Week of thanks: Tone It Up family

To continue my little week of thanks, I want to take a day to recognize how grateful I am for my Tone It Up family. And yes, I say family, because they really are family to me! Even though I haven’t met all THOUSANDS of them…they mean so much to me and have really become my extended fit family! :)

It all started back in 2011, when I first found the TIU team. I was working for an agency and one of my clients was a fitness brand. In the process of looking for content to share with them, I found an ab workout from these two spunky, beautiful women, Katrina and Karena, and was instantly hooked…

I joined the TIU team personally and even got some of my office co-workers to join in the fun. There were office ‘plank breaks’ where we’d go into the hallway and do planks…no joke. haha My TIU family grew locally and we became lovingly calling ourselves BMOREtoned…where BMOREtoned was born! We grown to be a very close knit group over the years, and I can honestly say I’ve found some of my best friends forever through TIU! I was lucky enough to end up winning the first TIU Bikini Series and got the opportunity to fly to California for an incredible few days with Katrina & Karena…

It’s been a whirlwind since then and it has been incredible to watch the team grow along the way. Over the years, I’ve joined as K&K have launched their very own Perfect Fit Protein (which has expanded…) and gear (which has expanded…) and so much more! I’ve been attended three TIU weddings (including my own!). I’ve seen more than a few TIU babies born. This summer, I got to attend the first ever Tone It Up retreat! Every day I meet (virtually) more and more new TIU girls and get more and more inspired!

For all of this I am eternally grateful. It has been (and continues to be) an amazing journey! Thank you, to K&K, to the amazing TIU team, to my incredible family who literally helps me every day. I love you all so much!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds… ♡

Want to learn more about the Tone It Up team? I absolutely, definitely advise you to check out the Tone It Up site! They have blog posts, tips, recipes and so much more available right there for you! 

Motivation Monday: My favorite mantra

tie your shoes pack a good lunch inspirational quote Some days are harder than others. You snooze too many times and miss your morning workout. The dog threw up and you slip in it. You’re late for work and spill your lunch in the bowels of your purse. And that’s all before 9am…

On those days (yes, I’ve had that exact day…), I try to take a moment and regroup with this mantra:

“Tie your shoes. Pack a good lunch. And remember that we’re all in this together.”

I don’t remember where I found this saying. I think it was in a random magazine article. Wherever it was, it immediately struck a chord with me.

I work hard and sometimes (ok…often) I work too hard, forgetting about my own well-being, all the while getting frustrated over everything. I don’t know what age it happens exactly, but somewhere along the line we lose our childhood confidence and start letting the demons in – telling us we’re not good enough, we’re not skinny enough, we’re not trying hard enough…We spend so much time cutting ourselves down, we can’t lift ourselves up.

What this mantra says to me is simple, “take care of yourself” and “remember that you’re not alone in this.” We can all do better to lift ourselves (and each other up) when we’re down or struggling. I hope this quote helps lift you up, helps you take a moment to give yourself a break and helps you remember that you’re not alone. :)

We’re always looking for more inspiration! What are your favorite inspirational quotes and mantras? 

(Originally shared on BMOREtoned.com

FloYo Preview at Beachfit!

Jessie Benson - FloYo at Beachfit | sunshine & the bear If you haven’t heard, I love Surfset boards. They are indoor board equipment that mimic the instability you have on the water, but on dry land. They provide you with an insane workout! I’m certified as a Surfset instructor but I’ve really only used the boards for the tracks/moves the Surfset team has created for them, but my friend Jessie had another idea…FloYo on the boards!

FloYo is a mix of yoga and strength training, all done (traditionally) on a stand up paddle board. Jessie is the founder of FloYo and teaches all over the city and state – everything from FloYo in Annapolis to yoga at M. Power to spin at Under Armour…and more! She’s a busy lady! :) So happy she’s started these new classes here in the city!

Jessie Benson - FloYo at Beachfit | sunshine & the bear

Last night, Beachfit Baltimore (located right downtown, across from Chazz and Pazo) hosted a special event for bloggers with Jessie to preview her new classes! It was a great workout and a lovely time for our little group!

Blogger event - FloYo at Beachfit | sunshine & the bear

BMOREtoned at Beachfit | sunshine & the bear

Annie and I, also attending on behalf of BMOREtoned, had a little fun after class. Maybe a little too much fun… haha (thanks Mary for capturing the entire fall haha) 

ANYWAY, classes start next week! There will be a combo spin/FloYo class on Tuesdays at 7pm and a full FloYo class on Fridays at 10:30am! Definitely worth checking out! If you want to test out the board before committing to a full class, you can join Beachfit for a little open house/happy hour next Friday, November 7 at 5pm!

Thanks so much to Jessie from FloYo and the whole Beachfit team for letting us try out the new class and for our goodies! Can’t wait to come back for a class!

FloYo blogger pack | sunshine & the bear

Starting a new adventure…

I’m SO thrilled to announce a new adventure I’m starting…BMOREtoned!

BMOREtoned logo I hope you truly know how much I appreciate you reading my blog here. When I started this, it was just me carving out a little place for me to share and hopefully inspire others with some sunshine…here’s a cool recipe, here’s a cute pic of my dog, here’s a great new studio in town, here’s a cute pic of my kitten, you know… But it’s come a long way from there and it means so much to me to share this moment with you.

So what is BMOREtoned?

In today’s world, we were finding that ‘overwhelming’ has become the norm…And that SUCKS to say the least.
How do I stay inspired when work is grinding me down? Where do you find a good yoga class? Where can I meet new people that isn’t a bar? What brand makes comfortable yet functional workout pants? And, of course, where the (bleep) can I find a healthy meal option when dining out?!

Myself along with my co-founders, my two amazingly inspiring friends Jami and Annie, started BMOREtoned to help with all those things, and more!  We want to create a resource for people interested in a healthy, fun lifestyle!

bmoretoned kate annie jami

Where does “BMOREtoned” come from? The original group started in 2012 when a handful of local Baltimore ladies found Tone It Up (TIU)…and ta-da! The group was born. We bonded over TIU workouts and challenges then grew to be so much more! Since then, we’ve passed just working out together…and now share so much as friends!

Annie and Jami are two close friends who have really been there with me and for me since I’ve known them! Annie was one of my bridesmaids for goodness sake! And you’ll OFTEN see us gabbing over dinner at Whole Foods, picking up “just a few things” at Target (but I needed a frame…) or out and about around town together. Hahaha

pete redel photography - bmorerowe wedding - bmoretoned

But in all seriousness, these are two incredible women and I’ve been blessed to have them in my life. I couldn’t be more excited to be starting this with them!

So…here we go. Ahhhhh!

We officially launched the BMOREtoned site today and we’re going to be posting to it regularly – from us and hopefully a ton of other inspirational people from the community! I really hope you’ll check it out! And subscribe if you’re feeling generous :)

Cheers to new things!