[Workout] Standing Crunch n’ Row

I feel like a broken record saying that “this week has been busy” (when are week’s NOT busy?!). It’s been especially intense at work and I’ve been doing more workouts from home – just to cut out the travel time to the gym, etc.

I’ve been trying to find workouts that combine moves so I can work on multiple muscle groups at the same time. Today’s workout is one of my new favorites!

This week’s workout: Standing Crunch n’ Row
Muscles worked: Core, arms, glutes
Courtesy of: ME (yes, I can do things all by my self!)
Needs: A medium weight

For this workout move, you’re going to start in a standing position – feet about hip width apart. You’re going to tilt your back slightly forward, but not all the way over.

From this position, straighten your right leg out behind you off the ground (alternative is with foot on the ground – if you need help with balance!).

standing crunch row katekatebear

Keeping your hips and shoulders facing forward, pull your raised leg into your chest and your arm up in a row.

standing crunch row katekatebear

Working your arm, leg and core muscles all at once (all while trying to maintain your balance) will really give you a workout!

standing crunch row katekatebear

Do 10-15 on this side and switch!

So ENJOY! And remember, you’ll never regret a workout!

Kate Spade earrings

I love Kate Spade (who doesn’t?!). Anyway, I just ordered these earrings they had on sale because I thought the purple color really went well with my Baltimore Ravens sporty-but-still-classy accessories.

kate spade gumdrop studs - purple

First of all, I’m definitely going back to their site to get them in different colors….they’re awesome!

kate spade gumdrop studs - purple

But let me tell you what I really loved – the package. I must say the Kate Spade never ceases to impress me with their presentation and attention to detail. Although these are fairly small $26 stud earrings, the packages was just as beautiful as if they were a large $$$ statement necklace.

The beauty is in the details. And the details are greatly appreciated.

Ok so what color do I get next…

kate spade gumdrop studs

kate spade gumdrop studs kate spade gumdrop studs

5000 Twitter followers!

Wow…thanks guys! I love you all so much! It’s a big day for me…

I hit 5,000 Twitter followers!

katekatebear on twitter

I know my Twitter isn’t always that interesting…and mostly consists of Tone It Up workouts, puppy/kitten photos, jokes about Tom’s dolls action figures, behind the scenes looks from my job at National Aquarium, whining about my hatred of the cold, etc. etc. But you stick with me. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. :)

I really am so blessed to have such amazing friends online and off and I just want to thank you all so much for following!


If we aren’t Twitter buddies already, connect with me @katekatebear! I’d love to chat! Leave your Twitter handle in the comments below and let me know you’re on! 

Oscars highlights

So it was another star studded event tonight with the Oscars…another day, another award show right? This one is special, however, because it’s the one award show that Tom will actually watch with me! haha

As always, I love love love the behind the scenes photos that celebrities now post :)

paul rudd melissa mccarthy oscars behind the scenes 2013

As per usual, I loved (and hated) the red carpet looks. These were my favorites:

But my winner for the night may be surprising to you (it was to me) – Stacy Keibler. Get it Baltimore girl! I loved her whole look – the dress, the hair, the accessories (aka George Clooney). But I must say Reese and Charlize were tied for a close second.

stacy keibler oscars 2013

The actual awards went mostly to who I thought they would (although I do think Alan Arkin was snubbed). I was so happy Paperman won best animal short! If you haven’t seen it, check it out! It’s only a few minutes. So adorable!

Anne Hathaway…1) I love you girl, 2) I’m sorry but I very much disliked your dress, 3) keep working it!!!

princess diaries oscar winner 2013

Adele’s performance of Skyfall was amazing!

Did anyone else notice that terrible kick-off music? JAWS, really? It just seemed so mean. haha

jaws oscars 2013


Unfortunately, I had to wake up early this morning to be AT WORK at 5:15am, so I went to bed early. Apparently I missed Jennifer Lawrence falling up the stairs and some fun singing. Darn! It’s ok…I got to hang out with snakes. :)

National Aquarium FOX45 Baltimore

So what were your favorite Oscar moments?

Save (& make) money with Ebates!

Seriously, if you haven’t heard of Ebates, then you’ve been missing out. But no worries…I’m here to give you the info. 

I’m a big shopper and with my hectic schedule, I end up doing a lot of it online. What does Ebates do? Well, they help me MAKE MONEY while shopping online. No, I’m not scamming you. :) 

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I just got a check for $97 from them! YES, a real check.
As you can tell, I did a lot of holiday shopping that paid off. 

ebates check

Why not make money on something you’re going to buy anyway?! No brainer. 

Here’s just a few of their current deals on cash back:

ebates cash back deals ebates cash back deals

They have SO MANY online sites to choose from (more than 1500)! And it’s easy. You sign up for Ebates on their website and then click the brand you want to shop (and were going to shop anyway) and voila! You’re on your way to saving & making money!

ebates groupon discount

So I definitely suggest you take the few seconds to sign up and if you wouldn’t mind, I’d LOVE if you could use my referral link.

Thanks! Happy shopping :)