5DSD recap!

So I just got done doing the Tone It Up 5 Day Slimdown (5DSD). This was the first time I really actually but seriously…no but really stuck to it and didn’t cheat.

From every time I’ve attempted to do the slimdown, I’ve learned that the absolute key is to PREPARE! So I started out strong by actually putting reminders in my phone so I’d make myself get to the grocery before the week started so I wasn’t scrambling to get things or make equivalent meals with what little food we had in the house.

tone it up slimdown

It helped AMAZINGLY to have someone going through it with me. Enter Molly. You may know her as @MBakes2123 (if not, check her out, she’s a swell chick). Because we were both planning to do the 5DSD last week, we planned a fun grocery prep trip on Sunday prior to the week starting…

grocery haul
I’d say we did ok…(ok maybe I went a little overboard haha)

grocery haul
So, again, preparation is KEY. I was fairly exhausted that Sunday and after trips through two grocery stores, all I wanted to do was put everything away and sit down (that sounds pathetic as I type it..but I really was tired! haha) Anyway, I did NOT do that. Instead what I did was prep my meals as much as I could. Even if I didn’t create everything, I did whatever I could to help prep – chop veggies for future wraps, clean fruits, etc.

So thennnnn, after all that prep, making this TIU grapefruit & shrimp love affair wrap was super easy! Ta-da! :)

shrimp grapefruit wrap
Then, with pre-cut limes (BOOM preparation), it was good to have my reusable drink cup for my daily Bombshell Spell.


Some meals were very planned…yum.

BUT, even if I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to have for lunch/dinner, I made sure to have something ready that was healthy. Green veggies. Lean protein. etc. One night we didn’t feel like chicken, which I had planned on, so I grilled up some shrimp and steamed some broccoli/onions. Add a pinch of sea salt & cayenne pepper and voila! DINNER!

shrimp broccoli
I also made sure to get in a variety of workouts: Tone It Up workouts, running, classes at the gym, etc. With so many workouts in one week, it’s important to mix things up so you don’t get bored!

The other big thing that really helped was keeping myself accountable on my TIU chart. I tried to mark down in the morning what I’d be doing so when the time came, I knew what I’d be doing/eating…then at the end of the day, I’d cross out what I accomplished.

tone it up slimdown

And then, another key lesson, I rewarded myself at the end of the week and didn’t let it get to me. A lot of times I think when we mess up a meal or have to shorten a workout, we take it out on ourselves and we can’t enjoy a little break…It was a long week at work and two-a-day workouts made it even longer. Friday afternoon I sat on the deck, jammed out to some Kelly James with a light cocktail – vodka, club soda & mint. Ahhhh…

kelly james

And in the end, I lost 3lbs! Granted, I tend to fluctuate a few pounds weeky, but it didn’t exactly feel the same. I felt better at the end of the week. Healthier, not just like a lighter week…like it actually made a difference. But it’s tough if you want to do it right. So if you dedicate to it, it’s totally worth it!

I know a ton of TIU sisters are starting the 5DSD or7DSD next week – good luck! You had my back this past week and you KNOW I got yours! Go team! xoxox

Workout of the Week is BACK!

It’s about time I brought back my Workout of the Week posts, don’t you think? Yes. I can see you nodding yes.

It’s been a crazy few months since my bike accident and, although I’m back working out at the gym, I’m still limited in range of motion and abilities. That being said, I continue to Tone It Up daily, just keeping my limits in check. If I’m going to fit in one of these beach babe bikinis (which I totally plan on getting one as my goal/motivation bikini for vacation this year), I’ve got to!

I’ve gotten back into classes and I’ve been keeping up with the Tone It Up Bikini Series 2012 and found some awesome new moves to share…including this week’s Workout of the Week… :)


This week’s workout: Bottom Leg Lift
Muscles worked: Inner thighs (who doesn’t love something that works them), legs, glutes, core
Courtesy of: Tone It Up Tone Up Your Thighs 

Now this one seems simple and easy because you’re laying down…but I can tell you, you definitely feel it (the next day even more)!

karena tone it up

Lay down on your side and cross your top leg over your bottom leg, keeping the bottom leg straight. Then raise the bottom leg a few inches off the ground in a pulsing motion. Keep your core tight. Do 15 reps on each side.

Ok friends, there is it! Add it in to your workout rotation this weekend! TONIGHT even!

And remember, you’ll never regret a workout!