[Recipe] Broccoli Frittata

So I get Food & Wine Magazine but I honestly almost never get the time to read through all of each issue. This month, however, I made it a point to sit down and flip through. I came across a few recipes I liked (basically every one they had) and ripped out/filed (yes I file ripped out magazine recipes in a big file box haha). I usually don’t get past there, if I even make it to that point. BUT I was inspired (and happened to have the ingredients) for one so I made it this morning. Broccoli frittata from Allison Adato’s new book, Smart Chefs Stay Slim (which I definitely want to pick up now). Anyway, thought I’d share it with the crew. Try it. Super easy and delicious. :) 

Broccoli Frittata  


  • 6-8 eggs 
  • 1 garlic clove (thinly sliced) 
  • 2 T olive oil 
  • 2-3 C broccoli florets (chopped) 
  • 1/4 t crushed red pepper 
  • 1/4-1/2 C grated cheese (they called for parmesan but I used feta and it tasted great) 
  • S/P


  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. In a 10-9in ovenproof skillet, cook the garlic in 1T of oil over moderately high heat for approx 1 minute 
  3. Add the broccoli and red pepper and cook for approx 1 minute 
  4. Stir in 2T water, season with salt and pepper and cover 
  5. Turn down to moderate and cook until broccoli is crisp-tender 
  6. Remove from heat and let cool 
  7. In a bowl, whisk eggs with salt and pepper 
  8. Stir in broccoli 
  9. Return the skillet to the stove and heat the remaining 1T of oil 
  10. Add egg mixture and cook over moderately low heat until set around the edges 
  11. Sprinkle with cheese then transfer skillet to oven
  12. Bake until the center of eggs is just set 
  13. Enjoy! 

[Workout] Lunge Walks with Bicep Curls

Happy Friday friends! Hope you’re having a great week! 

So this week I had the pleasure of seeing a preview screening of This Means War starring Reese Witherspoon (major girl crush), Chris Pine (swooooon), Tom Hardy (accent swoon) and Chelsea Handler (hysterical). First of all, the movie was adorable. Sweet rom-com where Reese meets two (very) handsome men and has to choose one, meanwhile, they are best friends (and spies…NBD, right?).

Secondly, Reese (who I’ve loved since Fear) looked AMAZING. She rocked heels in the grocery store (unrealistic but smokin’), adorable dresses out on her dates and danced around in her kitchen to “This is how we do it” (hahaha yes, you read that correctly) in basically just a sweatshirt…

Ok so this is a terrible screen shot of that scene, but you can pretty much tell she looks awesome. 

Click here to see more from the preview.

(Side note, if anyone knows where that sweatshirt is from, let me know because I love it

So in honor of her awesomely rocking body, I’m taking a move from her workout that was showcased by SHAPE Magazine for your Reese inspired Workout of the Week! 


This week’s workout: Lunge Walks with Bicep Curls 
Muscles worked: Legs, glutes, arms 
Courtesy of: Reese Witherspoon via Shape Magazine 

Begin with feet hip-width apart, holding a light dumbbell in each hand, arms by your sides and palms facing in toward your body. Step one foot forward as you lift your opposite heel off the floor.

Lower your back knee toward the floor into a lunge position. At the same time, bend your arms, bringing the dumbbells toward your shoulders, palms still facing each other.

Straighten your arms as you return to the standing position. Immediately step back foot forward as you lift front heel off the floor. Do another biceps curl as you lower your opposite knee into a lunge. “Walk” forward as you alternate between right and left lunges.

Repeat 15-25 times per leg. Do 2 sets.

Done and done. How many times you’ll have to do this to look like Reese?….I can’t really answer that. But it will definitely add a little Hollywood workout into your routine! 

And remember, you’ll never regret a workout!

[Workout] Back Back Forward Forward w/ Resistance Band

Ohhh snap. Look who’s pretty much officially moved the Workout of the Week posts to Friday…this guy! HAHA I even started writing this one on Wednesday! Oh well, busy bee. Anyway, this one is great – simple but it’s going to make you sore!

So I try to make it to a few classes at my gym every week. Merritt has a ton of class offerings (which I’ve made it one of my NY resolutions to try them all!) but I try to make one of them every week. It’s probably my favorite – CXWORX. It’s a 30 minute core class created by the one and only Les Mills. And we’re talking all over core – not just your abs. Back, legs, glutes, etc. All of the muscles that actually make up your core. It’s a great class – if you have it available at your gym, try it!

Anyway, we were just introduced to the new release – Release #5 – and let me tell you…my body noticed. So I’m here to share one of the easy moves with you in this week’s Workout of the Week!


This week’s workout: Back Back Forward Forward with Resistance Band 
Muscles worked: Core, glutes, legs
Courtesy of: Les Mills CXWORX – Release #5 / Merritt Atletic Club – Fort Ave

Start standing and step on to the middle of the resistance band with both feet. Grab the corresponding opposite end of the band. Hold the ends of the band on either side of your hips (for a greater workout, hold them higher on your waist) creating a cross across your lower body. 

Keeping resistance on the band, step back with your right foot then back with your left foot. Follow by quickly stepping forward with you right foot and your left foot. 

Continue for approx. 30 seconds then switch the leading leg. Go for another 30 seconds. 

SO EASY, right?! 

BUT, just because it’s easy to explain doesn’t mean it doesn’t make you work! Try to step farther forward and backward to get even more of a workout. And feel that booty burning! Add it to your circuit…or just do it at home in front of the TV. Believe me, it works. :)

And remember, you’ll never regret a workout!

[Recipe] Baked Eggs

So I made baked eggs again this weekend and they were super tasty! They are SO incredibly easy to make and they are so delicious, I just had to share. Seriously, for all those weekend mornings when you think “Hmm more scrambled eggs? Eh. I’m so sick of that…but what else can we make?” Enjoy! 

Baked Eggs


  • 5-8 eggs (separated, keep yolks whole if possible)
  • 1-1.5 C vegetable/meat filler (this can be whatever you want – I used low fat smoked sausage, green peppers and onions)
  • 2 T low-fat cheese (optional)
  • S/P


  1. Preheat oven to 400
  2. If necessary, cook filler until completely cooked through; No matter what type of filler you use, make sure it’s chopped/cut into smaller pieces so it’s easier to eat once it’s baked
  3. Place filler in the bottom of a 2 quart baking dish
  4. In a small bowl, beat egg whites until foaming (approx 30 seconds)
  5. Pour egg whites over filler
  6. IF you are using the egg yolks (no, you don’t have to!), gently place the yolks on top of the mixture
  7. IF you aree using cheese, sprinkle cheese on top
  8. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until whites are set
  9. Enjoy!

[Workout] Stance Jacks

So first of all – HAPPY FRIDAY! (again) Last week’s Workout of the Week was on a Friday…today’s is on a Friday…Hmm…am I sensing a pattern…

Anyway, it’s been another long, fun week at work and I’m very happy to be heading into the weekend! You? (I’m just going to assume you’re nodding your head yes)

Although during today’s BMOREtoned morning workout Molly & I did the new Tone It Up Valentine’s Day workout, this week’s workout move comes from something I’m planning to try this weekend from the INSANITY workout (I feel like I have to caps lock that…and say it in a deep Hulk Hogan voice…there is no other way). So, without further adieu, your Workout of the Week


This week’s workout: Stance Jacks
Muscles worked: Shoulders, abs, obliques, glutes, thighs
Courtesy of: SELF Magazine

Stand with feet together, arms raised to chest level, elbows out, fingertips touching. Jump into a wide squat, reaching your right hand toward left foot, left arm extended behind you (shown below).

Jump back to start. Repeat quickly on opposite side. Continue alternating for about 1 minute.

These back and forth moves always get me…split jumps, ski jumps, etc. So I’m expecting this one to be great too!

Ok friends, there is it! Add it in to your workout rotation this week! TONIGHT even!
And remember, you’ll never regret a workout!