So I just saw my lovely blogger friend Kerry post this cool “Currently” post and thought I’d pass on the fun! It totally reminded me of those old chain emails my friends and I used to send around with billions of questions haha We were SO silly 😉 


Reading: the endless abyss of emails…
Deciding: on wedding invite colors!
Making : dinner
Cooking : salmon, brussel sprouts and rice/quinoa
Drinking : orange juice (it’s not just good in the morning! haha)
Wearing : my favorite sweatshirt from Hawaii
Wanting : spring to FINALLY arrive

katekatebear daffodil

Looking : for a place to go on our honeymoon in the fall (anyone know anything good in Costa Rica?)
Deciding : how to update my blog
Wishing : we had more money so we could go anywhere for our honeymoon haha
Watching : Face Off on SyFy…it’s one of Tom’s faves
Hoping : to sleep through the night for once (Kerry & I matched on this one haha ehhh)
Marveling : at the small numer of days left before our wedding! EEK!
Opening : a sweet (adorable) thank you note from my friend molly from her bday 

anchor thank you card

Needing: more time
Smelling: hopefully not the dog (love love love these odor-eliminating plugins)
Sorting: blogs I want to write
Bookmarking: how to do a poofy updo!
Disliking: the LACK OF room I have on this couch…

katekatebear crowded couch

Giggling: COUGARTOWN haha
Snacking: a new favorite – Glutino gluten free pretzels 
Coveting: a week off to get myself together haha
Hearing: the washing machine…don’t they make them quieter these days? 
Following: interesting new reporters on Twitter (found through Muckrack newsroom)
Helping: the dog get all of her millions of toys from under the couch
Loving: that new show About a Boy
Noticing: how much laundry we have to do…hmm…
Thinking: I feel like there’s still SO much to do to plan our wedding…
Feeling: exhausted
Admiring: bloggers who do/can post regularly
Enjoying: the last few days of SOMEWHAT warmer weather
Knowing: I really need to get to the grocery store so I can get ahead with our meal planning
Liking: my new 3x per week schedule with my training team at Under Armour
Wondering: what workout I’m going to do tomorrow morning
Considering: if we were to move, where would we go?
Pondering: what to wear to my upcoming bachelorette in Miami next month

Well there you go. That’s what’s going on tonight 🙂

Now I want to know what YOU’RE doing! 

What are you WATCHING?

What are you MISSING?

What are you EATING?