[Workout] Thanksgiving Thighs

So who else is trying to get back into the swing of thing post-Thanksgiving feasting? :)

I found this thigh workout on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a whirl and I actually loved it! It has a few yoga moves in it that I needed to get used to doing, but it’s a great one for targeting the legs & glutes!

Today’s workout: Thigh Burner
Muscles worked: Thighs, legs, glutes
Courtesy of: Fitness Magazine 
Needs: Just your body weight!  

thigh workout fitness magazine

Roundhouse Kick + Squat – 10x each side 
Stand with feet shoulder width apart and bring your fists up to your chin (ready to punch/defend haha). Pivot 45 degrees to one side and extend your leg out to the side. Do a roundhouse kick (kicking your knee as high as you can with your outer thigh facing the ceiling). Retract your leg and squat down. Do 10 on one leg then 10 on another.

Back Leg Lift Circles – 10x each side 
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and, keeping your leg straight, lift one leg behind your body until when you feel a contraction in your glutes. Point your foot and draw a circle clockwise with your back leg 10x. Repeat on the same leg counterclockwise 10x. Then switch legs and repeat.

Chair Sit with Reverse Lunge – 10x each side*
Stand with feet/legs together and squat down into a chair pose (basically like you’re about to sit in a chair). Hold for 5 counts. Step back with one leg into a reverse lunge and really lower into it. Hold for 5 counts. Return to start and complete both moves on the opposite leg. *This one BURNS!!

Wide Plie Squat on Toes – 20x 
Stand with feet double wide with your toes and knees facing out. Lift up on to your toes. Staying on your toes, squat down and back up.

Knee lifts with Crescent Kick – 10x each side
Stand at a 45 degree angle with your fists at your chin like in the first move. Raise one knee to your chest and hold for a second. From this position, draw an arc with your foot. Complete 10 on your first leg then move on to 10 on your other leg. Make sure you focus on contracting your abs as you pull your knee in.

Tree to Warrior Pose – 5x each side 
Stand with your feet together and bring one foot up to the inside of your other leg (some people can get their full foot up to the inside of their thigh, but if you can’t try to get it to the inside of your calf – either is fine!). Hold for 5 counts. Place your foot down and lunge the leg you lifted behind you, turning your back foot out 45 degrees. Bend your front knee 90 degrees. Extend arms out to sides, shoulder height. Hold for 5 seconds. Return to feet together. Repeat on each leg 5 times.

Curtsy Squat with Side Leg Lift – 10x each side 
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Cross one leg behind you in a curtsy and squat then return to starting position. Once you’re standing straight, raise your leg to the side (try not to shift your hips).


I thought I was going to add this on to another workout but after doing it 3 times my legs were worked enough! Prepping for hopefully a long run tomorrow so I don’t want to go too far.

Have you found any good thigh/leg workouts lately? My legs are self-admittedly my trouble zones and I’m always looking for good ones!

As always, remember, you’ll never regret a workout!



[Workout] TIU abs

Today started out early for me at work (as it does many days) so I missed my morning workout (which, let’s be honest, also happens a lot on Mondays...). Luckily, I checked out this week’s Tone It Up calendar – they always have something planned out in case I don’t feel particularly creative.

After a long day at work, I extended my bike ride home to get in some cardio then I checked out what routines the gals had on tap for me…And what do I find? A new Tone It Up ab workout playlist! LOVE it! All the convenience of the workouts, but all in one place!

First of all, I’m so loving the new TIU website…I mean, how cute is it?

new tone it up website

With the new design and pages, they have a lot more functionality and places to put these great playlists of workouts you can string all together.

Today’s workout: TIU Ab Playlist
Muscles worked: Core
Courtesy of: Tone It Up
Needs: Light hand weights (I used 8lbs) *
*If you want to up your game a little bit and/or if you have access to other workout gear, I also used a weight ball and my bosu ball! 

The TIU ab playlist page listed 3 full workouts and a ab move from the DVD: 

Itty Bitty Bikini is one of my all time favorite workouts from TIU – short, sweet and works those tummy trouble spots!
*I added a little more to this workout by elevating my feet on the bosu ball during the side plank dips. 

Sleek & Slender Abs is a great workout! Seriously, Karena’s abs are insane. haha
*It works with either, but for this one, I used my weight ball for the crunch up & place move AND in the regular crunches to add a little oomph!

Love Your Abs routine is another good one – I love the tummy tuck move that goes side, center, side!

This Beach Babe ab move totally threw me for a loop the first time haha I definitely fell over but you’ll totally get the hang of it after the first couple!

It’s great to have a list of workouts that all work together to do a few times to concentrate on one area OR add on to another workout/cardio to emphasize a little bit!

As always, remember, you’ll never regret a workout!



[Workout] Thighs

As you may have noticed, I haven’t really been keeping up with my Wednesday Workout posts….That’s fine, right? Who wants to limit workout posts to ONE DAY?! Answer: no one (except maybe Tom haha). So I’ve decided to start just posting workouts whenever I feel like! Muhahaha

I was inspired by today’s Tone It Up challenge to work out thighs with their 3 thigh moves. As you may or may not know, my thighs are my big trouble spot(s). Don’t get me wrong, I love my curves (**she got ’em from her momma**) but it makes me crazy when I can fit into pants in the waist, but not the thighs. So as you can imagine, I’ve created quite an arsenal of leg workouts that aim to slim down that area. I pulled together some of my favorites into a quick 5 move circuit you can do by itself or in addition to your regular workout. Enjoy!

Today’s workout: Thigh Blaster  
Muscles worked: Thighs, booty
Courtesy of: Team Rick, Tone It Up,
Needs: Chair, bench or low surface

Basically, I’ve taken five great, simple moves that help you tone up! Do each of the following 10 times:

  • Squats
    Make sure you get down until you booty almost hits the chair!
  • Burpees (yes, with the jump!)
  • Elevated reverse lunge squats 
    Stand in front of the chair and bend one leg back so you have one foot on the chair edge. Facing forward, squat down. Do 10x on each leg.
  • Squat jumps 
    As you come down into a squat (not as low as your original squat), get ready to explode up into a jump.
  • Elevated tummy tucks 
    Get in a plank position and put your feet up on the chair. While in a plank pull your right knee up to your right elbow then your left knee up to your left elbow. Repeat 10x.


thigh blaster workout katekatebear

I KNOW your legs are burning right now, but remember – you’ll never regret a workout!



Total body workout

My scheduled workout for today was 30 minutes cardio and full body circuits. I knew I had a work event tonight so I set my early alarm…unfortunately, didn’t get up in time for 30 of cardio (ahem, maybe Molly shouldn’t keep me up past my ridiculously early bedtime on a weeknight buying ridiculously cute jewels hehe) BUT I did get up in time to do something at home.

I did 2 rounds (4 full rounds of the circuit) of the Tone It Up summer slim workout but then had a few extra minutes before I was going to make myself late for work haha…so what to do?

I decided to pull together a few of my favorite full-body workout moves for a mini circuit!

katekatebear total body workout

Curtsy lunge with bicep curl: Stand with feet hip width apart and dumbbells in each hand. Step your foot back behind you in a curtsy motion, while curling both dumbbells up with those mighty biceps.

Russian twist in V-sit: Sit on the ground and lift your legs up/lower your back into a V-sit position. With weight (or no weight) twist side to side, making sure to keep your core tight and your back straight.

Tricep & booty kickback: Standing up with weights in each hand, bend forward slightly and put one leg out behind you. Pull the dumbbells up to your waist and push back using your triceps. While you’re doing that, raise your back leg up about 3-5 inches off the floor (squeeze that booty!). Don’t forget to switch legs!

Tummy tuck/Spiderman push-up combo: Don’t act like you’re not excited about this one! 
Get down on the ground into a plank position. Pull one knee up to it’s corresponding elbow, then go back to your starting plank. Pull up the other side, then back. Then comes the Spiderman – “Step” forward with your hand and bring your leg forward coming down into a push-up and squeezing your obliques. Return to plank position and repeat on other side. That’s ONE. (I say do these 20x, but I think this “move” you could do 10x!)

Sumo squat with overhead press: Stand wide with your feet just outside your shoulder width, holding your dumbbells in front of you at your shoulder (elbows down). Squat down into a deep squat and, as your raise up, push the weights up above your head. Try to keep your extension as straight as possible – going up and down.

And that’s it! I’d love to hear what your favorite full body workout moves are!
What full body workouts get you sweating?


[Workout] Tricep Triple Threat

So are you ready for me to start talking about boot camp again? HA! Well get ready. As I’ve mentioned, my friend Molly has finally gotten me to leave work on time gotten me to go to 6pm boot camp at Merritt in Canton and I LOVE it! Seriously this instructor Debbie is AMAZING! I can’t make it tonight because of work BUT, in honor of the class, I wanted to feature a cool series of moves she taught. She did this series of moves in the first class I took and I’ve been using it since then – totally awesome!

This week’s workout: Tricep Triple Threat 
Muscles worked: Triceps, shoulders, arms
Courtesy of: Debbie, Merritt Boot Camp instructor
Needs: Weight (approx. 5lbs)

So honestly, even a someone who prides herself in having strong arms, I needed a lighter weight for this one! Grab a lighter dumbbell and see what it feels like. Your form is so important!

Ok so start in a lunge position – like you’re going to do a lunge squat, but not all the way down. Lower your upper body down towards your front knee and rest your arm there.

katekatebear tricep triple threat

With the weight in your back hand (parallel with your body), raise your elbow to your waist. From there, extend your arm back – stretching and pushing through your tricep. Repeat 20x.

katekatebear tricep triple threat

When you’re done, extend your arm one more time. At this point, turn your wrist so your palm is facing up with the weight. From here, do small lifts with your arm (about 3-5 inches). Repeat 20x.

katekatebear tricep triple threat

Oh no…you’re not done yet! Keep those arms burning!

From here, keep your arm extended behind you, palm facing up with the weight. Take your arm/weight and bring it across your butt and back. Try not to touch down on the other side of your back. Go back and forth 20x.

katekatebear tricep triple threat

These moves don’t sound like a lot, but they totally get your arms burning!

Repeat the whole triple threat 2-3 times!

And remember, you’ll never regret a workout!