Hawaii. You should go there.

Sooo…I had originally planned to post FROM Hawaii but then…well…I was in Hawaii. And I kind of thought I should stay more towards the beach and farther from the computer. (Shocking, I know) It was like living in a postcard for a week. :)

(And yes, I took that photo. And no, I don’t know who those people are…I wish I did. I’d send it to them.)

We had a great time and stayed for the week with family at the Westin Villas in the beautiful Kaanapali area. They have multiple restaurants, a PIRATE POOL for the kiddos (I have to say that in all caps because that’s the excitement you have to bring to a pirate pool), an amazing spa, fun local merchant fair on Saturdays and, obviously, easy access to the beautiful beaches. Basically, it was a sweet place to hang bro.

Another cool thing about Kaanapali is that most of it is connected by beach and boardwalk so it made it perfect for me to make myself get in some early morning runs and Tone It Up workouts!

Although we obviously spent a lot of time at the beach and pool (and pirate pool haha), we also had some fun adventures outside of Kaanapali. We had an amazing morning of surfing in Lahaina.

 Oh hiiii!

I love surfing – I wish I could get in the water every day! (I often dream of quitting my job, moving to a little bungalow near the beach in California so I can try to be Marisa Miller hahahaha).

Like twinsies, right? ;) 

Also, I have to say something…it’s amazing to have beach babe hair FROM THE ACTUAL BEACH.

We also had an awesome afternoon of hiking at Twin Falls. We chose this trail/area because it was beautiful and easy for everyone in our group (including a 4 year old).

What’s this flower? I have no idea…but I was wait for it to start saying “Feed me Seymour. Feed me!”

There were two (as you can imagine by the name “twin”) beautiful waterfall areas where you could sit and enjoy or even go swimming. Or even jump off a cliff down into the water. So much fun!

Let’s not forget that on our way to the hiking area, we stopped in Paia for lunch and more importantly delicious gelato. Ono Gelato Company is an amazing group based in Maui that’s been around for like 90 years! And no wonder…their gelato is amazing! I got a mix of fresh lime and island guava. Amazing.

On the way back from our adventure day we stopped at the Maliko Point shoreline area. This is a little spot on the coast where you can spot tons of wind surfers and (illegally?) climb down to the rocky beach area.

Not only did we have adventures, but we also had amazing food there. I love seafood and fruit…and you can’t do much better than the fresh fish and fruit they have from the islands. Maui gold pineapple…once you go gold, you’ll never go back (aka you’ll have to when you get back to the main land, but it just won’t be the same). I was happy we got to do a range of things: make dinner in our kitchens, have casual meals by the beach (with UNBELIEVABLY delicious fresh mint lemonade at Hula Grill) and get dressed up to go out!

  And yes, Molly, of course I rocked my Stella & Dot :) 

One of the fun places we went was right in Kaanapali called Teppan-Yaki Dan. One of those fun cook-in-front-of-you Japanese grill places. We went to celebrate Will’s 4th birthday and let me tell you…he was in a trance the ENTIRE meal. So much so that as a gift to his parents, I’m going to attempt to build a fake teppan-yaki grill for Christmas. Hahaha

 Cant. Take. Eyes. Off. Fried. Rice…

Oh and did I mention we all (almost all of us) wore our matching outfits to this dinner? Yes. MATCHING HAWAIIAN OUTFITS. Don’t even talk to me about it…it’s a tradition.

We look like a blob of one person with four heads…

Anyway, to sum it up. It was amazing. If you can go to Hawaii, go. I definitely vouch for Maui (although I have a feeling ALL of the islands are beautiful and amazing).

Live aloha, friends. ♥