  • Me too Jessie! I definitely have my fault days during each series…but then I get right back into it. We can do this!! :) Wishing you the best babe!

  • I just started my first #BikiniSeries here in Baltimore! I randomly stumbled upon your blog looking for TIU stickers for a Bikini Series mail swap box, and saw that you’re part of BMORE toned here in Baltimore and got super excited! I’ve missed the past two #TIUBaltimore meetup’s, but hopefully we’ll get to meet at the next one! Love your blog! Crazy how you stumble upon things while looking for other things on the internet ;)

  • LOVE it! So great to meet you Melissa! YES I’m one of the three founders of BMOREtoned – we’d love to have you join for a meetup soon! We’re working on planning the next one! Stay tuned & we’ll post about it! :) xo

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