Weekly Workouts 6.24 – 6.30

This week started out slow, but ended with some great workouts!


I was completely ready to go to bootcamp on Monday, but then I got this intense, horrible stomach pain! Ugh! I was riling around on the couch all night trying to feel better. Hence, no workout…


Tuesday was a long day, but Tom saved me in suggesting we take a long bike ride before dinner.

katekatebear thefrontrowe bike ride

We rode a little over 5.5 miles down towards Fort McHenry and got to watch a beautiful sunset.

baltimore sunset


Wednesday morning felt like I got into my old routine – got to the gym early for a HIIT run then enjoyed 30 minutes of CXWORX!

katekatebear 20min HIIT cardio


I finally got in a good run this day! Molly & I got up early to hit the pavement like old times…slash for the last time. BOO HISS. Molly actually just moved this week to her new spot in Annapolis… :( 

katekatebear run baltimore


Speaking of last times with Molly…Friday we had another awesome workout with the founding members of TeamRick!


Molly, of course, got in some sassy modeling while she was there. haha


Friday night was AMAZING. As you may have seen, Friday night was also my first interaction with SURFSET! We had an awesome trial session with the team. I could immediately feel it in my core!

katekatebear surfset fitness


Saturday, we spent the morning and most of the day walking around Harbor East for the Fit+ event! We enjoyed another SURFSET session – this time for much longer and with a greater variety of moves.

surfset fitness harbor east baltimore

I can really feel it in all over today!


Today was a busy day. We were running errands, Tom was building our bike garage, I was (attempting) to bake homemade croissants…

I didn’t get in a lot, but I did get in a good two mile bike ride to get eggs (for croissants)! Note to self, I need a basket…carrying eggs on a bike is difficult. HAHA!

So, we’re coming up on another big week – Let’s get in some great workouts! Alarm is already set for CXWORX tomorrow!

Have an amazing week everyone! xoxo

SURFSET (aka my new favorite thing ever)

This Friday, I was introduced to my new favorite thing ever: SURFSET Fitness.

surfset fitness katekatebear annietruax aznstarlette

If you know me at all, you know I sometimes get a little over-excited and claim something is “the best thing ever” when I may have just claimed that about something else. It’s called ENTHUSIASM for life, people – get over it! haha But in all seriousness, SURFSET has absolutely wooed me! The love affair started with a trial visit at the Under Armour Brand House

under armour brand house baltimore

After a minute of helping the team park (parking in the city is hard, we get it), we got to try out the boards with the company founders. We we were only on them for a few minutes, but I was immediately hooked. I’ve surfed before and I’ve loved it BUTTT I don’t necessarily live near a beach with surfable waves, so my time in the water has been limited.

surfset fitness

surfset fitness

The whole idea of SURFSET is that you get the benefits of surfing and more! The instability you feel on the board adds a challenge to every workout move you do – from squats to crunches to traditional get ups like you would on a real surfboard.

katekatebear surfset fitness

katekatebear surfset fitness

There were a few other people who joined for the trial – including my future daughter. :)

surfset fitness baby

So that was Friday. I went to bed excited for the next day to try it out again at the Harbor East Fit+ day!

We got to Harbor East a little later than expected and unfortunately missed yoga so we headed to one of my favorite spots, LAMILL. Just go there and get a croissant and you’ll know why I can’t get away.

Anyway,  the party was already jumping when we got there with boot camp demos and all kinds of fun! Then it was time for more SURFSET!

surfset harbor east fit+ baltimore

The ONLY thing that wasn’t perfectly amazing was how hot the board cushions got in the sun – OW! Note to self: don’t let the black tops sit out in the sun before a workout. :)

It was a great workout. Like the night before (but longer), we did a variation of moves on the board including yoga, surf and strength related moves. As I said, this workout style has really moved me. I’ve been inspired to go further with my passion for fitness for a while, but I’d never really felt my niche for going forward as an instructor…until now. I checked out their site and they are doing certifications in the fall in NYC…crossing fingers that that can happen. Keep up to look for updates!

Anyway, after the class, we took the opportunity to mosie around the neighborhood to enjoy the rest of the festival and shops. Tons of lovely fun with the ladies!

katekatebear annietruax aznstarlette

We didn’t even plan to all wear pink!

All in all a great morning! Thanks to SURFSET, Under Armour, Harbor East, LAMILL and my gals (Mary, Annie & Catey) for all the fun!

Have you ever tried SURFSET? I’d love to hear your experience! 

Diamonds for dolphins

Well…something like that :) Nothing really worked alliterate-ed with turtles or seals…

Basically, I’m teaming up with my Stella & Dot stylist, Molly, to host an awesome, online S&D party that benefits National Aquarium’s Animal Rescue team!

You already want/need to update your baubles for summer – why not do it for a great cause?!

Take a look at some of the adorable animals you could be response for saving. Cue the Sarah McLachlan music...JUST KIDDING!

But seriously, National Aquarium’s Animal Rescue program is a huge deal! The team responds to stranded marine mammals and sea turtles along the Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) Peninsula, primarily along the nearly 7,000 miles of Maryland coast. They have successfully rescued, treated and returned 100 animals (just hit the 100 mark!!!) to their natural habitats. National Aquarium’s Animal Rescue program is a member of the Northeast Stranding Network (NERS) through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). National Aquarium is one facility among a network of nationally recognized facilities that work cooperatively to respond to stranded marine mammals and sea turtles.

national aquarium animal rescue turtletrek

So what can you do to save these amazing animals? Buy a bracelet. Yes, seriously. Buy yourself a cute necklace. Get your mom a beautiful pair of earrings for her birthday. Get your girlfriend/wife a lovely “just because” present (no, seriously…you should do that anyway boys!).

Start shopping now! 

shop for a cause stella & dot national aquarium animal rescue

Weekly workouts 6.17 – 6.23

Wow, what a week. So I told myself in the beginning of the week that I wasn’t going to let work or time or anything stop me from getting in my workouts this week…did I live up to my own promise?


I tried SO HARD to get out of work on time to get to Jessie’s spin class, but just couldn’t make it. Darn! BUT, I didn’t let that stop me from working out. I threw in my Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD (numero uno – SO excited for the new one!) and did the Surfer Girl workout. I also did a few rounds of an old favorite, the itty bitty bikini. That one is quick and easy and I try to throw it on to the end of my workouts whenever I have a few extra minutes.


Tuesday was a day to try something new! Our local City Sports had teamed up with a new gym in the area, Knockout Fitness, for a cool workout series night. Mary introduced the idea to a group of us and she ended up going with myself, Annie and Molly. It was totally fun. And a total burn! My arms are STILL killing me!

katekatebear aznstarlette mbakes2123 annietruax knockout fitness baltimore


Despite my maybe better judgement, Wednesday morning we headed to meet up with Rick for some more punishment. Typically, after such a hard workout the night before, I wouldn’t go right back to it, but this time we did. :)

katekatebear mbakes2123 TeamRick training


Thursday was…rough. HAHA

After two days of intense strength training (not to mention a late night at work), my body was ready for a break. OFF DAY! Always listen to your body! :)


Friday provided another amazingly beautiful morning, so we took our regular Team Rick workout outside to do a few fun things including my favorite/most hated: the battle ropes!

katekatebear battle ropes


Saturday was a busy day of work and errands. I spent a good part of the morning getting in some hiking/walking around Masonville Cove during an Aquarium. Even though I wasn’t doing a ton of the heavy lifting (I was photographing mostly), there was a lot of walking and squating (gotta get the good shot!).

masonville cove field day baltimore

When I got back, I went around running errands on my bike. Sometimes I want to move out of the city, but it really is so convenient sometimes (plus it’s an excuse for some good cardio!).


Today, I made it a point to get up early again for free yoga in the inner harbor with Waterfront Partnership and Charm City Yoga! It’s such a great way to get in some good stretching and a workout on a day you might not typically do it.

I rode my bike downtown to get to the session and on my way back I decided to add in a little biking cardio. Not a ton, but better than nothing!

katekatebear bike map

Cheers to the start of a great week, everyone! NO EXCUSES! Let’s get in some great workouts this week! xoxo

no excuses baby

Friday Favorites 6.21

Wow. Friday again. Can you believe it? It’s about that time again – time to run through the things that are making the week awesome!

Amazing frozen waffles

So super randomly I found these Nature’s Path frozen waffles at the grocery the last time I went and they are surprisingly AMAZING! Totally worth picking up for a quick breakfast on the go!

chia plus waffles

The cutest burrfish in all the land 

Seriously…isn’t it just the cutest?!

national aquarium burrfish

Birchbox nails 

As you may have seen, Birchbox is going through a bit of a rebranding. I liked them before, and honestly I can say I already like them even more. This month’s box was totally cool and included this really awesome nail polish!

birchbox nails

Perks of the job

As you know, I work as the media relations manager at the National Aquarium. Most of the time I’m busy writing press releases and planning visits, etc. etc. etc. I’m always somewhat working with the animals, BUT sometimes I get to work directly with them!

This week, I worked in the Aquarium building – greeting guests and helping educate them about some of our animals. To make sure I didn’t sound silly, I went over a little early to learn more about some of the animals. In the process, some of our amazing keepers let me hold and feed some of them!

katekatebear green tree frog national aquarium


green tree frog national aquarium

Honest Tea karaoke

Seriously, quarterly karaoke contests? I want to work there. Way to go Jessica Alba.


And there it is…a week of AWESOME! What is keeping you up this week?

Cheers to a great weekend, friends!