[Inspiration] Do what makes you happy

[Inspiration] Do what makes you happy

do what makes you happy quote

I was lucky enough to go to Full Moon FloYo last night and, during the class, our instructor (the amazing Jessie Benson) said something as we were stretching…

“Take a minute to really clear your mind and think about something that makes you happy…” 

And that got me thinking…what DOES make me happy? What really makes any of us happy?

I have an entire Pinterest board of inspirational quotes and I look at them often. Many of them say something along these lines…

We surround ourselves with these positive messages, urging us to realize that in the end, you won’t remember the hours you spent slaving over a desk but the amazing little/big things that made you smile. It’s a realization I have (and have to have) often because I get so wrapped up in work/etc. that the time slips by and I feel like I’m missing some of these things that make me happy…or at least not recognizing and really embracing them. A few of my favorite things:

  • Riding bikes with Tom
  • A chilled glass of wine with a girlfriend (ok maybe a few glasses…)
  • Feasting on crabs and cold beers with my family and friends
  • Running with our dog, Mahoney
  • Watching or meeting new animals at work (at National Aquarium)

The other thing that Jessie mentioned was how you (we) have the power to make ourselves happy. Although they may, we can’t depend on others to make us happy. This made me think about all the amazing things that just make me smile…not related to another person 

  • Feeling warm sunshine on my face
  • Working out (the after, not the before…) 🙂
  • Saying “aloha” (honestly…makes me smile every time haha)
  • Biting into a really fresh piece of fruit
  • Watching a movie that really takes me away

So how about it? What makes you happy? Tell me your top 5!