Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone is having an amazing Halloween night!

Today was crazy at work – I was excited to help produce an awesome Aquarium-style Halloween event today – an UNDER WATER pumpkin carving!

confused clooney

You heard me. Diver + sharks + crazy turtle + pumpkins.

Check out Emily, one of our rad aquarists, carving a shark-o-lantern on our Blacktip Reef Shark Cam!

national aquarium under water carving

And check out these other fun pumpkins turned feeding stations, like this diver head. The fishies (and turtle) feed on the lettuce! It was so much fun!

national aquarium underwater pumpkin carving

pumpkin head in Blacktip Reef

What did you do this Halloween? 

[Workout] Thighs

As you may have noticed, I haven’t really been keeping up with my Wednesday Workout posts….That’s fine, right? Who wants to limit workout posts to ONE DAY?! Answer: no one (except maybe Tom haha). So I’ve decided to start just posting workouts whenever I feel like! Muhahaha

I was inspired by today’s Tone It Up challenge to work out thighs with their 3 thigh moves. As you may or may not know, my thighs are my big trouble spot(s). Don’t get me wrong, I love my curves (**she got ’em from her momma**) but it makes me crazy when I can fit into pants in the waist, but not the thighs. So as you can imagine, I’ve created quite an arsenal of leg workouts that aim to slim down that area. I pulled together some of my favorites into a quick 5 move circuit you can do by itself or in addition to your regular workout. Enjoy!

Today’s workout: Thigh Blaster  
Muscles worked: Thighs, booty
Courtesy of: Team Rick, Tone It Up,
Needs: Chair, bench or low surface

Basically, I’ve taken five great, simple moves that help you tone up! Do each of the following 10 times:

  • Squats
    Make sure you get down until you booty almost hits the chair!
  • Burpees (yes, with the jump!)
  • Elevated reverse lunge squats 
    Stand in front of the chair and bend one leg back so you have one foot on the chair edge. Facing forward, squat down. Do 10x on each leg.
  • Squat jumps 
    As you come down into a squat (not as low as your original squat), get ready to explode up into a jump.
  • Elevated tummy tucks 
    Get in a plank position and put your feet up on the chair. While in a plank pull your right knee up to your right elbow then your left knee up to your left elbow. Repeat 10x.


thigh blaster workout katekatebear

I KNOW your legs are burning right now, but remember – you’ll never regret a workout!



Inspiration: Edith Head

google edith head header

I typically don’t pay much attention to the specialty Google search headers, but today caught my eye. Mostly because I knew who it was dedicated to – the amazing costume designer, Edith Head.

She created some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen and for some of the most beautiful stars of the 40’s and 50’s (probably my favorite fashion time period)  Bette Davis, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Rosemary Clooney, Audrey Hepburn…

She had some amazing pieces over the years…two of my favorite films she designed on were:

Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas

rosemary clooney edith head costume white christmas

rosemary clooney black dress

Audrey in Roman Holiday

roman holiday costumes

You may know her (or a reference of her) from the movie The Incredibles. Yes, I also love Pixar movies. Edna Mode was loosely based off of Edith Head (I don’t think the director ever confirmed that, but we all know it’s true). The glasses, the attitude…she’s one of my favorites.

edna mode gif

So happy Google is celebrating her today. She’s one of the icons I look up to as a visionary woman who led the way in her industry?

Who are your icons? 

Date night: PABU

We have been trying to eat in more lately buuuut every so often we go out to a fancy fun dinner. Last night we went to PABU, a wonderful Asian fusion place in Harbor East, here in Baltimore. It’s one of three delicious restaurants in the Four Seasons. The other two, Wit & Wisdom and Lamill, are two of our favorites!

We add PABU to the list! Last night we had amazing drinks and food!

Four Seasons always has fabulous drinks and PABU had new fall cocktails we had to try! Mine was called the Fig Pimpin (you know the name got me immediately haha).

PABU fig pimpin drink

We then enjoyed some delicious apps, including the seasonal special with brussel sprouts…um…amazing.

PABU brussel sprouts

Then, after some delicious takes on some classic faves – miso and chicken noodle soups. Then it was on to the main course…sashimi. Need I say more?

PABU sashimi katekatebear

Then the thoughtful team sent over some special desserts…So good! As you can see, Tom was ready to dig in. haha

PABU desserts thefrontrowe

Definitely adding to the list of regular date night spots!

What are your favorite date night spots?