Things to do while stuck at home…

So as many of you know, I’ve been a bit bed-ridden the past few days following my unfortunate accident. BUT (also as many of you know) I’m a pretty active person so at first this immobility thing was killing me. Not to say it still isn’t currently but I have found some fun things to do while stuck resting and recuperating…

Yes. I’ve been entranced like much of the world by the Hunger Games books. Right now I’m on number two…it’s just as much of a page turner as the first.  

Try to get some work done
The key word is “try”…the kitten has been much more interested in cuddling (with my face). Yes, she chose to sit directly in front of me most of the morning…

Read and organize all my old food magazines 
I have attempted to do this a bunch of times but never really got it right. I get these amazing, wonderful magazines full of recipes I’d love to try in the future but I’ve always told myself I wouldn’t take the time to write it on my little recipe notecards unless I’d actually tried it.
Fortunately, with addition of a lovely new file box, I was able to start cutting down the Eiffel Tower that is my old magazines. I’ve ripped out the recipes I’m interested in and put them into specific categories (e.g. poultry, salads, sauces, etc.). Now, when we’re looking for something new and different to make, I can turn to this box and look through! Ta-da! 

Paint my nails
Who doesn’t need a fresh coat?


Arts & Crafts
Yes, you heard me. I have never (and will never) outgrow my love and respect for arts and crafts activities. They are calming and usually make me feel a lot better. The key was to find one that I could do sitting with relatively little motion. BRACELETS!
I’d seen so many Pinterest posts on these DIY bracelets that I decided to try them for myself. I had the supplies (every craft-loving girl probably does) so I made four kinds (in the order they are in this photo L-R):

Braided bead bracelet
Wrap bracelet 
Hex nut bracelet
Single braided bead bracelet  


As I mentioned, I’m definitely one to try to jump back into things too quickly. I never take that extra day after vacation (even if we get back at midnight the night before). I end up doing work and running errands on sick days. Basically, I’m not a good rester…which doesn’t help because I never fully recuperate. BUT, I have an amazing boyfriend and support system at work (and lazy kitten) to help me do just that. 

So there you have it…your guide on what to do when you get hit by a bus and you’re at home. ;) 

Oh, and I’ve also been working hard on my Pinterest boards. They’re pretty amazing if you want to go check them out. Haha 

Update from…the house

Hi all! 

It’s been a long time, eh? I feel so bad that I haven’t posted in a while! SO much has happened in the past few weeks. I went to California, ran a 5K & set a personal best, hosted an awesome Stella & Dot trunk show, got in an accident…yep. I’d say that’s a lot. 

And yes, I said accident. Late last week I was in an accident while riding my bike to work. The more and more I think about it, the crazier it seems. I’m banged up…bruised, scratched and I have a staple in my head, BUT it could have been much worse. I’m hurting, but I’ll heal. I’m alive and I’m unbelievably thankful for that. I want to give a big, special thanks to Nurse Sue and the team at the UM Shock Trauma Center here in Baltimore. She/they were amazing and helped me through the very very scary day. 

Anyway, being stuck at home sucks (especially when you go from an active 6am-8pm day to a somewhat immobile day stuck in the house) but it has its advantages…it’s given me time to think about things. I spend so much time at work and running around that when I get home I’m often tired and I just plop down to watch tv or something. I’ve set myself goals this year and I’ve been slipping. Although this accident was unfortunate, it’s come at the right time and is helping me refocus on my life and my goals. This blog post is the first step in getting me back on track. :) 

So, although I’m on the couch for a little while, I’m getting back on track, starting now.