Baltimore Print Studio

This weekend, we spent an amazing day at a class hosted by the good people of the Baltimore Print Studios!

I took print classes in college but it’s a pretty intense process with some big pieces needed, so it had kind of fallen off my radar. Then, Tom found this awesome gem right here in town!

baltimore print studios

The studio hosts workshops every month, which are great for beginners to those who just need to run through the motions again. Kind of like riding a bike, but with film emulsion and screens.

At the workshop we went to, they had all the materials for you and walked you through the entire process, showing you the steps then letting you do it yourself!

thefrontrowe baltimore print studio

dodo screen print

flamingo screen print

One of the best parts was that the owners had a dog that hung out around the studio! She (Eleanor) walked around a little when we first arrived, then just kind of hung out. I wish Mahoney would do that. Let her hear a hose (to clean off the screens) and she would never calm down! haha

baltimore print studio dog

We printed a few different things – some single color, some double, some blended. It was brilliant.

Seriously, it was such a great time! It’s amazing how much you forget that you like something when you aren’t able to do it for so long. They do hourly rentals, so Tom and I are going to plan some project and go print stuff! Anyone want to join??



[Wedding] Bridesmaid dresses

I love green. Like…a lot. Hence, my bridesmaids all wore a beautiful green for our wedding!

katekatebear bridesmaids lula kate dresses

We purchased them at Bella Bridesmaids here in Baltimore. They have locations all over the country though! The owner of our local shop, Whitney, was super sweet and helped us with everything!

We spent an afternoon trying on different brands and styles, and landed on the amazing designer Lula Kate! The AWESOME thing about Lula Kate dresses is that you can pick your top, waistline and skirt and match, mix and match, etc. It’s like your own personal Destiny’s Child maker! WOOOOO!

lula kate bridesmaid dresses bella bridesmaid

lula kate bridesmaid dresses bella bridesmaid

We chose one color (green), all the same skirts and waist, then three different style tops! The different styles really worked for my girls’ different personalities and body shapes. It’s honestly one of the smarter ideas I’ve come across – part of me wishes all clothes could be like this! haha 

lula kate dresses bella bridesmaid

The ladies looked STUNNING on the big day! I wouldn’t have wanted to be surrounded by more amazing, gorgeous ladies (in hot dresses)!

Definitely check out Lula Kate and Bella Bridesmaids if you’re a bride looking for great looks!!

katekatebear wedding lula kate bridesmaid dresses

Free Rooftop Yoga with M. Power

It’s the LAST WEEK for M. Power’s free Saturday rooftop yoga Summer Salutations series!
You have to come join me, ok? Ok.

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a full two months of awesome classes from the M. Power squad up on the roof of their soon-to-be building, the Natty Boh Tower. It really does have such an incredible view…you’ve never done yoga with this view before! (unless you’ve come to class haha)

baltimore skyline

mpower yoga summer salutations baltimore




mpower yoga summer salutations baltimore


m power yoga natty boh flow baltimore

Awesome, right?

Another cool thing is that two of the three fantastic  owners make up the band, The Herd Brothers, and they actually accompany some of the yoga sessions – including this week’s! They have a really great ambient/post rock sound…perfect for yoga. Plus, with live music, they have the ability to play to the flow and tone of the movements. If you haven’t practiced with live music, it’s definitely worth a try!

mpower yoga the herd brothers

It’s been so great to practice in this beautiful space with friends and with this awesome crew!
Hope you can join this weekend!

mpower yoga summer salutations baltimore

mpower yoga summer salutations baltimore

If not, definitely stay tuned to the M. Power website and M. Power Facebook page to find out about some of their upcoming opening and fun events! 
(Maybe like this beer/yoga Bend & Brews event! Booze and fitness? Yep. Sold.)




Pop Physique Butt School + Free Class

Wow…what a week for fitness in Baltimore! After our amazing visit with Rev for #SpinSweatSip, our local fitness gals got to visit a cool studio in our area called Pop Physique!

pop physique

Pop Physique is a cool studio in town that offers an incredible barre workout (one that has rendered me basically useless today haha). They call themselves “butt school” and they’re not kidding…

A group of Baltimore area Tone It Up team members joined Pop Physique for a special class for the TIU team! The Pop class is efficient, fun, fat burning and intense…believe me. Seriously, while I consider myself fairly strong, this workout knocked me on my…butt. haha

pop physique baltimore


When you go into the Pop studio, you put on your grip sock which the owner, Kim, mentioned you “need for the four minute planks.” OH GOOD. haha The studio offered us all some really cute socks too!

pop physique socks

pop physique baltimore socks

We had two amazing instructors for our class to show us the various different tracks and series moves. The class combines strength workout and stretch. We used light weights, the ballet barre and balls to work legs, arms, core and, of course, butts.

pop physique baltimore TIUteam

After our class, we barely moved off the mats enjoyed a some mingling with wine and healthy treats in the adorable lounge area at the studio!

pop physique baltimore TIUteam BMOREtoned

pop physique baltimore TIUteam BMOREtoned

We had such a good time! Thanks so much to Pop Physique for hosting us TIU Baltimore gals! I can’t wait to come back! And thanks so much to @TIUSami for organizing this special class for us!

If you’re interested in checking it out, DO IT! Check out the studio and drop my name – They’ll give you a FREE FIRST CLASS! 

pop physique baltimore TIUteam BMOREtoned


#SpinSweatSip at Rev!

I was so thrilled to join some of my local fit friends at Rev Cycle Studio for a special night to spin, sweat and sip!

rev spinsweatsip event

Approximately 20 amazing people joined for the special night which started with a 45 minute preview of REVBlast with Jami. My friend Chris and I often attend Jami’s Blast class and I love it! It’s a mix of cycle and strength training off the bike. It gets your body moving with high intensity cycling and basically boot camp exercises. LOVE it! I tend to get a little bored on stationary bikes/treadmills/etc. but this is a perfect mix! Plus Jami’s music is always SICK!

fitjams rev spinsweatsip event

Rev then let us hang out for a while and the “sip” portion began haha (Please note, we were sweaty the entire time). Rev partnered with The Wine Market for some glasses of wine and treats!

rev spinsweatsip event

rev spinsweatsip event

It was such an amazing time – definitely worth checking out more of Rev’s class offerings (not to mention I need to stop into Wine Market soon for Restaurant Week!)!

We had such a great group for the event! Some of the links to the bloggers/social media peeps are below:

  • @Revuup (of course)
  • @annetruax
  • @Aznstarlette
  • @FitJams
  • @WBALdash
  • @kathleenbands
  • @emcielle25
  • @breatheblog
  • @moutlawrun
  • @TIUsami
  • @JessJankA
  • @katieblaha
  • @mollytics

rev spinsweatsip event

And, as always, I was so so happy to not only meet new amazing fit friends, but also celebrate with old ones :) Love my BMOREtoned gals!

rev spinsweatsip event