Breaking & Making Habits

I was completely inspired by a recent post on goop called “How to break a habit…or start a new one.” Being that April was Stress Awareness Month (and that it’s life in general…), bad habits and stress have recently been top of mind for me. Work has been great but incredibly busy, which has put parts of my life onto autopilot.

katekatebear couch

So, like anyone, I have some habits that aren’t so great that come out when I’m on auto…

  • Coming home and immediately sitting on the couch after a long day 
  • Doing laundry…but only until it gets to the dryer then letting it sit crumpled in the hamper
  • Checking work email before bed…
  • Checking work email immediately when I wake up…
  • Checking work email at dinner…
  • Not taking the dog out for enough walks
  • Not calling my momma enough
  • Etc…


Gwyneth and her team talked to Jeremy (author of the book Making Habits, Breaking Habits), who had some really great points. When we get busy, we do what we’ve done in the past instead of making a better choice. We learn these habits by doing them over and over. Although we may not ever be able to get rid of habits, we do have the power to change them to something better (or neutral). I want to make it to a point to start changing the habits I don’t like. This week, instead of sleeping in, I’m going to wake up and workout OR take the dog out for a walk (granted, this week there will be fewer workouts because I’m running a half marathon this weekend haha).

Along with some of the bad, I want to turn to good, I also have some great things I’d like to turn into (or back into) habits. Jeremy says, in order to create a whole new habit, you have to have a really specific goal in mind…

  • Waking up early for my Tone It Up workouts! 
  • Cleaning around the house
  • Blogging
  • Buying random gifts for Tom and people I love
  • Etc…

So how are we going to do this? The team has some good tips. The “If/Then” plan – where if is the situation and then is the action. For example, if I have a few minutes before work, then I will tidy up a small area in the house. They also mention affirmations. “Leave little messages where you can easily find them like on the refrigerator, or near the door, or on your doorstep, to remind yourself of what you’d like to change.” I love this. I’ve tried to do this in the past with things like my TIU Inspiration Board. I think I have even more room to leave myself these notes.

katekatebear tone it up inspiration board

I’m going to start working on changing habits RIGHT NOW and continue…I’ll check in soon!

I know we’re all this together…What habits would you like to break? What habits would you like to start? What are you planning to do to make the changes?

Spinach cubes!

Honestly, as you read this, you’re going to say to yourself “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE?!” (as I did when I found the idea).

I run into that unfortunate problem where I LOVE produce but I can’t keep up with it…I buy so much and then it ends up spoiling too quickly! Darn. One of my biggest culprits is spinach. I love adding spinach to my post-workout Perfect Fit protein smoothies because otherwise, I really don’t get enough greens in the morning.

SO, while browsing Pinterest, I found this awesome post from this cool blog The Roudy Stroudy and was immediately excited! SPINACH ICE CUBES! Why didn’t I think of that before?! (Told you you’d say it)

They are super easy to make!

spinach cubes katekatebear

  • Fill your blender/food processor with spinach
  • Add a bit of water to blend well together (I used about 1/4 C and probably could have used a little more)
  • Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze!

spinach cubes katekatebear

When you’re ready to use spinach, pop them out and use a few in your blender for a smoothie! PERFECT!



Friday Favorites 4.26

It’s been way too long between Friday Favorites posts! As you saw, I’ve been MEGA busy lately and basically blogging had fallen off the list…BUT I’m back!

Workout cats

This is EASILY my favorite workout cat…do you think they named him after my Tom? haha 

workout cat tom

What Would Gwyneth Do

I don’t know how I stumbled on this blog, but I’m sure glad I did. I seriously love her style of writing and her posts! I especially loved her recent post, “Giving In.” I seriously needed to hear that I wasn’t the only one who struggles in learning how to STOP every once and a while. Definitely worth a read. :)

WWGD post giving in

Sloth things

For some reason the sloth craze has been ramping to a ridiculous level lately. And I’m fine with that…



FRESH POTS! (aka Dave Grohl’s love for coffee) 

1) Don’t even try to tell me you don’t like Dave Grohl. He is amazing.

2) You will be yelling “FRESH POTS!” all the time after watching this video. You’re welcome.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


So, as per usual, I had a killer workout this morning with Team Rick (my Under Armour trainer, Rick Logan) and kick-butt friend, Molly (@Mbakes2123). We were super excited to try out Under Armour’s new Armour39 performance monitoring system!

Under Armour Armour39

Armour39 tracks your heart rate, calories burned, real-time intensity and “WILLpower” (a workout measure they have set measuring how hard your body has worked during a training session on a scale of 0-10). We threw on the straps and put in specific modules. The module is what transmits the information to a device. You can use a mobile app or a watch – we used the phone.

Under Armour Armour39 katekatebear

The coolest part about it is that you can look at your stats in REAL TIME! We literally had two iPhones with us during the workout and could look at how we were doing throughout.

We did a high intensity cardio workout (that seriously pushed me to the edge!):

  • 20 shuffle rope slams 
  • 20 burpee kettle bell pickups 
  • 20 squat jumps with resistance band overhead press 
  • 20 squat jumps 

We did this as fast as we could three times! PHEW!

After the workout, our scores were great (according to Rick – who could have just been stroking our egos haha)!

Under Armour Armour39 katekatebear scores

The other cool thing about the scores and the “WILLpower” number is that you can use it to set targets for your workouts. If I continued to use this (which I might…), it’s great for deciding where you want to be on light versus hard days and pushing yourself to that level. It’s a great motivator and comparison number for YOUR workouts. Rick made sure to let us know that it wasn’t really a good comparison person to person because everyone functions differently.

If you don’t get it from my posts, Rick is amazing! If you live in the area and you’re looking to join Team Rick, give him a shout!

rick logan under armour trainer

Goal setting

So as you saw me post, Tone It Up just kicked off their third annual Bikini Series! Woo hoo!

One of the first challenges is to set goals/intentions for yourself. The series is going to run for 8 weeks (we can do anything for 8 weeks!). I’ve set my sights on some pretty specific and some pretty broad goals – everything from checking in daily with the team to staying positive to getting back to my old running schedule!

Also, as I’ve found in past TIU challenges (and in life in general), more goals come up – big ones, mini ones and everything in between. So I’ll be ready for those too!

katekatebear TIU bikini series goals

I’ve set my goals (and I’m sure I’ll set more)! What are yours?