Workout of the Week – Planks 8 ways

Who loves PLANKS? I do. You know you do too. While browsing the Pinterest for 435348987 hours, I came across a quick plank workout. Six moves, two minutes. I like.

I tried it out and dang. Great little workout! Check it out for my workout of the week


This week’s workout: Planks workout
Muscles worked: Core, arms, shoulders, legs, glutes
Courtesy of: Pumps & Iron (via Pinterest) 

Ok so there were originally 6 moves in this workout but I, being an overachiever, added 2 more. All the moves are based on a plank. Do each move for 20 seconds and repeat the whole set 3 times, with a minute water break in between. GET IT! See the moves broken out below…

1: Plank jacks – In a traditional hanging plank position, jump your legs out then back in like a jumping jack. 

2: Tummy tucks – In hanging plank position, bring your left leg up to your left shoulder. Repeat with on your right side. 

3: Plank – Just a plain ol’ plank :) 

4: Elbow plank – You know what to do

5: Extended arm plank – From your elbow plank position, slowly bring right arm forward in front/to the side of you. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat with your left arm. Try not to move or twist your core/shoulders!

(Here’s where I got craaazy) 

6: Cross body tummy tucks – Back up on your hands in the hanging plank position, pull your knee in to your opposite shoulder. 

7: Leg raise planks – Choose what’s most comfortable for you (on hands or on elbows) and lift left foot slightly off the ground. Not too much; just about 1-2”. Hold for 20 seconds, then switch sides. 

8: Side to side planks – In an elbow plank, rotate your hips slowly to each side, working to tap your hip down to the ground. (Ok I totally had this in my head from the Tone It Up Twist & Shout workout)

And remember, you’ll never regret a workout!