[Wedding] Miami Bachelorette!

Sun. Sand. Best friends. That’s honestly ALL I wanted for my bachelorette party…and I got it! And then some.
My bridesmaids and I just returned from an amazing weekend down in Miami, FL!

welcome to miami sign

We stayed at the beautiful & affordable Freehand Miami where we had our own little suite with bunkbeds, two full bathrooms and a hang out space! So amazing. The hostel, which used to be a hotel, has a gorgeous pool and outdoor party/bar area. Such a great find!

freehand miami sign

freehand miami room

freehand miami courtyard

The Freehand also had fun FREE events like sunrise beach yoga – which you know we took advantage of!

katekatebear bridesmaids miami

freehand miami beach yoga

After getting our hairs did (oh yes…fancy times), we went to some amazing spots for food too – starting with a restaurant called Ola. Can I tell you…the meatballs were TO DIE FOR. I’m now obsessed with trying to figure out how to make them. Food & Wine mag, I’m looking at you…help me out here! 

katekatebear bachelorette bridesmaids

My amazing bridesmaids also found a super fabulous juice spot called JugoFresh. Oh man, I’m now obsessed and want them to open one in Baltimore…They had delicious fresh juices, but also acai bowls and chia mixes! YUM

katekatebear jugofresh

After some beautiful juice/breakfast and yoga, we headed straight for, of course, the beach. With a few frozen cocktails…


katekatebear miami beach

wet willies south beach

Saturday night we went to another amazing restaurant called Dolce - another win! Great wine and Italian food and, as always, conversation!

dolce miami bachelorette

katekatebear bachelorette dolce miami

Then, as you would imagine, we had to do a little dancing…When in Rome South Beach!
We headed to the Clevelander - brings back memories of dance parties when I was in college! haha

the clevelander miami

So all in all, I’m so excited to have had such an incredible experience with some of the people I love most in the entire world. These women are my best friends…my loves, my inspiration, my support system…my family. I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life!

katekatebear bridesmaids bachelorette


So we just got back from a few days in the most magical place on Earth…DISNEY!

Ok so it’s not everyone’s most favorite place ever, but it’s an amazing spot for a family trip! Especially when you’re entertaining little kids. We had the opportunity to take Tom’s nephews (ages 3 and 5)…so it was perfect! Here are just a few of the millions of photos I took during our visit…

Have you ever been to Disney World/Land? Did you like it? 
Who’s your favorite Disney character? 

[Five Things Friday] Vacationing

IT’S FRIDAY! We made it…(barely)
I’m jumping on the “5 things Friday” train like all my cool blogger friends :) This week I have some fun, vacation-related things to share…

Oh man…you know I’m pumped about this. The long-awaited Tone It Up retreat in California just went on sale (and sold out within the afternoon)! As you know, I have some major expenses already planned out for this year (ahem…just a wedding or whatever), so I had to do some saving for this, but it’s going to be SO worth it! I can’t wait to meet more of my fellow, inspiring TIU teammates. It’s going to be an amazing vacation & inspiration sesh!!

tone it up retreat

Life changing, am I right?? Recently, on our trip to Disney World, my sister in law busted these sunscreen wipes out and I was instantly enamored. How did I not know about these things before now? There’s always so much goop and stickiness with regular sunscreen…these are just genius.

I feel like I never get to read anymore… As soon as I start to read in/before bed, I instantly fall asleep. And honestly, that’s usually the only time I have set aside to pick up a book when I’m not at work, the gym, making meals, etc. I LOVE traveling because it almost always gives me the opportunity to read (more)! I’m currently deep into The Happiness Project and, even though I’m only about half way through, I absolutely recommend it to anyone/everyone….

the happiness project book

Disney filled their parks with photographer at fun, scenic spots to help capture your adventures. Sounds reasonable enough – you see that often, right? Then, you’d have to pay for the photos at the end somewhere. NOT with the Memory Maker package! Basically this package allows you to take as many photos with those photographers as you want and they are all yours to download and keep for one sum price. It’s a great idea for people like me who always take the photos, but are rarely in them. Or for those who don’t have a nice camera. Or for those who just don’t want to carry around another thing…very cool idea! We had such a great time during our recent Disney visit!

memory maker disney

So, of course before the big wedding…there’s the bachelorette. WOO WOO
My lovely 6 bridesmaids and I will soon be heading down to the lovely Miami area for a few days of sun & relaxation…can’t wait!

south beach

What are you up to this year? Any fun vacations planned? Any amazing travel tips you want to share? 



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