Marshall’s Project Fab

marshalls share the fabulous

As you may have picked up on…I enjoy shopping (understatement of the year! haha).

So you can imagine how excited I (and all the women in our office) was when a Marshall’s opened RIGHT ACROSS FROM OUR OFFICE…Can you say dangerous? Yes.

baltimore marshalls

We go there often to say the least.

Anyway, through posting to their social media accounts, I was recently invited to join their Project Fab team and I couldn’t be more excited! Project Fab members are chosen because they love to share deals and great finds (oh that’s me!). The team provided me with a gift card so I could start (better) sharing my shopping experience…

marshalls project fab

Unfortunately, it’s been a bit busy at work…keeping me from visiting the store. Psh…the nerve of work, keeping me from shopping haha

Anyway, I finally got there and there were TONS of things I loved! I’ve been looking for a new bag, and they always have a million great options…but one caught my eye! A beautiful camel Ralph by Ralph Lauren bag with outside pockets (NECESSARY) and a big center pocket.

marshalls ralph by ralph lauren bag

It’s great for everything I do…just hanging out or at work!

katekatebear ralph lauren bag from marshalls

katekatebear at work

 Don’t lie like you don’t love my work uniform fashion! 10-4 adorable fab find!

I already have my eye on my next purchase…Ralph Lauren towel set. (Apparently I’m keeping Ralph in business…)

marshalls ralph lauren towels

There’s always something awesome to find at Marshall’s. Honestly and truthfully. haha I would say that even if I wasn’t part of the whole Project Fab thing!

Share your fab find love –

What awesome deals have you found lately?





Friday Favorites: 8.30

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted some favorite things, so some of these might be old…sorry I’m not sorry. You’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

Kittens in boxes

As you may remember, my kitten loves boxes. Seriously, she’ll sit in them ALL DAY.

kitten in a box

Well apparently, it’s not just her…

Other awesome dancers

You may or may not know this (you probably know…), but I’m a pretty awesome dancer. Kristen Wiig and I went to the same school of dance in fact…

kristen wiig workout dance

Anyway, it’s always nice to see people who have fun dancing. Don’t take it so seriously! Have a great time! :)

Not only was it awesome to see photos from Katrina’s wedding (Tone It Up wedding) but it’s fantastic to see Karena’s robot dance moves. K&K consistently remind me how cool they are and how important it is to live a healthy LIFESTYLE – which include dancing fantastically haha

karena TIU wedding


Ok so who doesn’t love deals? BUT this week I found a great one – Groupon is hosting a deal for Sephora $5 for $10! I love good makeup, but it gets so pricey! Every little bit counts, right? :)



It’s about that time…can’t wait for football to officially start!!! Let’s get ready boys…stretch it out.

ravens gif

Documentation of me NOT falling in the water at FloYo

Look ma, I can do it!

katekatebear floyo SUP

But seriously, I was excited that I’m getting better not only at these yoga moves (I’m fairly new to yoga…) but to get better at them on the board! As you’ve seen, I totally love FloYo with Jessie – if anyone is interested, I’d love if you’d join me for a class!

floyo SUP

katekatebear floyo sup


Anyway, happy Friday everyone! Tommy & I are headed up to a wedding – can’t wait to wear my new dress (an awesome Poshmark purchase, actually woo woo)!

Hope you have an amazing weekend! 


Stella & Dot end-of-summer giveaway!

As my Facebook newsfeed starts to fill up with photos of kids on front steps an in front of refrigerators (always my mom’s go-to) and every store in the universe now has Halloween decorations/candy (it’s not even September!!!), it dawns on me that we’re at another seasonal turning point. Summer is coming to a close…

sad john hamm

Blasphemy, I say! There’s still sun to be enjoyed and sun dresses to be worn! Don’t you dare try to take sun dress season away from me early…

Anyway, in honor of the winding down of my second favorite season (first is spring, in case you’re taking notes), I’ve gotten together with one of my favorite gals and brands to do a little giveaway/contest!

What do you think of when you think of summer fashion? I always think beachy, boho feel…simple flowy whites or colors with some beautiful pops of jewelry. Nothing crazy, just a few little accessories…

Stella & Dot makes some of my favorite little (and big for that matter) accessories and my friend & stylist Molly and I are teaming up to send two lucky ladies home with two beautiful pieces!

stella and dot secret garden cuff stella and dot carobella hoops

That’s right I said TWO!

For those who are already looking to purchase some S&D, you are in luck! Anyone who purchases between now and August 31 from this link is automatically entered to win the Secret Garden Cuff bracelet ($98 value)!

katekatebear stella and dot bracelet contest

For those who aren’t shopping right now, who are you?! Come here and let me help you see the way of shopaholism haha you can enter to win a pair of adorable Carobella Hoop earrings ($22 value)! To enter this part of the giveaway, you just fill out the RAFFLECOPTER below – There are multiple ways to enter!

katekatebear stella and dot giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter away! Both contests run through the end of the month and we’ll have our random winners on September 1!

Best of luck to everyone! And please enjoy your last days of summer :)

[Recipe] Mom’s summer sauce

I’ve never been a big fan of tomatos sauce. I enjoy them every once and while, but there’s something about hot tomatoes that just isn’t my favorite. I think it’s the pulpy part…it’s a texture thing.

That being said, there’s always an acception right? My mom introduced me to this amazing sauce she called “summer sauce.” She may have gotten it from someone or somewhere else, but I’m just going to attribute it to her. She is a culinary wiz, so it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch of the imagination.

Anyway, the reason I love this sauce is because it’s so fresh! You start with fresh ingredients and you don’t cook it for long so it doesn’t get mushy and/or too processed feeling. And it uses small tomatoes so there’s automatically less inner pulp. haha Win win!

Here’s the recipe:

Summer sauce

Original recipe: My momma
Cooking needs: sauce pan or high rimmed pan

  • 1 pint grape tomatoes (halved or quartered) 
  • 1/2 C fresh basil leaves (torn)
  • 1/2 C fresh parsley (chopped)
  • 1/3 C olive oil (OR coconut oil – I used it tonight & couldn’t taste the difference!)
  • 4 garlic cloves (chipped)
  • kosher salt & cayenne pepper to taste

In a large bowl, mix all ingredients to taste.

Add mix to sauce pan and heat until it starts bubbling.

Once it starts bubbling, cook for about 1 minute and take off heat just as the skins start to peel.

Serve over pasta.


katekatebear summer sauce

Hooray! Last hoorah for summer and always one of my favorites!

What are your favorite family recipes? I’d love to do a recipe swap!! 

Poshmark obsession

Who loves trade parties? (Where you get together with your girlfriends and trade clothes/etc.) It’s like shopping but without your wallet! WOO HOO! Anyway, I recently discovered Poshmark, which is similar (minus the free part) – it’s a simple app to buy and sell fashion items. Basically, you can set up your own shop and put things up for sale. Sounds like eBay, right? Well, with Poshmark, you can also trade or bundle or negotiate your items (if you want). It’s really fun and I’ve gotten some great scores!

katekatebear poshmark closet

When I first got on, I was a bit skeptical, but it’s actually been really awesome! I’ve gotten some rad scores off the app including a J Crew coat I’ve been looking for, some of my favorite Lululemon running tanks, a pair of Sperrys, some Jessica Simpson heels (to replace the ones my dog ate…) and more! All never or barely used…

katekatebear lululemon cool racerback

j crew coat

navy sperrys

Even this super cute Lilly Pulitzer dress! I’m such a sucker for halters and sweetheart necklines…it had me at hello. But ALSO, it had me at the price: $75! Score, right?

katekatebear poshmark lilly pulitzer

As if I wasn’t already a shopaholic…Poshmarking has become an easy way for me to look for the items I might have bought at full price somewhere else…at any time! It’s an app I’m constantly checking because someone’s always adding something fun! You can input all your sizing information adjust your settings to make sure you see whatever specifics you want OR everything. The other super cool thing too is that you can keep track of the items you like to see if the seller puts them up for sale or to watch and see if they’re sold. Easy way to keep track!

poshmark favorites

When you sign up, they give you the opportunity to share with people so you can both get a $5 credit too, which is super nice!

So here you go:

Download the Poshmark app and use code HOYRL to get started with $5.
And don’t forget to find and follow my closet (just search for katekatebear)!