[Recipe] Bison Quinoa Pasta

I love it when a plan comes together. And/or when all the things in my pantry make a edible dinner. haha

Tonight’s dinner was bison with veggies and quinoa pasta – perfect, quick lean protein and gluten free dish to fill our tummies on a cooler fall night.

bison quinoa pasta Bison & Quinoa Pasta
From the kitchen of: Kate  

  • 2 C quinoa pasta
  • 1 package ground bison
  • 3 green onions (chopped)
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 1 T Old Bay seasoning
  • S&P


  1. Warm a medium sized pan on medium. Heat a medium sized pot with 3 C of water on high until boiling.
  2. In the pan, add the bison, onion and old bay. Cook until bison is brown throughout.
  3. Line a bowl with paper towels and pour the bison mix in the bowl. Blot off any excess liquid.
  4. Add the diced tomatoes to the pan and cook on medium for approx. 2 minutes.
  5. Add the bison mix to the tomatoes and mix together.
  6. When the water in the pot is boiling, add the quinoa pasta and cook until soft.
  7. Drain pasta and season with S&P, and Old Bay if you like!
  8. Add pasta to your personal bowl, then the bison mix & enjoy!


Foodie Pen Pals: Terra

Another month of Foodie Pen Pals, another month of treats…love it!

This month I was paired up with Terra from The Missionary Academic and she just sent me a fun, full box…

foodie pen pals

And I IMMEDIATELY dug in...like actually, as soon as I opened it. 

katekatebear foodie pen pals

Thanks so much to Terra for packing such a delicious care package – I’m newly obsessed with the Justin’s almond butter pouches! And I can’t wait to try the green tea!

As you’ve seen me post about before, Foodie Pen Pals project was created by Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean blog – a cool way to partner up with new people each month to try new foods and more!

foodie pen pals the lean green bean blog


Want to sign up for Foodie Pen Pals? Check out the Lean Green Bean Blog to find out more info!

A Walk Among the Sunflowers

What a weekend…

I was SO excited that we had some time to head up to a sunflower farm in our area! It was incredible to see the acres and acres of gorgeous yellow…

katekatebear sunflower field

We went up with some friends AND our dogs and had a grand ol’ time taking photos!

At one point, I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude…and I had to stop and do some yoga poses. I’m a big dork, I know. But I had to share. There’s something about seeing fields and fields of these beautiful things, small bees buzzing around you, people and families taking photos all around…It made my problems and fears feel so minuscule in comparison. We’re all part of this big, beautiful place TOGETHER. It was nice to take a moment and get some perspective. :)

That’s part of why I wear my Tiny Devotions mala beads all the time – to constantly remind myself of the positive energy around (and inside) me. I rock the surfer beads so I feel close to the ocean no matter where I am – so this weekend I had the best of both land and sea…a positive ocean of sunflowers!

katekatebear tiny devotions sunflower field

Where have you gotten lost lately? 

find a beautiful place quote

How Does She Do It: Kristyn

I’m super jazzed to start a new series on my blog, featuring amazing, inspiring people I’ve come across in my life.
We all need a little inspiration and I personally believe in spreading the love…so if I’m inspired, I want to pass it on to others, so they can share and find something/someone that might inspire them!

quote surround yourself

This week, I’m interviewing Kristyn (@KristynJoRuns)! She has been/continues to be an incredible inspiration to me (and I’m sure a ton of others) and I really wanted to help share some positivity from her. She is a consistent voice in the Tone It Up team world, checking in and sharing support and/or recipes with the group. She also has the super cutest pup (Koby) and has made us all jealous by posting photos from the lake! And, in her spare time – she’s a children’s book author! SHE DOES IT ALL – and I have no idea how (hence the blog title haha). She has a lovely blog, Creative with Kristyn, that you should definitely check out! She has tons of great yoga advice and inspiration, recipes and DIY projects, and much more!

kristynjoruns and koby Although I’ve never met Kristyn in real life, I feel kind of like we’re kindred spirits. I sent her some questions to answer – check out her responses below!

How do you start your day? 
I start my day with some hot lemon water and email. If I am feeling a cup of coffee (I’ve been working on dropping back!), I’ll have one after the lemon water. I wake up earlier than I would work out so I can relax for a moment to myself and give myself time to wake up. After email, I do browse social media for a bit, and sometimes get carried away on Pinterest in the early morning. I like to start my day with a workout, and more recently, it has been a yoga flow-either on YouTube, a workout DVD, or my own flow.

What do you never leave home without?
My bottle of water. I go absolutely nowhere without it. It is attached to my hip. I have a KOR water bottle that is made of BPA free plastic and has an organic coconut water filter inside. I am obsessed. It literally goes everywhere with me.

What’s your favorite food?
Toughest question ever. I love food. All of it. I would have to say sushi or when I make gluten-free pizza with all the toppings at home. I also love a good wine and cheese and crackers night. That counts as food, right? It does in my book. I could live on that combo I think. ;)

KristynJoRuns yoga You do a lot of yoga – I just started. It was really intimidating to me but I’m so happy I’ve gotten over the hump and gotten into it. What advice would you give non or new yogis looking to get into it?
Love this question. I started in November and just fell head over heels. I was so intimidated at first too, because there were so many amazing yogis doing insane arm balances and inversions, and there I was a total newbie. But that is the thing about yoga. There is no judgement, no ego; you leave it all at the door. Everyone does. And you do what is best for you and your practice on that given day. My advice for non and new yogis would be to just try. Take it slow. Take it easy. Do not judge yourself based on the performance of those around you. It is not a competition. Yoga is a journey. It is a journey for you and yourself and your body. You will get to wherever you want to get to when the time is right. You will nail that arm balance you have wanted to nail for the new yogis, when the timing is right. You will get that headstand when it is time. Non yogis who want to get into it…go to a studio class. This is just my opinion. Not a class at the gym. Go to a true studio yoga class. You will get the full effect and feel of what yoga is and what it can do for yourself; both body and mind. As we have chatted before, Kate, yoga brought out a side of both of us that we never knew existed, right? And what a wonderful side that is. I have never felt more stronger, both mentally and physically, than I do with my yoga practice. :)

Personally, I found you through our mutual love (obsession? haha) of Tone It Up! How did you first find the Tone It Up family?
Let’s go with obsession, shall we? :) I’ll say obsession…and LOVE…of Tone It Up. I found Tone It Up browsing YouTube videos one day back in like 2010. I was watching a lot of Elle Fowler makeup tutorials and I saw a recommended Tone It Up video. I instantly connected with Karena and Katrina’s fun loving attitude towards life and fitness. I watched their videos and did some here and there. It wasn’t until I got engaged that I really got into the Tone It Up Lifestyle. About 6 months before I got married, I bought the plan and followed it as I moved along through wedding planning. I have met SO MANY amazing women, all of whom I call friends (whether I know them personally, have met them, or not) and the community is so welcoming. So many opportunities have come up for me with all my TIU gals, too. I am forever grateful to Tone It Up for their hard work, dedication, and love they put into their business and the community. They have inspired, and continue to inspire millions of women across the globe and have connected us all in a beautiful, strong community filled with love and inspiration.

kristynjoruns beach How has leading a healthy life changed your life?
It has definitely changed a lot of things in my life! I would definitely say the addition of yoga to my healthy lifestyle really put my life over the edge of awesomeness. It completely changed my mentality to a very positive one. I have always been a pretty positive person, but yoga 360’d that for me and made it even more positive and taught me how to work through those times of personal stress that were always hard for me to work through before. Leading a healthy lifestyle has given me a sense of peace and clarity in this ever changing, busy world.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?
“Travel light. Live light. Spread the light. Be the Light.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

And what a light to be spread indeed…Kristyn is so rad! I hope you are as inspired by her as I am! Check her out on Twitter, Instagram and her blog to find even more daily light! ♥



Relay Foods

As I’ve mentioned before, I feel like we go so nonstop that it’s hard for me to get to the grocery store. My friends have been talking about Relay Foods for a while, but I had never really looked into it until now. I tried it this week and it’s awesome!

relay foods logo

Basically, Relay Foods provides a grocery shopping experience that you can do at your own convenience. They understand that everyone has their unique situations and it affects their ability to shop. “For some, it means not having to drive across town to the grocery store. For others, it’s about eating healthy and staying educated about where your food comes from and how it’s made. Or maybe it’s about saving time so you can spend it doing the things you love with the people you care about.” I fit all of those categories. 

It was super easy to sign up PLUS because I signed up through a friend, I got $30 off my first order! (You can get $30 off your first order with my link too!) You basically just go online, sign up and start exploring!
There’s tons of benefits to their program:

  • You don’t have to go to the grocery store – which Tom LOVES. haha
  • Their site is user friendly and you can shop by item type, what’s in season, what’s on sale, what’s organic and more – Whatever works best for you!
  • You can keep lists and/or add favorites which makes repeat orders easy!
  • You can SEE how much everything you got is going to cost. Who hasn’t picked up those fancy olives at the store, just for fun…then when you get to the register and they are $24, you wish you had thought twice? With Relay, you can constantly see what’s in your cart and see how much you’re going to spend.
  • You can add to your order up to midnight the night before your delivery. Which is a good and bad thing haha I definitely added some banana muffins at the last minute 
  • You have multiple pick-up options, depending on what works for you.

To pick up, you have two options: They can deliver it right to your door (for an extra charge) or pickup at a neighborhood location.

relayfood delivery

I picked up my items yesterday from their truck, parked at a church/school a few blocks away from me! They had two bins with my specific numbers on them and that was that. BOOM. Easy.

We got some really great items that I’m excited to try – like the banana love muffins! The produce we’ve used so far as been really good and we’re planning to make bison burgers tonight!

katekatebear relayfoods haul


If you want to try out Relay, please use my link so you can get your $30 OFF!