kevala photoshoot

I’m so excited to share some fun pics from a fun photo shoot I did a few weeks ago with kevala!

kevala wear maryland

kevala details Kevala is a new brand I’ve found that makes super soft, eco-friendly workout tops with inspiring affirmations and messages. They also give back with every purchase – They support nonprofits in every state, DC, Canada AND Mexico!

Anyway, the kevala team got together a group of local fit friends at Mount Vernon Fitness for the shoot. (You’ll notice good friend Jessie in some of these pics!) MV Fitness is a beautiful boutique gym located in a converted historic mansion here in Baltimore. Think hardwood floors, chandelier over the spin room, original marble… it’s gorgeous! A talented local photographer, Kiati Plooks, helped us with the shoot and took some amazing photos!! Check them out below!

kevala gratitude katekatebear

kevala wear maryland

OH! And right now you can get 41% OFF any Kevala purchase!

Visit and apply promo code: 41LOVE. And remember, each purchase will include an automatic donation (already included in price) to non-profits in all fifty states, Canada, D.C. and Mexico! Sale ends February 10th!

Clean up!

We always talk about spring cleaning, but why should that be the only time we dedicate time to clear out the clutter? This year, I’m dedicating time to work on things that better my life, no matter when. And that means WINTER cleaning – January/the new year seemed like a perfect time to take this on!

have less do more be more | sunshine & the bear

Because I live in a small row home and I’m a bit of a shopaholic, I have to rotate my clothes between summer/spring and fall/winter. Because the winter weather has been so erratic, I’ve made a mess trying to make all seasons available.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely done this little dance over and over every year, even with things I literally NEVER WEAR.

I recently read an article from the New York Times article which references tips from Marie Kondo, author of the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”. The basic concept is that we should start “seeing clothes organization not as a problem, but as a positive exercise. We should have a healthy relationship with our clothing pieces, and we should only hold on to those items that really bring us joy.” I love this idea.

Of course, it’s hard to determine if a t-shirt brings me joy or not…but the concept is definitely one I can grasp. We hold on to too much that we do not need. We gather things because we want stuff. We think “I’ll wear that someday…”

So this past month, I set out to clear out and organize…with joy in mind. For this concept, you “don’t just open up your closet and decide after a cursory glance that everything in it gives you a thrill…You must take each outfit in your hand.” It was tedious, but I took every single thing out of my closet and went through it piece by piece.

It took a lot of work, but I think I did good! I didn’t remove a ton because I still like it and/or it fit me (which was reassuring) but I tightened up the ship. Got rid of things that didn’t work for me inside and out. Honestly, when I go to grab something to wear now, it’s easier to see everything, it feel lighter and I feel better!

before after closet clean | sunshine & the bear

What do you think about this idea? How often to you declutter?


[Inspiration] BurnThis App

Inspiration. I need it. I crave it. Seriously, how else do we get out of bed in the morning when it’s cold outside and it’s time to work?!

Recently, I found a new source for awesome inspiration in the form of the BurnThis app! The app is a constant stream of workout and healthy lifestyle motivation…everything from quotes and meal ideas to progression photos and workout ideas!

BurnThis motivation app | sunshine & the bear

Much like my all time favorite people, the Tone It Up team, this app hosts a wide range of people who come together as a “FitFam” – from all over the country and the world! People post ideas for workouts and meals, supportive and inspirational quotes, and much more! It’s become a new addiction for me because, let’s face it, sometimes I need a little nudge to help me stay on track, and I really enjoy sharing/inspiring others! KARMA. Right? :) BurnThisAmbassador

As I BurnThis FitFam Ambassador, I’ll be bringing you tons of awesome inspirational content on the app, here on the blog and over on BMOREtoned!

Meet me on BurnThis & get inspired!!

[Inspiration] Tone It Up poem

As you probably know, I’ve been a Tone It Up girl for a while. Ok, a LONG, long time. It’s been a crazy, amazing journey over these four years…I’ve gotten to know Katrina and Karena, expanded my “family” to include thousands and thousands of women who have joined the TIU Team and, of course, learned and grown to love myself!

TIUretreat team moment Tone It Up isn’t just about getting fit and working out. It’s not just about adding more kale and healthy foods to your diet. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about finding the things you love about yourself, the things that make you happy and the things that help you push happiness and positivity out into the world…

At the TIU Retreat this past year, the ladies asked us to close our eyes and hold hands. In the sand, 300 inspiring women held hands and closed their eyes as K&K read a poem aloud. We all cried and smiled and were grateful for each other. Yep. It was beautiful. Thing is, the ladies made us promise to not tell anyone – they had grand plans for this poem. I’ve had to keep the secret…until now!

I’m so thrilled to share these words. They are moving, inspiring and lovely. ♡

tone it up poem | sunshine & the bear

Ok, they didn’t say the 28 days part, but the rest! 

This is now words that will be in the girls’ new BOOK – Fit, Fierce & Fabulous! The book will be a 28 Day program that encompasses the Tone It Up lifestyle. The program incorporates new workouts, TIU knockout nutrition tips, as well as daily mental and spiritual challenges to transform your mind and body. K&K will share our heart-felt stories of how fitness helped them overcome life’s obstacles to live their lives to the fullest.

I’m so so proud of the ladies! It’s going to be great.

You can preorder the book here! :)


Weekend Happiness

It’s been a long week…we all need (& deserve) a little chill time, right?

Take a few moments to yourself this morning. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. Yes, at least for a minute. Then, enjoy this ADORABLE video from San Diego Zoo Safari Park of Ruuxa the baby cheetah meeting Raina, a 7-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy.