Love your life in 2015!

Happy New Year!

Let’s take a moment…right now, we have a great opportunity to reflect and look forward! It’s a new chapter in your book – you know all the things coming will somehow build on what’s already happened but you also get to start fresh and experience all new things!

dont live the same life quote

With a new year comes the tradition of resolutions. I’ve learned through trial and error that the important thing when it comes to resolutions (and goals in general) is to fight the urge to make them lofty and unattainable. Goals are wonderful…but only if they are smart, motivating and attainable! Don’t get me wrong, I also would like to add Chris Evans to my list, if that was plausible…

You need direction, focus and motivation to change. And let’s not forget that change is rarely the flip of a switch…it comes with WORK. You need to stick with it! I read a quote that always stuck with me – “The road to success is always under construction.” In other words, even with a goal in mind you’re bound to hit a few road blocks or detours. If you can work toward expecting it, you can be prepared to make another move.

This year, I’m setting new goals for the season, which I’m going to try to revisit in the spring. Check them out below:

  • tone it up love your body quote | sunshine & the bear Find & love: I want to find my version of happiness with myself and ACCEPT IT. There’s is so much pressure to keep up with the proverbial Joneses! We’re always pressured to be skinnier, wealthier, more popular, etc. etc. But are those measures of “happiness” mine? I know the things that make ME happy and I know what I love. I just need to focus on finding and appreciating those things. :)
    Which is another reason I’m so glad the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge is coming back – If you know me, you know I enjoy basically every TIU challenge…but I really love this one because it’s not just about working out and eating well, it’s really about making a happy and healthy lifestyle that helps you love yourself!
  • Disconnect: This might be for 5 minutes or it might be for the whole day…I’ve become so tied to my phone, my computer, the TV, etc. We’re checking emails at dinner, scrolling Twitter on the couch…every moment is something. I want to step away from it all and try harder to be present! I want to tune in. Clear out the chaos. And return to that peaceful place again and again.
  • katekatebear letsgetflexy yoga Home yoga routine: I’ve learned to love yoga but I can’t always make it to a class. I want to start regularly practicing at home, if even for a few minutes. Yoga helps me focus, stress less and sleep better!
  • Eat at the table: It seems like a simple thing, but we almost never eat at our kitchen table. We pile books, bags, groceries, packages…everything on our table, except our food! In doing so, we end up eating in front of the TV. I want to get away from that this year!
  • Moderate: So many people are resolving to eat healthier to lose weight (2012 survey estimated that the number of American adults who are dieting jumps from 34 million during the holidays to 50 million in the first two weeks of January!), to undo indulgences, or to simply feel healthier/happier…but I’ve found that never comes from a stark diet change. No need to go cold turkey. The key is moderation.

My wish for your this year is try new things and get out there to do the things that motivate you! Take a break from hating/judging yourself. Meet new people. See new places. Try new things (even if they’re scary). Seek inspiration. Explore the world around you.

Cheers & all the best to you in 2015! ♡


Happy Holidays!

Merry merry merry Christmas Eve everyone!

With all the bad, sad & scary things in the news today, spending the holidays with family & friends is an amazing gift! I am so grateful and the holidays seems like the perfect time to recap and thank those around you. It’s been such a brilliant year…

I married to my best friend & spent a beautiful honeymoon in Antigua!

pete redel photography - bmorerowe wedding - katekatebear thefrontrowe

…launched BMOREtoned with two of my best friends!

bmoretoned kate annie jami

…made new besties at the Tone It Up Retreat!

tone it up retreat 2014

…started teaching Surfset classes at Beachfit!

beachfit baltimore surfset | sunshine & the bear

… joined for Molly’s (now mommy to be!) gorgeous wedding!

molly brant wedding | sunshine & the bear

…discovered my love of yoga with the help of new, inspiring friends from M. Power Studio

mpower yoga studio katekatebear | sunshine & the bear

and so much more…

things you cant buy in stores | sunshine & the bear

So grateful to have such incredible, supportive, loving people in my life.

Wishing you and yours the best this holiday!

Overcoming my fear of teaching

There’s always a chance for butterflies…but we can overcome them. I’ve discovered this only after many years of working in media relations. No matter how well I know what I’m talking about or how comfortable I feel, there’s always a little flicker of nerves that hit me as the camera turns on and the reporter announces we’re “30 seconds out.” Typically, that feeling goes away as soon as I start my interview, but when I was excitedly offered a Surfset teaching position at Beachfit Baltimore, it just wouldn’t go away…

kate surfset certification | BMOREtoned I got my Surfset certification in late 2013 but when I returned to Baltimore with it, there was really no place for me to teach. I got a board at home so I could practice, but it was hard to keep it up. Fast forward to early this year, when Beachfit opened…I was so excited there was a new gym with Surfset! They had an initial call for teachers and I reached out, of course. I can remember the feeling I got as soon as I hit send on the email…I was immediately nervous. What if I didn’t remember the moves? What if I wasn’t good enough? I was full of self doubt. When I couldn’t make the tryouts, I was relieved. WHAT? I think about it now and I feel crazy. haha

Fast forward again to last month…the Beachfit team was looking for instructors again and I got back in touch. This time, I was determined to get over my fear and actually make it happen if I could. When we started talking, I was completely honest about where I was coming from – I knew I could do it, but I was scared. The team totally understood my fears and helped me through them. I paired up with another teacher, Eleni Polites, who had taught spin but was only recently certified in Surfset. We were both semi beginners, which was perfect! We pulled together what we learned from our cert instructions and worked to pull together a class…

AND I’m thrilled to say it finally happened…I taught my first class with Eleni last week and it was amazing! I was slow to start and definitely felt the butterflies but once we started going, it felt spectacular! I’m a natural student and I love to learn, but being able to pass on things that I’ve learned to others is an awesome feeling.

Beachfit Baltimore Surfset class | BMOREtoned

The Beachfit team is so incredibly supportive! Plus, I had Annie and another local Tone It Up sister Laura in the class! Annie has been going through an incredibly similar experience and it was great to have her there. It was fantastic to have all of them there. Feeding off of their smiles and positive energy kept me going!

katekatebear annietruax | BMOREtoned

beachfit baltimore surf your way fit | sunshine & the bear

What I’ve discovered is that it’s human nature to doubt. It’s normal to get nervous. But we are brave. We can overcome our fears and show up. For me, it is the sense that sharing knowledge, health and fitness are more important than my own trepidation, so I power through! I got some tips from friends that really helped me through this...and will probably help me through a lot of life’s other fears…

  • Stop comparing yourself! You’re one of a kind
  • Smile and just keep going – no one really knows (or cares) if you mess up!
  • Get out of your own head and don’t overthink it! You did this for a reason and, if you get out of your own way, you can make that come true!
  • Don’t rush. Take a deep breath every time you need one and you’ll find the words you’re looking for!
  • Ask for and take all the support you’re given! Be true to yourself and

My class is at 6:30pm on Wednesday evenings at Beachfit! Hope you can join sometime to try it out!!


Make sure you pop over to this original post on BMOREtoned to learn about Annie’s teaching story too! 


Boarding for Breast Cancer

B4BC logo square | sunshine & the bear There are so many incredible organizations out there and during this season of giving, I’ve been discovering more and more! Recently, I found the nonprofit Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) and they are so rad…

B4BC is a foundation that’s dedicated to providing education, prevention and support programs for young people and the action sports community at large. The organization was founded by women (including Olympic pro-boarders) who wanted to honor their young friend who passed from breast cancer – their goal was to make awareness a topic of conversation among young people because, in fact, young women and men are not immune from the disease. They rallied around their friend’s passions of snowboarding and music and they’ve evolved into hosting annual music festivals, boarding events and more!

Recently, B4BC started a new documentary project called Chasing Sunshine. Chasing Sunshine is dedicated to breast cancer survivors everywhere! This film documents the life of pro-athlete Megan Pischke Porcheron and her journey with breast cancer. There will be a few screenings of the film out west but if I find out any will be out our way, I’ll be sure to post! I love this quote from Megan herself – “…Let’s embark down this road together – our heads lifted, our hearts full and our eyes towards the horizon – chasing sunshine every step along the way.”

chasing sunshine | sunshine & the bear

I’ve always been an active person and, from a young age, I’ve played sports and been on teams. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up and getting girly, but there’s part of me that always will identify as a tomboy athlete. I had my moment with skateboarding in middle school (if any of my friends share any photos from those years, I will hurt you haha) but the boarding I really love is surfing. There’s something about being on that board and connecting with the waves. It’s awe inspiring. All while being a great workout! I was so happy to get back on a board at this summer’s TIU Retreat! It’s also one of the reasons I think I’m so drawn to Surfset – I try to get on the board even when I’m not near the water!

katekatebear surfing tone it up retreat

I was lucky enough to find this organization and win one of their outreach contests! I’m now rocking a one of a kind Elena Hight GoPro and a sweet Volcom Gortex jacket! The coat is perfect for our winter weather and has an awesome galaxy print on it – I feel like a pro while wearing it! A coworker actually asked me if I was hitting the mountains this weekend so…I feel like I can at least rock the look. haha

katekatebear volcom jacket | sunshine & the bear

B4BC gopro win | sunshine & the bear

I’m so pumped to rock these things and try to embody the B4BC passion and hope! Plus I’ve already started playing around with the GoPro…Isn’t Bruiser is the cutest?! haha

Bruiser GoPro photo | sunshine & the bear

During the holiday season, it’s exciting that people are looking to get involved to help out those in need. Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday and it’s a perfect day to check them out and support! But you don’t have to limit your giving to Tuesday – You can volunteer, donate or join one of their upcoming events! They have tons of awesome events coming up in 2015 too – including Shred the Love events at mountains nationwide!

Be sure to check out B4BC social – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more and follow the awesome hashtag #behealthygetactive! Also, check out the B4BC Blog too for tips, recipes, contests and more! And, of course, never stop chasing that sunshine ☀

stay golden | sunshine & the bear

Wisdom from Yes, Please!

yes please book | sunshine & the bear I just finished reading (listening to) Amy Poehler’s new book Yes, Please and I loved it!

Along with its hysterical moments and inside scoop on some of our favorite Hollywood stars, the book gave some really great life advice. Not I’m-better-than-you-because-I’m-an-actress advice that you can’t believe for even a second, but advice that you could really understand because…well, maybe you’ve been through it yourself.

Below are some of my favorite quotes and moments of wisdom from Yes, Please (I promise I’m not ruining the book…please don’t sue me Amy haha):

You can be whoever you want to be. Your only job is to surround yourself with people who respect and support that choice. Preach, Amy. Preach.

Learn to live with your demon – it never goes away. She talks about being a young girl with passion and excitement and love for yourself. Then, somewhere along the way, a demon shows up and tells us we’re not beautiful. We’re too fat, too skinny, not worth being loved, etc. While we don’t want to give into it, she talks about learning to live with it because, even as a movie star, it doesn’t go away. Get real. Work on ways to fight it and love yourself.

Change is the only constant. Your ability to navigate and tolerate change and its painful uncomfortableness directly correlates to your happiness and general wellbeing…If you can surf your life, rather than plant your feet, you can be happier.  

Good for her. Not for me. Along the same lines as dealing with demons, Amy talks about recognizing what’s for you and what’s just not for you. She uses this to talk about pregnancy plans, which is totally valid I assume, but personally I took it for so many other things. At some point, you get better at knowing what you want and need – and you’re not just following a fad or listening to what’s “right” for you.

Learn the right balance of sorry. I’ve posted about this sorry phenomenon before…it’s tough to change. I’ve been working to find the right balance of taking responsibility for things I’m actually sorry for and using that word for when it matters. Otherwise, there are usually other ways to express yourself and apologize, if you even need to.

Sleep will help you win at life. I need more of it…to win. :)

Too often we try to tackle the chaos that is not ours to fix. Oh yes yes yes…way too often. It’s hard to let go, but worth letting go sometimes to keep your sanity and to practice self control. I’ve put this one on a post-it and put it next to my computer to remind me regularly!

The only way we will survive us by being kind. The only way we can get by in this world is through the help we receive from others. No one can do it along, no matter how great the machines are. 

Ok, so I don’t want to ruin the book but basically it’s a really great read/listen! Go check it out for yourself!

As I mentioned, I listened to this book. Seriously, is fantastic! The coolest part is that you can listen to the author read their book! Yes, Amy read her own book – which seems to make much more sense because she is really the only one who knows how she meant a chapter or phrase to come across.