[Workout] Barre Squats


This week’s workout move comes from the adorable pain-inflicting Renee Herlocker. I was introduced to Renee through my Tone It Up trainers and Livestrong Woman when she did a Beach Barre workout video with them.

EVERY TIME I do this workout (and I mean every time…no matter how often I do it) it burns. In a good way! So I wanted to pass along one of my favorite moves from the workout!

This week’s workout: Beach Barre
Muscles worked: Legs, core, glutes
Courtesy of: Renee Herlocker
Needs: Chair/wall or something stable to lean on

Ok so to start out, you’re going to put one hand on your chair and pull your heels close together, feet facing out.

From there, raise up on to your toes. Then, glue your heels back together (all while staying on your toes!). Make sure to keep your butt in and your chest high. 

renee herlocker tone it up beach barre workout

Ok now lower your legs.

renee herlocker tone it up beach barre workout

And here comes the burning…go down 2 inches then up 2 inches.
Now this may not seem like a lot, but it’s working! All those tiny, controlled movements are working your muscles!

renee herlocker tone it up beach barre workout

Do this for approximately 30 seconds.

BELIEVE ME, you’ll be burning. But if you love to torture yourself (like me) check out the rest of the workout video. Renee goes through different variations of this move that keep the burn going!

Again, this move really gets your legs and buns burning! ENJOY! And remember, you’ll never regret a workout! 

[Workout] Better Than Nothing Workout!

Ever have a day where you just aren’t feeling a full workout? We ALL do.

I try to get in a few workout moves every day (I’ve been know to do leg lifts while drying my hair haha). Especially on days when I know I’m not going to get a full workout in, this makes me feel a little better.

Recently, I saw someone post on Pinterest that they do 10 pushups before EVERY shower. Get a little sweaty right before you clean up…makes total sense!

To expand on that, I pulled together a few quick, fun moves for a Better Than Nothing (BTN) Workout that I’m going to try to do before every shower!

katekatebear better than nothing workout

I’d love if you’d join me! Tell me what moves you’d like to add in or switch out! Tweet me @katekatebear and tag #BTN

Maryland Double 2013!

It’s official! I’m signed up again for the Maryland Double (Frederick Half and Baltimore Half Marathons).

I ran my first (and second) half marathon last year through this and it was awesome! I’m a little nervous for this year, but I know I can do it – especially because my friends will be doing it too! (cough cough you better sign up!)

Who’s with me? Anyone running a half this year? 

Friday Favorites 1.25.13

Another CRAZY week! How’s everyone doing?

B’more Betty

This new shop, B’more Betty, opened in our neighborhood and I love it! Not only do they have adorable vintage, but they actually are great buyers. Unlike some other consignment shops, they take a look at your items right there and give you cash (or Betty Bucks) on the spot. No dry cleaning. No nothing. Take it or leave it. Every Sunday, the (amazingly fun) staff takes a look. We ALL have those things that we don’t wear anymore but are a little too fancy for donating. This is a perfect place to see if someone else can enjoy them and you can get a few bucks!

Bmore Betty

New Girl dress

On New Girl this week, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) wore this amazingly cute dress. Turns out it’s on ModCloth! Now I just need wait for it to get back in-stock and then save up $…

mod cloth dress

My TV Resistance Band 

I have a lot of resistance bands (#toneitupgirlproblems haha) but this is one is one of my favorites. It’s a full loop! So my favorite thing is to keep it on our coffee table so I can use it when we’re watching TV or something. Better than nothing, right? :) You can grab one here.

perform better resistance band


Ok, so I’m definitely more of a warm weather person BUT, I do enjoy snow. Plus, my argument is, if it’s THIS COLD, it should at least snow…

Looking back at the ’90s

Who thought you’d be watching a Internet Exploreer video…but I couldn’t hate this. “Most of your friends died of dysentery…” haha


GIVE ME ALL THE BERRIES. Two for one at our grocery…I’ve already eaten both of the two. Next time I’ll get more. haha

CHEERS to a great weekend friends! ♥