2012: Look how far we’ve come

So back on December 31 of last year I posted my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. And, like many, I’m positive I didn’t complete ALL of them…That being said, I didn’t do terribly. So, because it’s that time of year again, I wanted to do a little check-in and update on where I’ve been through the year and where I plan to go in 2013!

Ok let’s start with the ones I DID do:

Blog more.
Done. You’re looking at it, son.

Maryland Double Run the Maryland Double.
DONE! Woo hoo! This was HUGE for me. Not only was it my first half marathon…it was my first TWO half marathons…in the same year! Big step for me and my hatred of running. Felt great! 🙂

Eat better.
I didn’t do fantastic with this ALL year, but I’m definitely working towards it on a more regular basis.

Write more thank you cards.
Done. Again, such an easy thing to do to show your appreciation.

Set aside at least 10 minutes to check in with my Tone It Up community every day.
I try to do this! 10 minutes may have been setting the bar a little high, but I think I try for 2-5 for this. Check in with the girls on the team, tell everyone what workout I did or healthy recipe I made…trying!

Save money. Again, trying… 🙂

And now for the ones that DID NOT happen (whoops):

Try one new group fitness class every month and attend at least one meeting of it each week for that month.
I tried a few but I couldn’t keep up! Molly & I started training with a trainer and it just didn’t happen. I’m hoping to get into more classes this year! Especially because I realized this year that I can go to 3 months at the MAC gyms with my Merritt membership through a partner pass! WIN!


Text/talk/call my best friends at least a few times a week.
As much as I wish this were true, I fell short. I love you girls. I’m sorry work has made me insane and I don’t call as much as I should. I’ll do better I promise!

Make at least one recipe out of every cookbook I own.
I just have SO MANY cookbooks! I’ll get there…I will!

Read at least one book every month.
I read a few…just not that many. I’m thinking maybe a Kindle will help me…Any thoughts?

Ok, so what’s the plan for 2013:

Here’s hoping that these are achievable…

love more, worry less

Worry less. 
Yea yea yea…I know that’s a lofty one. But hey, realizing it needs to be done is the first step, right? “I’ve got to let it go and enjoy the show…”

Blog more – yes, even more!
I’m hoping to bring back Workout of the Week and maybe add in a Recipe of the Week, a page or day for link love, and much more!

Run the Maryland Double AGAIN!
I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I’m really thinking I should do it again. Run while you can, right?

Pull together my recipes! 
So I’ve been saying this for like three years now, but one of my goals is to pull all my favorite recipes together in a little cookbook. There are a few companies (I really like Blurb) that help you make your own books with your own pictures and everything. I’ve been slowly taking photos of the food as I make it, but it just hasn’t ever come together. This year, IT’S HAPPENING.

Make at least one recipe out of every cookbook I own. 
This WILL happen. Especially because I just bought myself a new cookbook (yes, it’s as amazing as it looks) and realized I really don’t have room for it. SO I need to do a little purge. I think this will help me really weed through the books I have that are pretty versus the ones I have that I’ll actually use.

Use the Merritt/MAC pass 
I love my gym, Merritt, but MAC does have some cool classes I’d like to try out. I have to get this pass and USE IT.

Text/talk/call my best friends at least a few times a week.
This is so worth the effort. Get ready to get annoyed with many messages and calls, ladies. Yes, even as you have your baby Alli! 🙂

Eat clean (as always) 
Yes, we constantly say this BUT shouldn’t it always be a goal to eat well? I think so.

Ok so that’s enough for now, right? What are YOUR 2013 goals?