[Obsessed] SCANDAL

I mean honestly, how can you not be? Wait…Unless maybe you’re in love with the president? Know of a secret government organization….?

oooh scandal gif

Anyway, beautiful Oliva Pope and (maybe even more beautiful) President Fitzgerald Grant have captured me. HARD. I have been incredibly obsessed since the first time I turned on the show and instantly wanted to be a Gladiator in a Suit. Granted, it took me a long time to get to watching it – I had to catch up on two and a half seasons! But the binge watching was worth it. And it was BINGE watching…any chance I got!

With the animals…

scandal cat katekatebear

On the treadmill…

scandal treadmill katekatebear

Tonight is the mid-season premiere – Will you be watching??

#Gladiators! Only #5days left until all NEW #Scandal returns! DOUBLE TAP if you can't wait to have your #ScandalThursdays back!

[Giggle Break] Paul Rudd rules

I’ve always been a fan of Paul Rudd. He’s adorable and hysterical in that “as my husband, he’d dance around the house with the kids in dress up” kind of way. One of my favorite SNL sketches ever is with him and B-Town/Beyonce. CLASSIC.

Anyway, here’s the latest….his lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon (another favorite)!

dont stop paul rudd

But actually…STOP. Take a five minute break and ENJOY! :)

Foodie Pen Pals: February!

I’m so excited that my new Foodie Pen Pal box arrived from my February match up, Sondra from the Purple House Blog!

foodie pen pals the lean green bean blog

The Foodie Pen Pals project was created by Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean blog – a cool way to partner up with new people each month to try new foods and more!

This month, I was excited to immediately chat with my pal, Sondra! She has a super fantastic blog with tons of amazing DIY posts including this adorable, looks-store-bought wreath that I’m totally planning to make next year. She also has a cool Etsy shop!

Anyway, I’m fairly easy when it comes to the food pen pal piece. I’ll eat basically anything haha….I’m only allergic to mangos (yes, I know it sucks). Sondra put together an AMAZING box for me full of all kinds of cool, tasty goodies including olives, sun dried tomatoes, cous cous, dry roasted edamame and more! Take a look below:

foodie pen pal box katekatebear

foodie pen pal box katekatebear

Sondra, you ROCK! Thanks so much for my amazing box!! Can’t wait to try all the tasty treats! :)

Want to sign up for Foodie Pen Pals? Check out the Lean Green Bean Blog to find out more info!

[New fave] Felici Cafe

Living in the city has its benefits – most of all, being within walking distance of some amazing restaurants.We have a new spot in our neighborhood that I’m particularly excited about – Felici Cafe!

The new spot opened recently and it’s a great – featuring fresh ingredients and healthy options!

felici cafe baltimore

felici cafe baltimore

It’s located right on Light Street in Federal Hill right downtown (for residents who’ve been here for a little while, it’s where Trattoria Annamaria used to be).

My favorite menu section is their fresh pressed juices. That’s right, Baltimoreans…there’s a JUICE BAR right here in town!

felici cafe baltimore juice

As you can imagine, it’s very exciting to have this here in a sea of un-healthier options. Felici doesn’t just have green juice by the way – they also have some tasty sandwiches and salads!

I’d love to hear if you have a favorite place in town! Any healthy hole-in-the-wall recommendations? :) 

I’m also SO pumped that they started making fresh juices in the morning then bottling them to pick up on the go!


[Inspiration] 100 by Vday

It’s been a crazy few weeks with lots of amazing challenges from our awesome Tone It Up trainers during the second annual Love Your Body series!

tone it up love your body series

As I’m sure you know, I love all that K&K do from TIU – new weekly workouts, fresh healthy recipes, inspirational stories, etc. One of my favorite things is when they do their challenges…these really unite the TIU team and motivate everyone!

I love the Love Your Body series because they added a running challenge component. I’m not sure if I’ve said it before (I’ve said it a million times) but I’m not a born runner. These challenges really get me going though! During this series, the challenge was 100 miles by Valentine’s Day! Starting January 1, we had 45 days to get in those miles…Thankfully, it didn’t have to all be running. :)

All in all, I got to 126.25 miles!


I’m so inspired by all the amazing women from the team who dude the challenge too!

Did you participate? How many miles did you get?!