I am thankful for…

I feel like we often get so wrapped up in the food and the traveling and the shopping craziness, that we forget what Thanksgiving is really supposed to be about. Or at least what we learn that it’s supposed to be about in grade school :) GIVING THANKS.

Tom. My best friend, the love of my life, my future husband, the person who will eat quinoa for me even though he hates it haha Through thick and thin, I could not be more thankful for this crazy man. And I’m so incredibly thankful I get to spend the rest of my life with him :)

My animals. Even in their worst moments (which happen somewhat often haha) I love having these crazy nuggets in my life!



Family. What can I say, I am who I am because of these amazing people who have cared for me and helped me grow my entire life…and still do so every day! And now that Tom and I are getting a married, I’m excited that my family is expanding even more…couldn’t be more elated!





Friends. Who I basically consider my family :) 20131127-141131.jpg






The Tone It Up community…. Again, Karena, Katrina and the tons of amazing women could/should also be categorized under family :)


My health. This is something I feel like I sometimes take for granted…. But I realize I shouldn’t…at all. Moments like this help me really appreciate the fact that I’m doing these workouts not just for me (but that’s also important!) but for my greater health…for Tom, for my future kids/grand kids, for when the dog wants a good run. I am so grateful I am able to do the things I do.


Doing my part. In the form of working for an amazing conservation organizaiton, National Aquarium. While there isn’t much that tops the feeling of witnessing a child fall in love with nature/animals for the first time at our venue (seriously, I’ve teared up on multiple occasions haha), there is so much I get out of just working for a nonprofit with a mission of saving the planet through inspiration and education.


Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday week! I’d love to hear about what makes your list!
What are you thankful for?

A few days in LA

Well, more like the general LA area :)

So it’s been a crazy year at work and in life…from opening a brand new exhibit at the Aquarium to getting engaged to half marathons….it’s been jam packed. Meaning, basically, that there hasn’t been a lot of break time. I, like I’m sure many workaholic people do, have a mountain of time to take off when it comes to the end of the year and, because it’s use-it-or-lose-it, I’ve been trying to schedule time off!

We had planned a west coast Thanksgiving this year with Tom’s dad and family up in Northern California BUT with some extra days, I decided to take a little mini trip to Southern California beforehand.

Yes, by myself. Weird, I know haha Hinestly, in the end I would have loved to have Tom or a friend with me, but it was nice to just have some time to myself to explore and wander. I got to wake up and go for a run on the Strand. Could take my time at the beachfront sample sale I found (yea, Tom would never have lasted that haha). Got to spend a few hours just reading on the sand. I got to spend some time wandering around Griffith Observatory – totally nerded out! I even got to see some amazing friends while I was out there!

Here is most of my few days in photos:

I hung out with a BILLION seagulls…

The first evening I spent watching the most beautiful sunset…


Griffith Observatory was so rad!



I debated buying this for Tom for a good 5 minutes… I mean come on, it would make a killer Bruce Willis a la Armageddon costume, right?!

If you ever get a chance, the Strand is one of the most lovely places I’ve ever been able to go for a run/walk. You’ve got the relaxed beach on one side and beautiful homes on the other – great spot!

Then I was so thrilled to be able to meet up with my girls Katrina & Karena! We met for lunch at this adorable spot Sloopy’s. It was half indoor, half outdoor kind of spot, as you could really only master in the weather of Southern California…

And they had the most amazing salad! This thing had everything you could want… Kale, chicken, quinoa, berries, pine nuts, carrots…it was so massive I couldn’t even finish it!

It was so great to see the gals! It was funny though…it feels like it’s been forever but at the same time I feel like I just saw them yesterday :) it was so lovely to catch up!

PLUS they shared with me some super exciting previews of what the Tone It Up team is going to see this coming Cyber Monday…everyone is going to LOVE this stuff!!!

I was also so happy to see my college friend, Ana, and her adorable new baby! Isn’t he the cutest?! The funniest thing was seeing how much he loved watching football just like his momma! Haha



I ended the trip with some sweet hotel workouts, as one does when you’re on the road :)


Now we’re headed up north! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving week!!

What do you do for ‘you time’?

[Wedding] Big decisions

So apparently this wedding is actually happening! haha not that I had any doubts :) It’s been a busy busy stressful few weeks of trying to start the CRAZY planning process of a wedding!

BUT, we’ve made some big decisions lately…

Date & Place

We’re so excited to be hosting our wedding right here in Baltimore, Maryland in May 2014!

katekatebear thefrontrowe fells point

Spring has always been my favorite season and May has always been my favorite month. Also, I really like odd numbers and 5 is actually my favorite number (I know it’s weird, but other people have favorite numbers, right?). Anyway, May just works out to be all of those things! haha

You may be thinking to yourself, ‘Isn’t May like right around the corner?‘ Why yes. We decided to make it a challenge it was worth it to push a little extra to make this year work instead of waiting a whole other year! But that really does mean that things need to happen fairly quickly. Luckily, there are tons of amazing resources out there on to help!

First, I have my Moleskin Wedding Planning notebook, which is great because it’s small enough for me to keep in my purse to write random stuff down on the go.

moleskin wedding planner notebook

Then I have this amazing binder from Hallmark that Tom’s mom got me. With Pinterest, I feel like I rarely PRINT anything anymore, but it’s actually been really great to have some of the more important things together in this printed book. For those of you who are OCD and like everything to have it’s own place and list, etc., this is a great tool!

hallmark wedding planner binder

Then, of course, there’s all the things on the interwebs! I found this great 6 Month Engagement checklist from Borrowed & Blue. Again, I like to be organized…maybe even to a degree past sane. haha 

6 month engagement


Yup. I said YES TO THE DRESS! I really didn’t think it would be that quick and I expected to go to multiple shops/appointments/etc. BUT the ladies at the shop said “that’s when you find it immediately – when you’re not expecting it!”

I wanted this piece of the planning to be special between me and my mom, so I traveled up to her in New Jersey to do some browsing. We made an appointment at The Bridal Garden (don’t be fooled by the name haha) and started the process…

I tried on probably 7 or 8 dresses before I got to the one (I ultimately chose). I loved it instantly. She had pulled a couple more for me, so I tried those too. Of course, I found another one I loved. Problem is, it was a totally different style. Talk about comparing apples and oranges!

We decided to take a break and we’d come back later to look. THEN, on the way out, I saw the sale rack (how I didn’t see it before is beyond me haha). There was one dress I asked to try on…and, of course, it was amazing. Better than the second love I had found earlier. Now this put me in a real pickle…with the dress being on sale, I had to grab it or it would be gone.

We ended up leaving and sitting at Starbucks for a while before we called my dad in! haha My dad has a stylish eye and has always been there to help make big decisions, so why not!

Long story short, we loved them both, but ultimately loved the first one I found more. So….I HAVE A DRESS! Ahh! It’s crazy!

There’s SO much more to do…but I’m glad we got some of the big pieces out of the way already!

Are you married? How long was your engagement? I’d love to hear about your planning and what helped you! 

#PhotoaDay Half Way!

So yesterday marked the half way point through the month, and that means we’ve got a TON of photos for our November #PhotoaDay challenge, right?

november photoaday challenge katekatebear

How’s everyone doing? Here’s what I’ve got so far…

1. Strength

katekatebear photoaday strength

2. Light

katekatebear photoaday light

3. Warm

katekatebear warm photoaday

4. Bubbles

katekatebear bubbles photoaday

5. Sleek

katekatebear sleek photoaday

6. Sleepy

katekatebear sleepy photoaday

7. Green

katekatebear green photoaday

8. Crunchy

katekatebear photoaday crunchy

9. Face

katekatebear face photoaday

10. Party

katekatebear party photoaday

11. Hat

katekatebear hat photoaday

12. Meat

katekatebear photoaday meat

13. Spicy

katekatebear spicy photoaday

14. Winter

katekatebear photoaday winter

15. Playtime

katekatebear photoaday playtime


Cheers to an awesome month in photos so far…let’s keep it up! 



Friday Favorites 11.15

Oh hey oh hey it’s FRIDAY! And, besides that, there’s so much to get excited about!

TIU Retreat is coming!

Seriously, I feel like we’ve been talking about this TIU retreat FOREVER! I’m so excited that it’s finally happening. Definitely already on the calendar for next year!

TIU retreat

Henri, the dramatic cat

I understand, cat. I understand.

henri cat surrounded by morons


Happy National Raisin Bran Cereal Day! Yep, it’s a thing. haha

Apparently, there is a day for almost everything – check out this Foodie Holiday Calendar I found.

Sweet jams with Jack & Kelly

Jack Johnson…check.

Kelly Slater…check. (and sexy as ever)

Thank you, Surfline, for this awesome awesome video of Jack and Kelly performing “Home”.

jack johnson kelly slater home

jack johnson kelly slater home

Cheers to an amazing weekend!