Friday Favorites 7.5

What. A. Week. Am I right?

From moving 500 lb turtles to hosting marathon days of media at work, I’m tuckered out! BUT, as always, there are those things that get me through the week…


My old roomies from college are together (mostly) this week and it’s been so fantastic to hang out with them. Real friends for life…then & now 🙂

katekatebear roomies then

We’ve grown up so much…(but not that much haha)

katekatebear roomies now


You didn’t think I could let you forget about SURFSET did you? Nope. It’s my new favorite thing ever. I’ve already started saving up for a board and my certification!!

katekatebear surfset fitness

Mobile charger

I am ALWAYS on the go. And ALWAYS on my phone. So, as you can imagine, my battery dies fairly quickly. I recently got this new gadget that I’m now obsessed with – the Powerrocks Magicstick. You can charge from ANYWHERE. It’s amazing. You should get one.




New Chobani flavors

I’m OBSESSED with the new key lime and coconut flavors from Chobani! Don’t forget to enter my contest to WIN A CASE for yourself!

new chobani flavors WTFlavor