How Does She Do It: Georgia

georgietonesitupAs you saw recently, I’ve just started a new series on my blog, featuring some of the incredible and inspiring people I’ve met…I started with Kristyn and I’m excited to feature another awesome woman I’ve known for a long time – Georgia!

Georgia (@GeorgieToningUp) and I met through the online Tone It Up community and she’s been a constant inspiration for me! Living in the UK gave Georgia a different outlook on life, and yet it was so similar (isn’t life weird like that…) which I love learning about! She’s always awesome and always REAL. Positive, negative, stressed, confident…she always reminds me that it’s ok to feel all those things. But then to pause, take a breath and get back to the positive! She’s a rockstar.

Speaking of real, she and I have always had a similar insight into the healthy mindset. Much like me, she’s always tried to strike a balance between working hard for the body/life that we want, while being happy/comfortable and loving the one that we have (aren’t we all just doing that?). I remember she wrote one post a while ago that’s always stuck with me. It was when the whole “bikini bridge” phenomenon was hitting the internet and it was making all of us insane. She said “So please please please be healthy. I am all about encouraging health and yes I believe in working for that bikini body. But I do not and I will never believe in working towards an unhealthy, unattainable, unrealistic goal. Aim for curves, aim for beauty, aim to feel confident, sexy and beautiful in that bikini ladies!” That’s the key. That’s what Tone It Up is about. That’s what BMOREtoned is about. That’s what I’m about. Healthy and beautiful. Love Georgia!

Check out this quick Q&A I had with Georgia!

arizona skylineWhat does your typical morning look like?
I’m at University studying Law with American Studies so my morning tends to vary depending on my class schedule. At the moment, I wake up and have a ton of messages from home to reply to because of the 8 hour time difference. Then I normally check through all of my social media and catch up with my Tone It Up team and then I read the news from home – just to keep up to date! That all takes about ten minutes before I get up and make some breakfast and a coffee before doing reading for class. I’m a night owl when it comes to working out!

You’ve recently started some time abroad in the US – how has your time differed from being at home?
I’m doing a study abroad year as part of my degree at Arizona State University, so apart from the change in weather(!) It’s a much bigger culture change than I was expecting! I would never have guessed it, coming from the UK. I’m amazed at how many people don’t understand my accent – the other day I had to spell out the word ‘hot’ when ordering a coffee! I’m also living away from my family for the first time ever. 5000 miles and an 8 hour time difference doesn’t make for easy calls home when I need to ask my mum what a symbol on a laundry label means ;). The biggest change then is definitely being totally independent for the first time ever. I do everything for myself now: cook all of my own meals, do my own grocery shopping, get myself from A-B and all of those exciting adult things! I was largely independent at home but being here has made it complete. I miss the UK loads but I wouldn’t change this experience for anything.

georgietonesitupWe’ve known each other for a long time – starting together with TIU a few years ago! I’m always intrigued to find out how teammates found TIU – How did you find K&K?
We’ve known each other for a LONG time! I’ve followed Tone It Up for four years now! I originally found them on YouTube. I had just joined a gym and was 16 years old so I really had no clue what you do in a gym so I went on Youtube and searched! I found one of Sarah Dussault’s videos and there was a Tone It Up video in the sidebar! I watched it and straight away I was hooked. I knew from then I wanted to be a part of the TIU community and I haven’t looked back since.

What do you never leave the house without?
So predictable but my iPhone!! Especially at the moment because time really is crucial when I’m speaking to people back in the UK and iMessage and FaceTime make it so much easier. It’s also how I connect with the Tone It Up team and has documented my entire trip in the USA so far with the camera! I also rarely leave the house without an SPF chapstick. I’m obsessed, I honestly could sit there for hours and apply chap stick continually, I need to stop…it’s not healthy. Also, since I’ve moved to the desert, I make sure I carry water with me everywhere – even if it is just to a shop that’s a block away. The heat is brutal so I’m even more determined than usual to stay hydrated.

What has been one of your biggest successes and what obstacles did you have to overcome to get there?
This is a tricky one! I guess in a way my biggest success is that I haven’t had a total meltdown over here being on my own! I’ve taken moving out (and moving to a new continent!) in my stride and the results are showing. I feel better, more lean and more toned than I ever have. The obstacle I had to overcome was myself! I needed to get out of my own head and get over my fear of being alone. I had to put myself out there and make friends and get used to this totally new environment I was in. I was in such a routine at home and it was working so I was worried that moving to Arizona would throw a great big spanner in the works. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I keep reminding myself daily that I am doing this. I’m living in America, doing well in school, holding down a long term and long distance relationship, still managing to feel really close to my family and having the experience of a lifetime out here! With all of that in place I’m able to commit to my lifestyle and make choices that are right for me and the results speak for themselves 🙂 I’ve gotten abs in Arizona 😉

elle woods inspirational quoteWhat’s your favorite inspirational quote and why?
My boyfriend is a personal trainer and about a year ago he said to me, “You have to love your life the way you want it to be, not what anyone else expects it to be”. This resonates with me so much because I’m a huge believer of creating your own destiny. I am in charge of my happiness and I make a choice to make the most and be positive in every situation life throws my way. If I do, then nothing can ever bring me down and whenever I’m having a bad day I just remind myself of that and the pain will always go away. Whatever anyone else thinks is irrelevant – you steer your own ship!

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