Locust Point Dog Park

A few weeks back, I got a random email from a Country Living reporter who was doing a story on dog parks around the country. We absolutely LOVE our local dog park, Locust Point Dog Park, and we take Mahoney there as much as we can so I was excited to share our experience with her.

And now…Mahoney is FAMOUS! (did I just become a pageant mom? hahaCheck her out on Yahoo!

mahoney at locust point dog park baltimore

But in all seriousness, I’m so excited they featured this park. If you live in the area and have a pup, it’s a great spot! As they reported with Mahoney’s photo, it’s an amazing playground for the pups with a tree and hills to climb on! Also, in the summer there’s been a few baby pools for them to cool off in – with running water, this Mahoney’s favorite spot. :)

locust point dog park

Mahoney Locust Point Dog Park 2

Do you take your dog to a dog park? What’s it like? 

Weekly workouts 6.22 – 6.28

Happy weekend! Hope everyone enjoyed their week as much as the royal baby…

royal baby gif

It’s been another crazy week, but it’s been fun. I’m super excited to have met some new blogger friends in the area! And we’re now trying to plan get togethers and fun workout days! Can’t wait to share!

This week I had two off days (I try to only have one…but work/things keep getting in the way lately!) but I’m good with that! I found this image the other day and I was totally moved by it. I strive to be better and to push myself, but I need to be more accepting and loving of myself and my body. And not to hate myself when I have two off days haha :)

Honestly, we ALL need a little dose of self love!


I was so excited my friend from work wanted to go to CXWORX with me on Monday. It’s always hard to get up early, but it seems especially hard on Mondays.

I made it in a little early and did one of my favorite quick & sweaty treadmill workouts – the shuffle step. This is also the one that gets me the most “what the F are you doing?!” looks haha




I was attempting to follow the TIU weekly plan so I got in a good Legs and Abs day! First was a few rounds of Lean legs with Karena…

Then the sweet Bikini Abs routine (from the Beach Babe DVD)!


Thursday was a full body day plus cardio. Unfortunately, I didn’t get up early enough to get in cardio, but I did get in some full body workouts. I did the TIU Summer Slim workout a few times, but then only had a few more minutes to work. I pulled together a few of my favorite full body moves…

katekatebear total body workout


Unfortunately, due to another early morning at work, I was stuck with not a lot of time for morning fitness. Silly work, always getting in the way! Anyway, I still wanted to start the day off right, so I looked up my Bmore blends (blogger friend – yes, it’s word haha) Kerry because I knew she had posted some morning stretching routines that I wanted to try! I tried out this morning yoga for flexibility with Tara Stiles. It was a little quick for me and I had to keep looking up to see what she meant, but it was great! Quick and a good stretch – definitely using it in the future!


Saturday ended up being another work day for me, so, it was also another non-workout day. :)


Today we had brunch plans with friends BUT I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss another day, so I went for a short run. It was WAY hot and stuffy outside. Yuck. I can’t believe I have to run 12 miles soon!

So I have to work early tomorrow morning BUT I’ve already told a local workout buddy that we’d try to meet at spin tomorrow night. So here we go…

Have an amazing week everyone! xoxo

What I’m pinning now

As I’m sure a lot of you are, I’m a big (obsessive) pinner…sorry I’m not sorry. Anyway, I’ve been going crazy over a few things lately:

I want to be involved in this:

woody tom hanks

I want to have this immediately haha:

totes ma goats bag

I want to eat this right now:

tropical banana bread

I want to hang this up:

beach vs rat race

I should have bought this for Tom’s birthday:

weiss watch

And I’d like to immediately sit and rest here:

paradise beach


What are you pinning these days? 

Total body workout

My scheduled workout for today was 30 minutes cardio and full body circuits. I knew I had a work event tonight so I set my early alarm…unfortunately, didn’t get up in time for 30 of cardio (ahem, maybe Molly shouldn’t keep me up past my ridiculously early bedtime on a weeknight buying ridiculously cute jewels hehe) BUT I did get up in time to do something at home.

I did 2 rounds (4 full rounds of the circuit) of the Tone It Up summer slim workout but then had a few extra minutes before I was going to make myself late for work haha…so what to do?

I decided to pull together a few of my favorite full-body workout moves for a mini circuit!

katekatebear total body workout

Curtsy lunge with bicep curl: Stand with feet hip width apart and dumbbells in each hand. Step your foot back behind you in a curtsy motion, while curling both dumbbells up with those mighty biceps.

Russian twist in V-sit: Sit on the ground and lift your legs up/lower your back into a V-sit position. With weight (or no weight) twist side to side, making sure to keep your core tight and your back straight.

Tricep & booty kickback: Standing up with weights in each hand, bend forward slightly and put one leg out behind you. Pull the dumbbells up to your waist and push back using your triceps. While you’re doing that, raise your back leg up about 3-5 inches off the floor (squeeze that booty!). Don’t forget to switch legs!

Tummy tuck/Spiderman push-up combo: Don’t act like you’re not excited about this one! 
Get down on the ground into a plank position. Pull one knee up to it’s corresponding elbow, then go back to your starting plank. Pull up the other side, then back. Then comes the Spiderman – “Step” forward with your hand and bring your leg forward coming down into a push-up and squeezing your obliques. Return to plank position and repeat on other side. That’s ONE. (I say do these 20x, but I think this “move” you could do 10x!)

Sumo squat with overhead press: Stand wide with your feet just outside your shoulder width, holding your dumbbells in front of you at your shoulder (elbows down). Squat down into a deep squat and, as your raise up, push the weights up above your head. Try to keep your extension as straight as possible – going up and down.

And that’s it! I’d love to hear what your favorite full body workout moves are!
What full body workouts get you sweating?


Charm City blogger meetup

So this post won’t be very long, but I had to share. I had a lovely experience tonight meeting other healthy lifestyle bloggers in Baltimore! It was great to meet these awesome, like-minded ladies!

HUGE thanks again to Caitlyn for pulling this group together and Rowhouse Grille for hosting us! (The fish tacos were delicious, as always) :)

We even started talking about meeting up more regularly – try a new restaurant, new workout class, etc. I hope we can!

baltimore healthy living bloggers

Not everyone could make it but it’s awesome to have a list of some of my fellow local gals! Check out some of the ladies below:

Brittany- Barr and Table

Caitlyn- City and the Cubicle

Coco- Hot Coco

Colleen- Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill

Danielle- Da Hart Attack

Jami- Fit Jams

Jenny- Love, Eat, Run

Jess- Just Call Me Janks

Kait- Kait Makes A Run For It

Kaitlyn- Simply Complicated

Katie- Skinny Minnie Moves

Kat- The Road I’m Running

Kate- Sunshine and the Bear (oh wait, that’s me haha)

Kerry- Adventures of Z and K

Laura- Hell On Heels

Lauren- Breathe Deeply and Smile

Mary- Aznstarlette

Megan- Outlaw on the Run

Are you a local Baltimore-area healthy lifestyle blogger too? I think all of us would love to chat and meet you! Send your name and website – maybe we can do another meetup soon!